June 2018 Newsletter (13 Jun 2018)

Setting out the action Charlie and the team are taking to help families, change lives and boost Dover & Deal

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New Year Newsletter 2018 (25 Jan 2018)

Charlie's New Year Newsletter 2018 looks at the record so far for Dover and Deal's Action Team - and what they are working towards in the year ahead.

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Ready on Day One for Global Trade (23 Jan 2018)

Charlie's paper sets out what our future relationship with the EU and the rest of the world could look like – and the priorities for UK trade policy.

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Order at the Border - The case for One Government at the Border with a Department for Security & Border Taxes (05 Jan 2018)

Charlie sets out the case for One Government at the Border with a Department for Security & Border Taxes.

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Ready On Day One to Take Back Control of the Border (01 Nov 2017)

Charlie's report on how the UK can be ready on day one of Brexit to take back control of immigration.

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Brexit Ready on Day One (19 Sep 2017)

A compilation of Charlie's Ready on Day One articles for Conservative Home in August 2017.

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The withdrawal of the UK from the EU - analysis of potential financial liabilities (06 Sep 2017)

Charlie's report sets out why we don't owe the EU any money as a divorce bill.

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The UK and the Republic of Ireland Post-Brexit (21 Aug 2017)

Charlie sets out how to keep people and trade moving freely across the Northern Ireland border post-Brexit.

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Tariffs would cost Europe dear (20 Aug 2017)

Charlie sets out in this report how imposing tariffs on trade with Britain would cost the European Union some £13.2 billion.

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Ready on Day One (17 Jul 2017)

Charlie's paper sets out how the border can meet post-Brexit challenges. 

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Expenses October 1, 2016, to April 24, 2017 (24 Apr 2017)

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A fair deal for diesel drivers (10 Apr 2017)

Charlie's paper says we should tax gas guzzlers to fund a diesel scrappage scheme. 

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The UK's Brexit Border - Security and Money (23 Dec 2016)

Charlie's report to the Home Secretary calls for the UK Border Force Budget to be increased by £250m, sets out how we can increase border security and pay for this by collecting funds at the UK border post-Brexit.

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Expenses 1 April- 30 September 2016 (28 Nov 2016)

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23rd October 2015 to 31st March 2016 (11 May 2016)

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Our borders will be safer and more secure in the European Union (23 Feb 2016)

Charlie's letter to electors regarding the EU referendum. 

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Expenses 26th June to 22nd October 2015 (24 Nov 2015)

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Expenses January 2015 - March 2015 (22 Jun 2015)

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Expenses October 2014 - December 2014 (22 Jun 2015)

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Expenses July 2014 - September 2014 (22 Jun 2015)

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Expenses April 2014 - June 2014 (22 Jun 2015)

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Benefit Cap Statistics (26 Mar 2015)

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Over 50s and Long-Term JSA Claimant Count (20 Mar 2015)

Statistics on over 50s Claimant Count and Long-term Claimant Count for JSA

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February 2015: Constituency Claimant Count (18 Mar 2015)

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January 2015: Constituency Claimant Count (18 Feb 2015)

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December 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count (21 Jan 2015)

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Over-50s JSA Constituency Claimant Count Figures (14 Jan 2015)

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November 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Statistics (17 Dec 2014)

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October 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Statistics (12 Nov 2014)

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September 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Statistics (15 Oct 2014)

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Constituency Long Term Claimant Count and Long Term Youth (18-24) Claimant Count Figures (10 Oct 2014)

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August 2014 - Constituency Claimant Count Figures (17 Sep 2014)

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HMRC Data Sharing - 38 Degrees (07 Jul 2014)

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PIP and Macmillan Cancer Support Campaign (01 Jul 2014)

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Travel Expenses - Oct13-Mar14 (29 Apr 2014)

Charlie's travel expenses for trips between Dover/ Deal and Westminster can be viewed here. 

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Expenses - Summer 2013 / Spring 2014 (29 Apr 2014)

Charlie's expenses from summer 2013 - spring 2014 can be seen here.  These include office costs for the constituency office and hire of venues for public meetings.

There are also new claims for European travel.  Charlie was appointed an aide in the Foreign Office in October 2013, and these costs are for work associated with this role.

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Expenses Feb12 - Apr 13 (17 Apr 2013)

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Sept - Feb Expenses (21 Feb 2012)

Charlie's expenses from September 2011 to mid February 2012 can now be seen here. Expenses include travel between London and Dover/Deal, office costs and the rent of the Whip Blackberry as well as the travel expenses of an intern who helped in the Westminster office.

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June - August expenses (07 Sep 2011)

Charlie's expenses from June to August 2011 can now be seen here. Expenses include car travel between London and Dover/Deal, office costs and the rent of the Whip Blackberry.

