Breakdown of law and order at protest was unacceptable (04 Feb 2016)

Charlie responds to the events that unfolded in Dover at the weekend. 

"What happened was a total shambles and the Chief Constable and Police Commissioner have serious questions to answer. Many people have complained to me about what happened and I will be taking those complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Authority."

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We don't want to go back to the bad days of open borders (29 Jan 2016)

Charlie discusses the importance of strong and secure borders.

"Attracted by the magnet of an open border people will make ever-greater and more dangerous efforts to enter Britain. As we have seen before, this all too often ends in tragedy. This is why the Prime Minister is right in saying that we should take vulnerable people in need from close to the nations they have been forced to flee in order to discourage the making of long, treacherous and dangerous journeys."

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Town needs a real solution to lorry stacking and speeding (21 Jan 2016)

Charlie discusses the Dover TAP system. 

"Things are moving forward on the M20/A20. We are taking action to deal with Operation Stack and to prevent gridlock in Dover town. There is more to do, yet an improved TAP system and lorry parks that offer an alternative to roadside verges would make such a positive difference."

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I am working to cut delays while rail lines are repaired (14 Jan 2016)

Charlie gives an update on events following the closure of the train line between Deal and Folkestone on Christmas Eve.

"I am seeking to hold a public meeting with Southeaster, Network Rail and commuters so travellers will be able to quiz rail chiefs directly. It is important everyone can share ideas on how services can be improved to make travelling easier while the sea wall is being repaired."

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Failed seawall needs repairing quickly so rail like can reopen (07 Jan 2016)

Charlie comments on the Shakespeare Beach sea wall collapse and subsequent rail disruption. 

"The failure of the seawall on the Dover to Folkestone stretch of railway is a real worry. Yet I am doing all I can to see rail services rerouted and working hard to minimise the impact on rail travellers. The next few months will be very testing. Yet with good planning ahead I hope that travellers will suffer the least possible disruption."

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Last Christmas, did any of this progress seem likely? (17 Dec 2015)

Charlie looks back on all that our area has achieved over the past year. 

"So much has happened in our community: Burlington House is coming down, the new Buckland Hospital has opened its doors, and the A20 TAP system has done much to spare Dover gridlock. Most recently, the Chancellor has announced £250million of funding for the M20 lorry parks we have needed and wanted for so long."

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Small business is the vital force driving growth in our economy (10 Dec 2015)

Charlie talks about the businesses he visited in Deal for Small Business Saturday.

"It's clear our recovery is now being really felt by businesses. They told me that the inflation0busting wage rises and higher numbers of people in work are now making a real difference."

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It is right that we should stand beside France (03 Dec 2015)

Charlie discusses Syrian airstrikes. 

"After much reflection, I have concluded that we should take action and join the international coalition."

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Take extra care on the roads as Winter months lead to tragedy (26 Nov 2015)

Charlie focuses on what could be done to help improve saftey on Kent's roads.

"We need to ensure our local roads are safer. Figures released recently by the Department for Transport are deeply concering. They show there was a 12 per cent rise in traffic accidents in Dover and Deal between 2009 and 2014."

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When it comes to combating terror we must all be resolute (19 Nov 2015)

Charlie discusses Friday's attacks in Paris.

"We must be resolute and determined in the face of those who seek to kill us and destroy the values we hold dear. Yet most of all we now need to act to confront ISIL - and to defeat them and their evil terrorist state." 

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