‘It is time to put an end to the camps and the people traffickers' (20 Apr 2017)

Charlie calls for an end to squalid migrant camps and people trafficking after the devastating fire in Dunkirk.

"Migrant camps are a magnet for these ruthless criminal gangs – a place for them to search out victims to lure into their evil trade of modern slavery. That's why the French must be on high alert to stop any migrants from trying to set up new camps in Calais or Dunkirk – before the first tent is pitched."

Download (jpg, 164kb)

Years of hard work starting to pay off (13 Apr 2017)

Charlie says Dover, Deal and the villages are on the rise.

"People were keen to talk about how we are building a brighter future for Dover and Deal. Because residents can see that the hard work of so many years is beginning to pay off."

Download (jpg, 191kb)

Dover must be prepared as we stand on the frontline (06 Apr 2017)

After Article 50 is triggered, Charlie underlines the need to be Ready on Day One for Brexit at the Dover frontline.

"We are going through a major change – one which will be written about in the history books. Yet the next two years can't just be about Brussels. Vital work needs doing here too."

Download (jpg, 239kb)

'In the fog of events it was hard to know what had happened' (30 Mar 2017)

Charlie describes the moment a terrorist launched an attack on Westminster.

"The hearts of all of us go out to those who were murdered, their families and loved ones. Police officer Keith Palmer fell in the line of duty. He gave his life to save those of others. He protected our democracy."

Download (jpg, 303kb)

This is only the start of a bright new era for Dover and Deal (23 Mar 2017)

Charlies hails The Times' decision to rank Deal at number one in the newspaper's list of top seaside towns.

"These are exciting times for our community. So much is happening. Yet we need to see more."

Download (jpg, 188kb)

Invest in the Dover and Deal frontline (16 Mar 2017)

Charlie calls for more investment in the border at the Dover and Deal frontline.

"There are some people who seem to revel in doomsday scenarios for Brexit. I take a different view. We need to be ready and prepared so that the worst does not happen. That means we must invest in the Port of Dover."

Download (jpg, 285kb)

Ferry tragedy lessons must not be forgotten (09 Mar 2017)

Charlie reflects on the 30th anniversary of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster.

"We will never forget the victims. We will never forget what happened. We will always be there to care for the families and loved ones who live on. This is why I am so proud of the timeless values of our community here in Dover and Deal."

Download (jpg, 185kb)

Signs of prosperity heralding the shape of things to come (03 Mar 2017)

Charlie hails a fall in business rates for firms across Dover and Deal.

"More jobs and money for our area has long been a key priority. We've made real progress – unemployment has halved since 2010, with apprenticeships and young people being particularly successful. It's been great to see so many new businesses starting up or expanding."

Download (jpg, 196kb)

There is so much potential to build a prosperous future (23 Feb 2017)

Charlie hails the exciting projects bringing jobs and money to Dover and Deal.

"At the St James development, work continues on the building site where Burlington House once stood. Last year, after decades of dithering, the empty tower block was at last demolished."

Download (jpg, 176kb)

Making Channel a migrant magnet is the worst strategy (16 Feb 2017)

Charlie says ruthless people traffickers would exploit the Dubs amendment on child refugees.

"People in Dover in Deal know the risk is that the good intentions of this scheme could cause the evil of the Jungle to return."

Download (jpg, 209kb)

Time for Highways England to deliver for our community (09 Feb 2017)

Charlie calls on Highways England to step up after problems on the A2 and A20, pointing to how swiftly Network Rail fixed the Shakespeare Beach sea wall.

"Surely it's much harder to rebuild a sea wall than make a speed limit variable?"

Download (jpeg, 177kb)

Why awful Jungle camp mustn't be allowed to return (02 Feb 2017)

After victory in his campaign to dismantle the Calais Jungle, Charlie reflects on his visit to the former migrant camp site.

"It was hard to believe that just a few months ago, thousands of people were living here in awful conditions. So far the French have succeeded in keeping Calais clear. Yet we must all remain vigilant. The Jungle must never be allowed to return."

