It is vital that we are ready on day one for every eventuality of leaving the European Union, deal or no deal. The most important preparations of all will be for international trade at our ports – especially the Channel Ports of Dover and the Channel Tunnel that account for 40 per cent of all our trade with the EU.

Working with business and industry experts on both sides of the English Channel, in 2017 I drew up a detailed blueprint to keep EU trade flowing smoothly through UK ports to Europe. There is real enthusiasm and a strong commitment from business and industry to be ready on day one. The question is whether there is sufficient commitment and focus from Government ministries and civil servants.

Ready on Day One - Meeting the Brexit Borders challenge is one of a number of Brexit reports I have been working on.

I have put together a report with Martin Howe QC which sets out why We Owe the EU Nothing in a divorce bill - in fact they owe us £10 billion!

There's has been a lot of talk about the impact of tariffs post-Breixt. My research shows that tariffs would hit the EU twice as hard as they hit the UK.

We also need to think about how we fund our border. I have written a report to the Home Secretary which calls for the UK Border Force Budget to be increased by £250m - and sets out how we can increase border security and pay for this by collecting funds at the UK border post-Brexit.

I am also working on further reports on how we take back control of immigration and boost trade post-Brexit. My thoughts on these subjects can be found in a series of articles I wrote for Conservative Home in August 2017.