Effort to speed up rail line reopening keeps the booming economy on track (17 Nov 2016)

"More is happening in Dover and Deal now than for many decades. I am so optimistic about the change we can make together. There is a real sense of momentum - let's keep it up!"

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It is vital that we win fight against people traffickers (10 Nov 2016)

"With strong co-operation and a clear plan, Britain and France together can restore order at the border for good and beat the people traffickers. Ending the evil trade of modern slavery is the most important battle of our times."

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We'll do the work to get things done for Dover and Deal (03 Nov 2016)

"It shouldn't just be an aspiration, it should be the norm. Homes are somewhere to settle in the community, raise a family, create personal and lasting memories, and lay the foundations for an even better future for our loved ones."

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Moronic protesters defending misery and exploitation (27 Oct 2016)

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I promised to do a lot for Dover - and we have done a lot (20 Oct 2016)

"We've done a lot and come a long way together in Dover and Deal. Yet there's no place for complacency when there's so much more to get done."

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What we must do to end this evil trade of modern slavery (13 Oct 2016)

"The situation at Calais is appalling. The conditions there are an affront to humanity. That's why it is vital Britain and France work together to help the vulnerable, bolster border security and wage war on the people traffickers. Only then we can properly protect tourists, truckers and trade - and end the evil of modern slavery."

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40mph limit has gone, but not the roadworks on A20 (06 Oct 2016)

"Much has been done over the past few months. Highways England's vow to end the 40mph limit on the A20 is a great victory for people power. Yet we need to see it through, make sure it happens and get the Harbour Board's A20 roadworks finished too."

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New homes vital to keeping young talented workers in our community (22 Sep 2016)

"Too many look at their job prospects in Dover and Deal after university and decide they will have to move away - often to London - in order to get on in life."

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We've got trains moving again - now for the roads (08 Sep 2016)

"Highways England should now take a close look at how we've restored the rail line - and get on with scrapping the hated 40mph limito on the A20."

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Britain and France must work together to deal with crisis (01 Sep 2016)

"It's time to negotiate a new, stronger deal with France. Let's restore order at the border by dismantling the Calais Jungle camp, smashing the modern day slavery peddled by evil people smugglers and protecting out truckers."

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