Download (pdf, 813kb)

Police should be applauded for swift crackdown (26 Jan 2017)

Charlie praises Kent Police's no nonsense approach to bringing rioters to justice.

"Kent Police should be applauded for their swift and effective crackdown. Booting these thugs out of town was one of several problems we worked hard to fix in 2016."

Download (pdf, 1201kb)

Brexit Britain will never work if it's all about London (19 Jan 2017)

Charlie says post-Brexit Britain must work for the regions - not just London.

"The capital has for too long acted as a selfish city, furthering its own aims at the expense of districts like ours. It's not right for things to carry on like this. After all, The Hunger Games is just a film – not a reality."

Download (pdf, 1326kb)

Visa waiver system will fund stronger border controls (12 Jan 2017)

Charlie sets out his visa waiver scheme to boost the borders budget.

"By taking action now we can be ready to have strong borders immediately on Brexit. Borders where we still enable legitimate tourists and trade to flow freely. Yet borders that are strongly policed so we can crackdown on threats to our security."

Download (pdf, 1151kb)

Let's make Brexit Britain work for Dover and Deal (05 Jan 2017)

Charlie outlines opportunities for the local area in 2017. 

"Brexit was about giving the boot to Brussels. Yet everyone wants to keep Britain open for business. That's why I am working with Calais' political chiefs to deepen our trading links with France."

Download (pdf, 967kb)

Farewell to a year of changes both near and far (22 Dec 2016)

Charlie reflects on the positives from a turbulent time in politics.

"For Dover and Deal, it's been an incredibly busy time. The Calais Jungle has been dismantled, Burlington House is finally down – and our rail line is fixed."

Download (pdf, 1289kb)

It’s not only the young looking for chance to train (15 Dec 2016)

Charlie pushes for more investment in further education. 

"It doesn't matter how old you are, or where you come from – if you want to learn new skills then you must be given the chance. There must be ladders throughout life for everyone."

Download (pdf, 1380kb)

Terrible tower is finally put to good use (08 Dec 2016)

Charlie gives an update on the Western Docks regeneration. 

"For decades the ugly empty building towered over Dover. After years of failed bids to knock it down, most people thought they would never see it demolished. Yet last year the diggers arrived."

Download (pdf, 1289kb)

The war on traffickers isn't over (01 Dec 2016)

Charlie explains why we must keep strengthening border security. 

"The only way to truly win the war against the people traffickers is to make it impossible to break in to Britain. Keeping watch over our seas this Christmas will also save lives."

Download (pdf, 1503kb)

I do love getting out and about in Dover and Deal (24 Nov 2016)

Charlie gives an update on what is happening locally in Dover and Deal.

"Another recent trip I made was the Betteshanger to see the amazing project going on there. The frame of the £8 million visitor centre is now complete - and we were one step closer to its official opening next spring."

Download (, 0kb)

Effort to speed up rail line reopening keeps the booming economy on track (17 Nov 2016)

"More is happening in Dover and Deal now than for many decades. I am so optimistic about the change we can make together. There is a real sense of momentum - let's keep it up!"

Download (jpg, 223kb)

It is vital that we win fight against people traffickers (10 Nov 2016)

"With strong co-operation and a clear plan, Britain and France together can restore order at the border for good and beat the people traffickers. Ending the evil trade of modern slavery is the most important battle of our times."

Download (jpg, 2087kb)

We'll do the work to get things done for Dover and Deal (03 Nov 2016)

"It shouldn't just be an aspiration, it should be the norm. Homes are somewhere to settle in the community, raise a family, create personal and lasting memories, and lay the foundations for an even better future for our loved ones."

Download (jpg, 2553kb)

Moronic protesters defending misery and exploitation (27 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 2271kb)

I promised to do a lot for Dover - and we have done a lot (20 Oct 2016)

"We've done a lot and come a long way together in Dover and Deal. Yet there's no place for complacency when there's so much more to get done."

