New Year Newsletter 2018 (25 Jan 2018)

Charlie's New Year Newsletter 2018 looks at the record so far for Dover and Deal's Action Team - and what they are working towards in the year ahead.

Download (pdf, 622kb)

Ready on Day One for Global Trade (23 Jan 2018)

Charlie's paper sets out what our future relationship with the EU and the rest of the world could look like – and the priorities for UK trade policy.

Download (pdf, 709kb)

Order at the Border - The case for One Government at the Border with a Department for Security & Border Taxes (05 Jan 2018)

Charlie sets out the case for One Government at the Border with a Department for Security & Border Taxes.

Download (pdf, 2092kb)

Ready On Day One to Take Back Control of the Border (01 Nov 2017)

Charlie's report on how the UK can be ready on day one of Brexit to take back control of immigration.

Download (pdf, 789kb)

Brexit Ready on Day One (19 Sep 2017)

A compilation of Charlie's Ready on Day One articles for Conservative Home in August 2017.

Download (pdf, 571kb)

The withdrawal of the UK from the EU - analysis of potential financial liabilities (06 Sep 2017)

Charlie's report sets out why we don't owe the EU any money as a divorce bill.

Download (pdf, 842kb)

Tariffs would cost Europe dear (20 Aug 2017)

Charlie sets out in this report how imposing tariffs on trade with Britain would cost the European Union some £13.2 billion.

Download (pdf, 773kb)

Ready on Day One (17 Jul 2017)

Charlie's paper sets out how the border can meet post-Brexit challenges. 

Download (pdf, 1409kb)

Expenses October 1, 2016, to April 24, 2017 (24 Apr 2017)

Download (pdf, 5058kb)

A fair deal for diesel drivers (10 Apr 2017)

Charlie's paper says we should tax gas guzzlers to fund a diesel scrappage scheme. 

Download (pdf, 1407kb)

Charlie Elphicke

Just as we all want the best for Dover & Deal, we want the best for Britain too. There is a reason ours is the only European country with the word "Great" in the title! These articles set out some ideas on how our nation can be greater still. You'll find even more articles by clicking on the links to and below.