Please contact Charlie to raise any matters of concern or let him know your views on local and national issues.

Please remember to include your contact details and your postal address (inc postcode) on all letters and emails.


Charlie Elphicke MP 
54 The Strand

Kent CT14 7DP

  01304 379669

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in our local association or in any of my local campaigns, please email or phone my office on 01304 379669.



There are two Conservative County Councillors in our area.

You can get in touch with them using the contact details below.

If you are unsure who your county councillor is, you can find out here by entering your postcode.

Dover North


Cllr Steve Manion

25 Lancaster Drive, Hawkinge, Kent CT18 7SW
tel: 07968 972746

Dover West

Cllr Geoff Lymer

Lone Barn Farm, Alkham, Kent CT15 7BT
tel: 07960 490929

There are 25 Conservative councillors on Dover District Council.

You can find your local Councillor/s and their contact details below in order of the ward they represent. If you're unsure which councillor represents you, please call the local Conservative Team on 01304 379669 and they will be happy to help. 

 Capel - Le - Ferne

Ward boundary covers Capel - Le - Ferne and
Church and West Hougham

Cllr Frederick Scales

Mill House, Swingfield, Dover CT15 7HE
tel: 07951 028605




Cllr Nigel Collor

114 Maison Dieu Road, Dover, Kent CT16 1RR
tel: 01304 201732


Ward boundary covers the parishes of Eastry, Northbourne, Sutton,
and Great Mongeham


Cllr Nick Kenton

Statenborough Farm, Eastry, Sandwich, Kent CT13 0DH
tel: 01304 617618


Cllr Steve Manion

The Dell, 206 Mongeham Road, Great Mongeham, Deal,
Kent CT14 9LP
tel: 07968 972746

Eythorne and Shepherdswell

Ward boundary covers Eythorne, Shepherdswell, Coldred,
and Elvington



Cllr Mog Ovenden

31 Sandwich Road, Eythorne, Dover, Kent CT15 4DE
tel: 07775 193462

Lydden and Temple Ewell

Ward boundary covers the parishes of Lydden and Temple Ewell.


Cllr Mark Rose

7 Tower Hamlets Street, Dover CT17 0DX
tel: 07733 080861

Twitter: @LyddenTempleE – follow for community news,
events and updates

Middle Deal


Cllr Trevor Bond

102 London Road, Deal, Kent CT14 9TY
tel: 01304 365816


North Deal

Cllr Bob Frost

46 Victoria Road, Deal, Kent CT14 7BQ.
tel: 01304 362451

Cllr Adrian Friend

6 Orchard Avenue, Deal CT14 9RN
tel: 07762 911892


Ward boundary covers the parishes of Ringwould and Kingsdown.


Cllr Sue Le Chevalier

Hougoumont, North Barracks, Walmer, Deal, CT14 7UN
tel: 01304 373375


Ward boundary covers the parishes of River and Alkham.


Cllr Pauline Beresford

5 Minnis Terrace, Crabble Avenue, Dover, Kent CT17 0JF
tel: 01304 216187


Cllr Nick Dixon

River Cottage, 9a Lower Road, River, Dover, CT17 0ER
tel: 07815 691638

St Margaret's-at-Cliffe

 Ward boundary covers St Margaret's-at-Cliffe, Guston,
East & West Langdon and Ripple.


Cllr Keith Morris

Curfew Cottage, Sea Street, St Margaret's-at-Cliffe, Dover, Kent CT15 6AR
tel: 07900 221472


Cllr Paul Watkins

The Elms, 71 London Road, Deal, Kent CT14 9TG
tel: 07973 823710


Ward boundary covers the parish of Walmer.


Cllr Pat Heath

54 Wellington Parade, Walmer, Deal, Kent CT14 8AB
tel: 01304 361248

Cllr Paul Le Chevalier

Hougoumont, North Barracks, Walmer, Deal, Kent CT14 7UN
tel: 01304 373375


Cllr Derek Murphy

5 Sheffield Gardens, North Barracks, Walmer,
Deal CT14 7UH
tel: 01304 374144



Cllr Jim Back

Pineham House, Pineham, Dover, Kent CT15 5HB
tel: 07711 194804


Cllr David Hannent

9 Grace Meadow, Whitfield, Dover, Kent CT16 3HA
tel: 01304 240000

Deal Town Council

Conservatives have eight councillors on Deal Town Council:

Derek Bond - Trevor Bond - Louise Butler - Tracy Carr  
Wayne Elliott - Adrian Friend - Bob Frost - Keith Lee

For more information and full contact details, click here.

Dover Town Council

Conservatives currently have four councillors (pending future co-options) on Dover Town Council:

Deborah Boulares - Stewart Dimmock - Ann Jenner - Roger Walkden

For more information and full contact details, click here.

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