15 MAR 2019

Investing in our border security

Attempts to break into Britain are becoming ever more brazen. We must remain vigilant here at the Dover frontline – because these dangerous incidents will only stop when traffickers know they will not succeed. Just the other week, hundreds of migrants stormed a ferry docked at the Port of Calais. Dozens clambered aboard and a small group scaled the funnel. Others hid inside the ship. It must have been a terrifying experience for the crew. The French authorities...

11 MAR 2019

Social media giants must crack down on vile abuse

The sister of a murdered 14-year-old boy has been sent vile messages on social media by someone claiming to be her brother's killer. Chloe Bednar, 17, was targeted in January this year on Snapchat. Her brother Breck was killed in 2014 after being groomed through online gaming by Lewis Daynes – who was jailed for life after pleading guilty to murder. The sickening messages sent to Chloe recount her brother's murder in graphic detail. Chloe's mum Lorin LaFave...

08 MAR 2019

Remembering the victims of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster

A ceremony was held in Dover to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster. The families and friends of those who lost their lives and many Dovorians were in attendance at the remembrance service at St Mary's Church. I was among those paying their respects. A roll-call was read out of the names of the 193 people who lost their lives when the Herald of Free Enterprise capsized off Zeebrugge on March 6th 1987.  The people of Dover will...