Port decision shows how far we have come - and must go (17 Apr 2014)

Charlie discusses the way forward for Dover and the port.

"We have before us a great opportunity. A chance for unity and common purpose that is required to change Dover forever. To make our town a jewel in the crown of the nation. A place people want to visit. The first sight of England that makes us proud and impresses people from overseas."

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Apprentices training now running full steam ahead (10 Apr 2014)

Apprentices in Dover and Deal have doubled since the last election and while youth unemployment rocketed by 50% under Labour from 2005 to 2010, it is now falling - by 20% in the last year alone.

"The work revolution is one of the great achievements of this Government. The previous benefits culture created resentment and sapped our national spirit. Getting people back into work and putting work back at the centre of our national life will make Britain strong for the future."

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Despite the setbacks, visit by minister is time for hope (03 Apr 2014)

Charlie talks about the People's Port vision for a community run Port of Dover ahead of the Shipping Ministers visit to the town on 9 April.

"Moving forward reform has taken over a year. It is mainly because there has been significant opposition. The kind of political pygmies who like to indulge in point scoring have had a negative impact. There are no two ways about it. They have caused significant delay. They may well damage the settlement our community gets at the end of the day."

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A budget for jobs and the less well off (27 Mar 2014)

Charlie discusses how people in Dover and Deal will benefit from this week's budget, like the 40,000 local working people who will benefit from the income tax personal allowance increasing to £10,500 and the 383 local people who will be taken out of tax altogether.

"I continue to work tirelessly for more local jobs and money, a fair share of healthcare and a secure furutre for the port. I know that Dover and Deal can once again be jewels in the crown of our nation."

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More jobs and money (20 Mar 2014)

- £40m Regional Growth Fund
- All day fast train for Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill
- £20m agri-science campus at Betteshanger
- Apprenticeships doubled since 2010 and local unemployment down 20% in the last year.

"Things are looking increasingly promising for local jobs and money. Much has been done. Yet I know how much more there is to do to repair the damage of the past."

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Eager young apprentices will help us out of mess (13 Mar 2014)

Charlie talks about his campaign for more local jobs and money.

"It's great that local unemployment has fallen since the election and is down 20 per cent in the past year. Yet that's not good enough for me. There is still so much to do to repair the damage of the past."

The second Dover Jobs Fair last week, organised by Charlie, was a real success - with over 1,300 local jobseekers packing into the Town Hall. Click here and here to read more!

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Change could be on the way for neighbours to resolve rows (06 Mar 2014)

Charlie discusses planning law in relation to traveller camps and new reforms he has proposed in parliament to help people in boundary disputes.

"Because it is right everyone is treated fairly and all are treated equally. This, I take to be a fundamental tenet of our way of life."

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Kindness and resilience got us through worst floods (27 Feb 2014)

Charlie discusses the community's repsonse to recent flooding.

"There has  been a real sense of community and friendship in the crisis. I met so many people who have been working tirelessly to help their neighbours. It shows how resilient we are when we are tested."

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Use progress to show that naysayers are in the wrong (20 Feb 2014)

Things are finally starting to move forward in Dover. Yet astonishingly there are still those who oppose a community led port, who want things to stay the same, and who want to deny local people a stake in Dover's future.

"This underlines why we need a truly community led port. They wouldn't be able to sideline our community then."

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It's important I campaign on national and local matters (13 Feb 2014)

Charlie's focus is on local issues such as stopping the port sell off, getting our community a fairer share of healthcare, and more jobs and money.

Yet he is also a leading voice in Parliament when it comes to important national issues too. Read this week's article to find out more...

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