19 JUL 2018

Ambitious for our young people in Dover & Deal

We should be hugely ambitious for the future of Dover and Deal. More than £500 million has been invested in our area since 2010. Deal is now ranked as the best coastal town in the UK. A new cinema, restaurants and shops have opened in Dover. A £200 million marina and cargo terminal is underway at the Western Docks. Yet our future is not only about what we can build – it's about the people who will help build it. So when we talk about being ambitious for Dover...

18 JUL 2018

Pushing for cannabis oil licence for Teagan

I have urged the Home Secretary to grant a license for cannabis oil treatment for an Aylesham girl who has one of the worst cases of epilepsy in the UK. I requested a Schedule 1 drug license on behalf of Teagan Appleby, eight, who was born with the rare condition Isodicentric 15. She is wheelchair-bound, suffers up to 300 seizures a day and recently required life-saving treatment five times in an eight-day period. Experts have pointed to recent clinical trials...

18 JUL 2018

Brilliant advert for our corner of Kent

Lamb racing and Morris dancing were two of the main attractions at Alkham village fete on Saturday. I went along to meet local residents and take a look around all the different stalls. I also met Dover town councillor Callum Warriner at the event. The people of Alkham always put on a fantastic village fete. It was great to see so many residents out enjoying the sunshine all the exciting attractions on offer. This fete is a brilliant advert for our beautiful corner...