When it comes to combating terror we must all be resolute (19 Nov 2015)

Charlie discusses Friday's attacks in Paris.

"We must be resolute and determined in the face of those who seek to kill us and destroy the values we hold dear. Yet most of all we now need to act to confront ISIL - and to defeat them and their evil terrorist state." 

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This is a chance to build for the future so don't hold us all back (12 Nov 2015)

Charlie looks forward to the future development of Dover. 

"We are seeing more development in Dover now than at any point since the Second World War. The skyline is changing. The news developments will create jobs in the town. The people who live in them will bring money to the town and help drive out local exonomy."

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Our healthcare should be first class for all of us at every level (05 Nov 2015)

Charlie looks at the different healthcare in our area, and how it is being improved.

"We need excellent healthcare at all levels. That's what five star healthcare is all about. Better public health, stronger mental health services, ambulances we can trust, the local care beds we need and first rate local hospitals."

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Families will be better off after our tax reforms (29 Oct 2015)

Charlie discusses tax credits.

"I have listened carefully to all the concerns that have been raised. It is realy important that there is a gentler transition to reducing welfare and increasing take-home pay. A slower pace of change was planned ahead of the Hous of Lords taking an interest in the matter this week."

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We must secure future for staff as immigration centre closes (22 Oct 2015)

Charlie focuses on the staff of the Dover Immigration Removal Centre. 

"The news that Dover Immigration Removal Centre is set to close has been a real shock to those who work there. I am deeply concerned for all the employees and their families." 

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Solve problems properly instead of just shifting them elsewhere (15 Oct 2015)

Charlie looks forward to a long term solution to Operation Stack. 

"It's important to ensure that traffic flows freely on Kent roads and that we build the lorry parks we need. That way we can enjoy stringer border security and avoid suffering from Operation Stack."

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Reforms to help small businesses and make rates more accountable (08 Oct 2015)

Charlie discusses how new changes to the business rates system will benefit Dover and Deal.

"We will also reform the bsiness rates system so that local government will have the power to cut business rates, relieving pressure on small companies who struggle to afford this tax. The opportunity for councils to charge lower business rates will encourage more growth. Businesses will be able to expand and take on more staff. Local businesses need local solutions."

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Few thought the progress we have made was possible (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie looks back at everything that has been achieved for Dover and Deal over the past five years. 

"Roll forward five years, and the new hospital is built and open for patients. Unemployment has more than halved, meaning more economic security for families in our community. The port sell-off was stopped and a people's port is rising at the docks, while Burlington House is being demolished."  

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Why we need The Queen and Armed Forces (24 Sep 2015)

Charlie discusses why The Queen and the Armed Forces are essential to maintaining Britain's security. 

"We don't often have a discussion about why our way of life is the way it is. I'm glad we have recently. It is important we all remember how The Queen and our Armed Forces help provide stability and security. How terrirists must always be tackled and condemned at every turn."

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Weakening the law for assisted dying isn't right (17 Sep 2015)

Charlie explains why he voted against the Assisted Dying bill. 

"These are not easy decisions and it's important we take action now for the future. But I don't believe weakening the law to allow more elderly or sick people the opportunity to kill themselves is the right way forward. Instead, we need to ensure better end of life care so everyone can pass their last days in peace."

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