Download (jpg, 1895kb)

What we must do to end this evil trade of modern slavery (13 Oct 2016)

"The situation at Calais is appalling. The conditions there are an affront to humanity. That's why it is vital Britain and France work together to help the vulnerable, bolster border security and wage war on the people traffickers. Only then we can properly protect tourists, truckers and trade - and end the evil of modern slavery."

Download (jpg, 2289kb)

40mph limit has gone, but not the roadworks on A20 (06 Oct 2016)

"Much has been done over the past few months. Highways England's vow to end the 40mph limit on the A20 is a great victory for people power. Yet we need to see it through, make sure it happens and get the Harbour Board's A20 roadworks finished too."

Download (jpg, 2409kb)

New homes vital to keeping young talented workers in our community (22 Sep 2016)

"Too many look at their job prospects in Dover and Deal after university and decide they will have to move away - often to London - in order to get on in life."

Download (jpg, 180kb)

We've got trains moving again - now for the roads (08 Sep 2016)

"Highways England should now take a close look at how we've restored the rail line - and get on with scrapping the hated 40mph limito on the A20."

Download (jpg, 162kb)

Britain and France must work together to deal with crisis (01 Sep 2016)

"It's time to negotiate a new, stronger deal with France. Let's restore order at the border by dismantling the Calais Jungle camp, smashing the modern day slavery peddled by evil people smugglers and protecting out truckers."

Download (jpg, 526kb)

The Jungle is bad for France and UK and it needs to go (18 Aug 2016)

"We are leaving the EU. Yest out cloasest trading partner will always be France. It's in the interest of Calais and Dover, France abd Britain that the Jungle is cleared and the people-traffickers are defeated."

Download (jpg, 1394kb)

It's time to declare war on criminals who traffic people across the Channel (11 Aug 2016)

"There is no doubt that the cross-Channel people-trafficking situation is becoming increasingly serious. Just last week, five Iranians were trafficked to Winchelsea in Sussex. Last year a man was running a people trafficking operation from France to Kingsdown near Deal."

Download (jpg, 1275kb)

These port gridlock fiascos hurt everybody (04 Aug 2016)

"Last week's traffic chaos highlighted the decoades of uner-investment in the roads and transport infrastructure of East Kent."

Download (jpg, 675kb)

My plan for investment to restore order at the border (28 Jul 2016)

Charlie discusses how investment into local infrastructure will help prevent chaos at Dover port. 

"To restore order at the border: Dig a tunnel. Fix our roads. Bust the gridlock. And make Dover the destination it deserves to be."

Download (jpg, 900kb)

Everyone must have the chance to aspire, work hard and get on (14 Jul 2016)

"As we start to write the next chapter in our island story, building a country that works for everyone must be our key priority. It is an incredible oppotunity for our area to be stronger and dynamic in the years to come."

Download (jpg, 947kb)

I will fight to keep Dover's border strong (07 Jul 2016)

Charlie discusses border security in the wake of the EU Referendum vote.

"In my discussions with French conterparts, I always underline that the border in Calais is in their own interests as much as our own."

Download (jpg, 891kb)

Britain will still prosper despite a frenetic week (30 Jun 2016)

Charlie discusses what is next after the EU Referendum vote. 

"We must stick to our long term economic plan which has delivered jobs and money for our nation. We will continue to trade with Europe yet seek new markets across the rest of the world. We will maintain the protection of our borders. We will not only endure. We will prosper in the years to come."

Download (jpg, 766kb)

Each of us must make our own decision when it comes to EU (16 Jun 2016)

Charlie talks about next weeks EU Referendum.

"In this referendum I have the same vote as everyone else. Each of us must make our own decision. To decided what is best for us, our familiy and for Britiain. We must think of the future we wish to make and the kind of country we went to hand over to our children and grandchildren."

Download (jpg, 946kb)

Changes may put an end to our roads woe (09 Jun 2016)

Charlie discusses local transport issues.

"In the next five years our long-standing transport woes could be brought to an end. M20 lorry parks, a sensible TAP system, the Lower Thames Crossing and a dualled A2 would make an incredible difference to the wuality of life and transport in Dover and Deal."

