20 OCT 2016

Building a brighter future for Betteshanger, Dover and Deal

Anyone who has turned on the news recently might think all that MP's care about is Brexit. Every day there are more headlines about the ups and downs of leaving the European Union. In my view everyone should accept the referendum result and we should just get on with it. Yet what matters most to me is rolling up my sleeves and getting things done for Dover and Deal. That's why it was so great to take part in the "topping out" ceremony at Betteshanger Sustainable...

20 OCT 2016

De Bradelei Wharf

It's great to hear De Bradelei will be opening its doors again, but we still need guarantees from the former owners that hard-working staff will be paid every penny they are owed. They lost their jobs without warning or wages. They will have mortgages and rent to pay – and need to put food on the table. In the meantime, the new owners should give these people their jobs back.

14 OCT 2016

Betteshanger Sustainable Parks

It's great to see Betteshanger Sustainable Parks, and their impressive visitor centre really taking shape. The building is going to be superb – a blend of heritage and innovation in an all-encompassing scheme. It is a real victory for the hard work of so many who have fought so hard to make this project happen. As part of the "topping out' ceremony, held to mark the building of the centre's frame being completed, I hopped on a bike and used pedal power to help...

In June, the New Dover Hospital opened its door to patients. To have a brand new state of the art, fit for purpose hospital in the middle of Dover shows how far we've come in getting a fairer share of healthcare for our community.

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