We can honour our fallen heroes by building a more peaceful and prosperous future (13 Nov 2014)

During a week of fitting remembrance for our fallen heroes, Charlie talks about how important it is that we heed the lessons of the past to build a better future.

"It is important that in marking the centenary of the First World War we take heed of the lessons. It is too easy for history to repeat itself. It is too easy to sleep walk into war. And it is hard to build a strong international system where disputes among nations can be settled peacefully. Yet we must." 

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Our long term plan is working for Dover and Deal (06 Nov 2014)

Our long term plan for Dover and Deal is working and means a better future for our part of Kent.

"Increasingly there is a sense of change. We are seeing more jobs and more money. This is being achieved because everyone has worked so hard with a shared ideal of the kind of place we can build. Together we have made a difference and it is together we shall continue to take forward the long term plan for our area."

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Calais migration chaos shows we're no longer a soft touch (30 Oct 2014)

Strong action to make our borders stronger means Britain is no longer a soft touch - now the rest of the EU must act too.

"We need to ensure we continue to work with the French Government to keep our borders secure. And we need to press the EU to take responsibility too and put an end to the movement of people across Europe to Calais."

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A people's port is rising at the docks (23 Oct 2014)

Charlie welcomes the new ports minister to the community-led people's port rising at the docks in Dover.

"The new Ports Minister was deeply impressed by what he saw. Much new investment is being made. There are plans for more."

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Making a difference to people's daily lives (16 Oct 2014)

Charlie talks about some the local people he has helped recently.

"Making a difference to our country and our community really matters. Yet making a difference to people in their daily lives is in so many ways the most fulfilling part of my work."

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Time to shine a light on cowardly internet trolls (09 Oct 2014)

Charlie says it's time Parliament considers laws to tackle hate-hurling internet trolls.

"How can we clean up the Internet? The bottom line is you don't hurl abuse at people you meet in the street because they know who you are. You are accountable and must take responsibility. We cracked down on poison pen letters in the past. We dealt with the deep breathers who used to call people up with call tracing." 

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Training and work key to tackling want (02 Oct 2014)

More jobs and money. This government's welfare reforms are getting people back to work, getting more young people into jobs and giving hope to 2 million more apprentices.

"Things have really turned around. Much has been achieved. Yet there is more to do to give our children the best inheritance. Government can set the framework - it's now up to all of us to make it happen."

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Making the UK fair to all nations - including England (25 Sep 2014)

Charlie assesses what the Scotish referendum result means for the future of the union.

"Ensuring England decides on English matters will ensure a fair union. A fair union is a stable union. A union everyone can feel part of that will continue to stand the test of time. Acting now, we will ensure our nation's and our children's futures can be secured for the long term."

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70 years on, Dover must fight for its future again (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie pays tribute to the heroism and bravery of those who held the White Cliffs through thick and thin during the Second World War, and shares his vision to see Dover once again become the jewel in the crown of the nation.

"This is just the start. Just as the people of Dover pulled together in the war to fight for a better future, so we must do so again. Dover is not just a symbol of the darkest days of English defiance at war - she must also be a symbol of the kind of future we can make"

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Calais chaos shows how we have strengthened our borders (11 Sep 2014)

Strong action to make our borders safer and more secure.

"Our border controls are increasingly effective. Very few people manage to get through. I am proud of how the White Cliffs of Dover are a symbol of the strength and security of our island nation. We are keeping Britain safer and more secure. Now we must see France, Italy and Brussels to do their bit too."

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