‘It is time to put an end to the camps and the people traffickers' (20 Apr 2017)

Charlie calls for an end to squalid migrant camps and people trafficking after the devastating fire in Dunkirk.

"Migrant camps are a magnet for these ruthless criminal gangs – a place for them to search out victims to lure into their evil trade of modern slavery. That's why the French must be on high alert to stop any migrants from trying to set up new camps in Calais or Dunkirk – before the first tent is pitched."

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Years of hard work starting to pay off (13 Apr 2017)

Charlie says Dover, Deal and the villages are on the rise.

"People were keen to talk about how we are building a brighter future for Dover and Deal. Because residents can see that the hard work of so many years is beginning to pay off."

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Dover must be prepared as we stand on the frontline (06 Apr 2017)

After Article 50 is triggered, Charlie underlines the need to be Ready on Day One for Brexit at the Dover frontline.

"We are going through a major change – one which will be written about in the history books. Yet the next two years can't just be about Brussels. Vital work needs doing here too."

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'In the fog of events it was hard to know what had happened' (30 Mar 2017)

Charlie describes the moment a terrorist launched an attack on Westminster.

"The hearts of all of us go out to those who were murdered, their families and loved ones. Police officer Keith Palmer fell in the line of duty. He gave his life to save those of others. He protected our democracy."

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This is only the start of a bright new era for Dover and Deal (23 Mar 2017)

Charlies hails The Times' decision to rank Deal at number one in the newspaper's list of top seaside towns.

"These are exciting times for our community. So much is happening. Yet we need to see more."

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Invest in the Dover and Deal frontline (16 Mar 2017)

Charlie calls for more investment in the border at the Dover and Deal frontline.

"There are some people who seem to revel in doomsday scenarios for Brexit. I take a different view. We need to be ready and prepared so that the worst does not happen. That means we must invest in the Port of Dover."

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Ferry tragedy lessons must not be forgotten (09 Mar 2017)

Charlie reflects on the 30th anniversary of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster.

"We will never forget the victims. We will never forget what happened. We will always be there to care for the families and loved ones who live on. This is why I am so proud of the timeless values of our community here in Dover and Deal."

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Signs of prosperity heralding the shape of things to come (03 Mar 2017)

Charlie hails a fall in business rates for firms across Dover and Deal.

"More jobs and money for our area has long been a key priority. We've made real progress – unemployment has halved since 2010, with apprenticeships and young people being particularly successful. It's been great to see so many new businesses starting up or expanding."

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There is so much potential to build a prosperous future (23 Feb 2017)

Charlie hails the exciting projects bringing jobs and money to Dover and Deal.

"At the St James development, work continues on the building site where Burlington House once stood. Last year, after decades of dithering, the empty tower block was at last demolished."

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Making Channel a migrant magnet is the worst strategy (16 Feb 2017)

Charlie says ruthless people traffickers would exploit the Dubs amendment on child refugees.

"People in Dover in Deal know the risk is that the good intentions of this scheme could cause the evil of the Jungle to return."

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