November 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Statistics (17 Dec 2014)

Download (xls, 281kb)

October 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Statistics (12 Nov 2014)

Download (xls, 281kb)

September 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Statistics (15 Oct 2014)

Download (xls, 280kb)

Constituency Long Term Claimant Count and Long Term Youth (18-24) Claimant Count Figures (10 Oct 2014)

Download (xls, 258kb)

August 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Figures (17 Sep 2014)

Download (xls, 314kb)

HMRC Data Sharing - 38 Degrees (07 Jul 2014)

Download (pdf, 182kb)

PIP and Macmillan Cancer Support Campaign (01 Jul 2014)

Download (pdf, 178kb)

Travel Expenses - Oct13-Mar14 (29 Apr 2014)

Charlie's travel expenses for trips between Dover/ Deal and Westminster can be viewed here. 

Download (pdf, 1426kb)

Expenses - Summer 2013 / Spring 2014 (29 Apr 2014)

Charlie's expenses from summer 2013 - spring 2014 can be seen here.  These include office costs for the constituency office and hire of venues for public meetings.

There are also new claims for European travel.  Charlie was appointed an aide in the Foreign Office in October 2013, and these costs are for work associated with this role.

Download (pdf, 1821kb)

Expenses Feb12 - Apr 13 (17 Apr 2013)

Download (pdf, 2857kb)

Charlie Elphicke

Just as we all want the best for Dover & Deal, we want the best for Britain too. There is a reason ours is the only European country with the word "Great" in the title! These articles set out some ideas on how our nation can be greater still. You'll find even more articles by clicking on the links to and below.

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