26 AUG 2016

Great to have our railway line back on track

Christmas Eve was a dark day for our community. On that day the railway sea wall at Dover failed. The line has been closed ever since. We all hoped a running repair could be made. Sadly it turned out that a full rebuild would be necessary. Usually these projects take two years from start to finish. Network Rail and their civil engineers Costain worked out how they could do it in a year. Incredibly the line is planned to reopen on 5thSeptember. The rebuild will have...

18 AUG 2016

Stronger, safer borders will boost our economy and international trade

The problems we have suffered with gridlock in East Kent and Dover is damaging to the national economies of both Britain and France. Last year's Summer of disruption in Kent cost the UK economy £1 Billion. Yet the activities of people-traffickers and continued existence of the Jungle at Calais also takes a heavy toll on the economies of both nations. The regular problems at the border underline the need to see new action to promote international trade through...

18 AUG 2016

Latest Employment Figures

I am delighted by the drop in unemployment and youth unemployment in our area. The latest jobs figures that show there has been a 46% fall in unemployment in the Dover and Deal since 2010. There are now only 1,226 people claiming out of work benefits in our area. Youth unemployment is now down nearly 60% to 225. These figures show a steady decline in unemployment in Dover and Deal, which is great news as we strive to build a Britain that works for everyone. I...

In June, the New Dover Hospital opened its door to patients. To have a brand new state of the art, fit for purpose hospital in the middle of Dover shows how far we've come in getting a fairer share of healthcare for our community.

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