WW1 teaches us the importance of peace, stability and security (07 Aug 2014)

In a week when the nation remembers its fallen heroes, Charlie assesses the lessons we can learn from the horrors of WW1. 

"Nations in dispute should always be encouraged to seek to reduce tensions and have settlement discussions round a table, rather than seek redress from the end of a gun." 

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Welfare revolution boosting security and stability for all (24 Jul 2014)

Getting more people into work, making work pay and ending the benefits culture - Charlie talks about the Government's welfare revolution.

"Local unemployment has fallen an astonishing 22.5% in the last 12 months. Even better, youth unemployment in Dover and Deal has plummeted by 31.6%. Visiting the local Natwest last week, I heard how the economy is recovering. People are finding more work."

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A fitting tribute to Deal's magnificent Marines (17 Jul 2014)

Charlie reflects on the fitting tribute paid to those who were killed by the IRA bombing in Deal in 1989.

"This was a deed of pure evil that is remembered by so many in our community. So many heard the blast. Like it was yesterday they remember the morning of September 22, 1989."

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Deal on track for prosperity (10 Jul 2014)

Good news this week for Charlie's campaign for better transport links to Deal:

- The fast train service to London will run all day from Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill
- A new £750,000 link road into North Deal

"Getting better transport links for Deal really matters. It's important to give people - especially our young people - the greatest opportunities in life. Opportunities that can be taken without having to move away. It's also important to bring more buzz and vitality to this beautiful town, a town that has a great night life and the best high street in the UK."

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We have come a long way thanks to our economic plan (03 Jul 2014)

Charlie's long-term plan for Dover and Deal is helping turn the local economy around:

- An all day fast train to Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill
- Unemployment down 20% in the last year and youth unemployment down 30%
- A new agri-science campus at Betteshanger creating 1,000 new local jobs
- Buckland Mill "coming now" not "coming soon"

"It feels increasingly as though the Sun is rising higher over the land of economic success. While the shadows shorten on the dwindling band of nay sayers who call daily for more welfare and less work." 

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Changes to local policing are making our community safer (26 Jun 2014)

Charlie's campaign for strong action on law and order has secured improvements to local policing that will make our community safer.

"The Dover district's police chief will have more officers on patrol. He will retake control of 999 call responses. He will have greater control of resources so he can better battle criminals and crack down on anti-social behaviour."

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Let's help our young people succeed in life (19 Jun 2014)

Charlie discusses reforms to the tax system that would give young people a fairer chance of getting on the housing ladder.

"At the heart of the idea of a fair and just society is that everyone, whatever their starting point, should have the chance to do well and get on in life."

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Port reform could make a real difference (12 Jun 2014)

After the previous Labour government's port sell off was successfully stopped, a new community led port is emerging. Here Charlie looks at the positive difference this could signal for Dover's future.

"If we get these things right we can have so much more prosperity in Dover. We can make the town more vibrant, our children and grand children benefiting from the kind of future we never had."

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Europe affects us all, yet we must also get our fair share (05 Jun 2014)

Charlie talks about immigration and the European Union as well as other issues that impact on our community like stopping Labour's port sell off, getting the all day fast train to Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill and tackling unemployment.

"Until recently, we had a situation fostered by the previous government where anyone could basically wander in. That was a complete disgrace. In Parliament I have supported measures to stamp out this welfare tourism."

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We can make change happen when we work together (29 May 2014)

"Change happens when people come together and say enough is enough. Thanks to the hard work of so many in our community we're getting a lot of change"

- New Dover Hospital
- Saving Deal Hospital
- A community-led port
- Town centre regenaration
- Fast train to Deal and Walmer

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