My plan for investment to restore order at the border (28 Jul 2016)

Charlie discusses how investment into local infrastructure will help prevent chaos at Dover port. 

"To restore order at the border: Dig a tunnel. Fix our roads. Bust the gridlock. And make Dover the destination it deserves to be."

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Everyone must have the chance to aspire, work hard and get on (14 Jul 2016)

"As we start to write the next chapter in our island story, building a country that works for everyone must be our key priority. It is an incredible oppotunity for our area to be stronger and dynamic in the years to come."

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I will fight to keep Dover's border strong (07 Jul 2016)

Charlie discusses border security in the wake of the EU Referendum vote.

"In my discussions with French conterparts, I always underline that the border in Calais is in their own interests as much as our own."

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Britain will still prosper despite a frenetic week (30 Jun 2016)

Charlie discusses what is next after the EU Referendum vote. 

"We must stick to our long term economic plan which has delivered jobs and money for our nation. We will continue to trade with Europe yet seek new markets across the rest of the world. We will maintain the protection of our borders. We will not only endure. We will prosper in the years to come."

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Each of us must make our own decision when it comes to EU (16 Jun 2016)

Charlie talks about next weeks EU Referendum.

"In this referendum I have the same vote as everyone else. Each of us must make our own decision. To decided what is best for us, our familiy and for Britiain. We must think of the future we wish to make and the kind of country we went to hand over to our children and grandchildren."

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Changes may put an end to our roads woe (09 Jun 2016)

Charlie discusses local transport issues.

"In the next five years our long-standing transport woes could be brought to an end. M20 lorry parks, a sensible TAP system, the Lower Thames Crossing and a dualled A2 would make an incredible difference to the wuality of life and transport in Dover and Deal."

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Let's hope poor turnout means protests coming to an end soon (02 Jun 2016)

Charlie discusses the Dover protests.

"What was different this time was that less than 30 rar-right extremists showed up on Saturday. On Sunday they gave up altogether and failed to show. It is very encoraging if Saturday's dwindling band is a sign of things to come."

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High street will get boost from St James shops and cinema (26 May 2016)

Charlie discusses the new St James development in Dover.

"New this week is that the town centre investment zone now has the funding it needs to become a reality. Lega & General plan to invest £53million to take forward our shared vision of civic renewal."

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Demolition of hated block an apt symbol of town's progress (12 May 2016)

Charlie discusses Dover's future in the wake of Burlington House's demolition.

"Seeing Burlington House finally come down shows how far we've come together in recent years. Before 2010 the idea that Burlington House would come down seemed a distant dream. Back then unemployment had rocketed, our port was about to be sold off to the French or whoever, and plans for a new Dover hospital had stalled."

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I'm so sick and tired of our town being used as a battleground (12 May 2016)

Charlie discusses Dover being used as a battleground for protest marches.

"We need to see the reform of human rights laws with a British Bill of Rights. We need a human rights code we can have confidence in. A code that will protect the innocent law abiding people of Dover and enable all of us to go about our daily lives without let or hindrance."

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