23 SEP 2016

Building a future for our young people

When I speak to young people in Dover and Deal, they tell me one of their biggest worries is being able to afford to buy their own home. It was much easier for their parents to get on the property ladder than it is for them. And now many younger people are finding it hard to save while paying rent – or are having to move back home with their mum and dad. That's why it's so important we build more homes. And why I condemn outfits like the Campaign for the...

22 SEP 2016

New Housing Starts

Young people in Dover and Deal who work hard and get on should be able to buy their own home. It is great news that the number of new builds started in Dover and Deal in 2015 was 394, almost double the UK average of 222. The trend continued this year, with 167 new homes started in the first two quarters of 2016. The growth in housebuilding in Dover and Deal gives young people a greater chance of buying their first home. This is despite the best efforts of the...

22 SEP 2016

Latest Jobs Figures

There has been a jobs revolution in Dover since 2010. I'm delighted with the latest figures which show big drops in overall unemployment and youth unemployment. The number of people out of work in Dover and Deal has fallen 43% since 2010 to 1,267. Meanwhile youth unemployment has plunged by a whopping 58% to 270. I'm passionate about getting people back into work. That's why it's vital we keep creating apprenticeships for our young people and give them the best...

In June, the New Dover Hospital opened its door to patients. To have a brand new state of the art, fit for purpose hospital in the middle of Dover shows how far we've come in getting a fairer share of healthcare for our community.

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