14 DEC 2018

Giving Teagan a chance

It's every parent's worst nightmare to see their child in pain. Yet this is the awful reality Emma Appleby has faced for so long. Her beautiful daughter Teagan was born with the rare condition Isodicentric 15, a severe form of epilepsy. She is wheelchair-bound and can suffer up to 300 seizures a day. Earlier this year she required life-saving treatment five times in just eight days. Emma had tried everything to ease her nine-year-old daughter's suffering, as any...

11 DEC 2018

Plans to re-instate village bus services in Dover and Deal

Reinstating bus services in villages around Dover and Deal was top of the agenda during crunch talks with Stagecoach bosses. The firm's South East acting managing director Mike Watson and commercial director Matthew Arnold met with me to discuss recent changes. Last year Stagecoach cut a number of commercial routes in rural areas. Kent County Council also announced that a further 78 subsidised services across the county were under threat. I led a campaign by Kent...

07 DEC 2018

Determined to be ready on day one

Ever since the EU referendum in 2016, we have been urging the Government to make sure we are ready for Brexit, deal or no deal. We knew Brexit would present a challenge – and that nowhere would preparations be more important than at the Dover frontline. The Channel Ports account for around a third of the UK's entire trade in goods. It's in everyone's interests – the French's as well as ours – that traffic continues to flow. However, there is of course a risk...