18 AUG 2017

Let's get on with Brexit

Ask someone in Dover what they want the Government to do following last year's vote to leave the EU and they will tell you straight. Get on with it. People want to know why it's all taking so long. They also ask why there's all this talk of transitional arrangements. These are fair questions – why can't be ready on day one in March 2019? Seeking to answer this I have written a series of articles on how we can be ready on day one for Brexit. Deal or no deal. We...

15 AUG 2017

High speed broadband in every corner of Dover and Deal

I welcome a commitment to deliver high speed broadband to every corner of Dover and Deal. My campaign for faster broadband in rural areas has gone on for some time. Villages like Lydden and Temple Ewell currently get internet speeds of less than two megabytes per second – ten times slower than parts of Dover town. I met with residents in March and laid out the case for improved speeds, contacting ministers and BT executives. A street cabinet with new fibres is...

14 AUG 2017

Hundreds of local businesses will have rates reduced

Hundreds of businesses in Dover and Deal will have their business rate bills reduced after I put pressure on ministers. A business rates revaluation took place in February, but several firms criticised suddenly increased hikes. I held meetings with business owners in the Dover and Deal area and took their views to ministers at the Department for Communities and Local Government. This week Marcus Jones MP, the Minister for Local Government, announced several...

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