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Jan - May expenses (19 May 2011)

Charlie's expenses from January to May 2011 can now be seen here. Expenses include car travel between London and Dover/Deal, office costs and the rent of the Whip Blackberry.


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Expenses published (27 Jan 2011)

Here Charlie publishes his latest expenses (Sept to Jan). Particular points to note are that car travel claims are now included and constituency office rental and services are provided by Dover & Deal Conservatives (it is cheaper to rent the office space for constituency based work and obtain the constituency based help in this way than hiring a separate constituency office).

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House Magazine article on the People's Port (04 Oct 2010)

Here Charlie writes in the influential House Magazine about why making Dover a People's Port is so important.

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Expenses claimed (03 Aug 2010)

The PDF file is quite big. It consists of all the expense invoices Charlie has submitted since being elected, honouring Charlie's pledge to be open, transparent and accountable on expenses.

Charlie does not claim for homes, food or furniture. Charlie claims for travel to and from Parliament and his home in Deal. He does not claim for travel around the constituency. The distance is 84 miles and works out at £33 each trip. Basically Charlie makes a trip to and from Deal every week. The Parliamentary expense system does not currently seem to make it possible to show the claims - Charlie intends to display travel claims as soon as he can find a way of doing so.

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Plan for a People's Port (20 Jun 2010)

In this letter to the Secretary of State for Transport, Charlie makes the case against the sale of the Port of Dover. Instead he says it should become the People's Port and makes the case for the community to buy the Port.

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Economic trouble (18 Dec 2008)

November 2008 article on Conservative Home where Charlie Elphicke summarises his latest Centre for Policy Studies paper

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Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble (17 Nov 2008)

2008 Centre for Policy Studies paper setting how how Gordon Brown has basically managed to bankrupt Britain.

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Why do we feel so broke? (03 Feb 2008)

2008 Centre for Policy Studies paper showing how for an average earning household with an average mortgage, disposable income after tax and housing costs has fallen in nominal terms by £950 since 2002.

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Tackle worklessness, reduce immigration (05 Nov 2007)

Autumn 2007 article where Charlie Elphicke argues that the challenge of worklessness is being shirked by importing migrant labour.

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Plan for Dover Healthcare Autumn 2007 (17 Sep 2007)

Charlie Elphicke sets out his plan for a proper hospital in Dover.

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Moving Britain to Go (01 Jun 2007)

Summer 2007 article on how to make Britain grow more quickly so everybody gets better off.

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Gordon Brown - from Sherriff of Nottingham to King of Inequality (24 May 2007)

Summer 2007 article highlighting the ever-widening gap between the poorest and the richest under Gordon Brown's misguided tax and benefits system.

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Are you better off now than you were four years ago? (15 Mar 2007)

2007 Centre for Policy Studies paper applying Ronald Reagan’s “killer question” to the UK today

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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, a lot will make you rich (14 Mar 2007)

In this article, Charlie makes the case for a knowledge revolution - especially in vocational and skills education.

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Where has your pay rise gone? (24 Dec 2006)

2006 Centre for Policy Studies paper showing that average earnings growth over the last five years stagnated in real terms, while taxes and housing costs both increased. The result is that real disposable income (after tax and housing costs) has risen by 0.4% from £22,710 per employee in 2001 to just £22,807 per employee in 2005. In effect, pay rises have been consumed by increased taxes and housing costs.

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Next steps on tax for the Tories (10 Oct 2006)

In this Autumn 2006 article, Brooks Newmark MP and Charlie Elphicke set out the need to change the tax system to help the least well off, help pensioners and make Britain stronger.

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Taxcutters versus stabilisers? (07 Oct 2006)

This Autumn 2006 article by Stephen Hammond MP and Charlie Elphicke looks at how Conservative tax thinking is joined up more than people think and that the tax cutters and "stabilisers" are actually saying similar things.

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Robin Hood or Sheriff of Nottingham? (31 Aug 2006)

2006 Centre for Policy Studies paper on winners and losers from tax and benefit reform over the last 10 years.

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The tax double whammy (01 Jun 2006)

2006 Centre for Policy Studies paper on how more tax costs even more than you think

Download (pdf, 131kb)

The case for reducing business taxes (10 Jan 2006)

What it says on the tin . . .

Download (pdf, 165kb)

SAINTs can get Britain saving again (08 Nov 2005)

2005 Centre for Policy Studies paper with ideas on the reform of private pensions.

Download (pdf, 154kb)

Ending pensioner poverty (10 Feb 2004)

2004 paper for the Centre for Policy Studies on reforming the pension system to enable retirement with dignity.

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Charlie Elphicke

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