A brighter future for our young people (23 Jul 2015)

Boosting young people's life chances and giving them the opportunity to work hard and do well in life is a key priority for Charlie and the Conservative Government.

"Getting into work is the first step. The next step is helping young people develop the skills and know-how they need to boost their career. That's why promoting more apprenticeships is so important to giving our young people a brighter future."

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Our one nation budget is good news for Dover and Deal (16 Jul 2015)

Charlie outlines why the Chancellor's recent budget is good news for Dover and Deal.

"This Budget cements the sort of positive future we can make in Dover and Deal. More jobs, more money, higher pay and a chance to own your own home. Let's keep our economic recovery going."

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Calais chaos shouldn't bring Kent to a standstill (09 Jul 2015)

Charlie makes the case for alternative cross-Channel routes from Dover to be considered.

"It's easy to stick with Calais. But the problems are increasingly severe. So we need to consider how to get investment for alternative Channel ports to bring them up to scratch for cross-Channel trade."

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The Deal Festival shows our culture and arts scene is thriving (02 Jul 2015)

Charlie attends the opening of the Deal Festival of Music and Arts and discusses the importance of the thriving arts and culture scene in East Kent.

"East Kent should get its fair share of arts funding. Culture should not just be the preserve of the 'great and good' up in London, but for us all. It's important all children and families nationwide have the chance to access top class cultural events."

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Securing a fairer share of healthcare for Dover and Deal (18 Jun 2015)

Following the opening of the New Dover Hospital, Charlie gives an update on his campaign to secure a fairer share of healthcare for Dover and Deal.

"These developments are a great start. Let's continue now to build on our success so far."

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Together we can deliver our exciting vision for Dover and Deal (11 Jun 2015)

Charlie talks about some of the exciting opporunities that lay ahead for Dover and Deal.

"We've done a lot, but we can't rest on our laurels. I'm keen to build on these successes and continue to fight to make sure our community gets the share of wealth and resources it needs and deserves."

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The A20 traffic scheme has helped ease Dover gridlock, yet more improvements are needed (04 Jun 2015)

Charlie discusses the action being taken to solve Dover's port traffic chaos.

"Our town is not a dumping ground for Port traffic. I would welcome hearing your views on the improvements that can be made. I will keep fighting for a stronger anti-gridlock system and better infrastructure to deliver a lasting solution on this for our community."

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A strong Government Programme on the EU, human rights and border security (28 May 2015)

The first Queen's Speech of the new Conservative Majority Government includes strong and positive action on EU reform, human rights and immigration.

"A strong course has been set for the new Government. Strong measures on the EU, human rights and border security. These are important to our community and I hope that we will see great improvements in the years to come."

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Working together, we can get the best for our community (21 May 2015)

Charlie talks about the positive impact the new Conservative Majority Government will have on the local community.

"The next few years offer incredible opportunities for our community. I am hard-pressed to think of a time when we have had the chance to make such progress as now."

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We've come a long way since 2010 but there's a lot more still to do (26 Mar 2015)

Charlie sets out his vision for Dover and Deal ahead of the Geenral Election on 7 May:

- Destination Dover & Deal. £500m invested in our community by 2020.
- 5 star healthcare. Not just care beds but 5 star care and recovery suites locally.
- More jobs and money. Unemployment has near halved since 2010, seeing through our long term plan will deliver even better results.

"It's been a privilege to serve Dover and Deal these past five years. I am passionate about building on our progress to make Dover & Deal all it can be." 

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