Download (, 0kb)

Let's hope poor turnout means protests coming to an end soon (02 Jun 2016)

Charlie discusses the Dover protests.

"What was different this time was that less than 30 rar-right extremists showed up on Saturday. On Sunday they gave up altogether and failed to show. It is very encoraging if Saturday's dwindling band is a sign of things to come."

Download (jpg, 842kb)

High street will get boost from St James shops and cinema (26 May 2016)

Charlie discusses the new St James development in Dover.

"New this week is that the town centre investment zone now has the funding it needs to become a reality. Lega & General plan to invest £53million to take forward our shared vision of civic renewal."

Download (jpg, 1002kb)

Demolition of hated block an apt symbol of town's progress (12 May 2016)

Charlie discusses Dover's future in the wake of Burlington House's demolition.

"Seeing Burlington House finally come down shows how far we've come together in recent years. Before 2010 the idea that Burlington House would come down seemed a distant dream. Back then unemployment had rocketed, our port was about to be sold off to the French or whoever, and plans for a new Dover hospital had stalled."

Download (jpg, 936kb)

I'm so sick and tired of our town being used as a battleground (12 May 2016)

Charlie discusses Dover being used as a battleground for protest marches.

"We need to see the reform of human rights laws with a British Bill of Rights. We need a human rights code we can have confidence in. A code that will protect the innocent law abiding people of Dover and enable all of us to go about our daily lives without let or hindrance."

Download (jpg, 846kb)

We must think of the future we want to build (05 May 2016)

Charlie talks about EU Referendum debates he will be chairing in Dover and Deal. 

The public meeting in Deal will be held on 19th May at the Astor Theatre, starting at 7pm. The speaker for Leave will be Gordon Henderson, Conservative MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey. The Remain speaker will be Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove. The public meeting in Dover will be held on 1st June at Dover Town Hall, starting at 7pm. The speaker for Leave will be Chris Heaton Harris, Conservative MP for Daventry. The Remain speaker will again be Peter Kyle MP.

Download (jpg, 797kb)

The continuing fight to secure the healthcare our towns need (28 Apr 2016)

Charlie discusses the need for a better share of healthcare for Dover and Deal.

"The NHS has had real increases in funding every year since 2010. This has only been possible because we have a strong economy. We have benefited with the new Buckland Hospital and more services in Deal. Now I am doing all I can to ensure we get a fairer share of funding for our local doctors and that our local doctors' practices are able to recuir the GPs they need to care for us all."

Download (jpg, 836kb)

What about our citizen's rights to get on with their daily lives (07 Apr 2016)

Charlie discusses the weekends protests in Dover.

"The far right and far left come here to use our town as a battleground. Each claims a moral superiority over the other. Yet the truth is they are both as bad as each other. They are simply opposite sides of the same coin of hatred and extreamism. There demonstrators' lust for violence knows no bounds, and was only checked at the weekend by the powerful Police presence."

Download (jpg, 831kb)

Wartime lesson is that our real freedoms have to be defended (31 Mar 2016)

Charlie discusses lessons learnt from terroism. 

"Inevitably people ask if we could see such atrocities here in Britain. My answer is yes. We know that because it did happen. The IRA atrocities at Deal, the Harrods nail bomb and so many others we remember all too well. Likewise the same Isis-style terror as has struck Paris and Brussels attacked London on 7/7."

Download (jpg, 871kb)

We are facing big transport challenges but the future's bright (24 Mar 2016)

Charlie discusses inferstructure in the constituency. 

"With port reform and better collaborative working to clean up our roads, this should mean we will have stronger and more reliable transport networks for Dover and Deal over the longer term."

Download (jpg, 1002kb)

Apprentices the focus of my jobs fair at town hall (17 Mar 2016)

Charlie discusses apprentiships and his upcoming jobs fair.

"More than 2.6 million apprenticeships have been started across Britain since May 2010. In Dover and Deal alone, 4,300 of our young people have started new apprenticeships. These apprenticeships are providing people with experince and training them in the skills they need to enter an increasingly specialised workforce."

Download (jpg, 922kb)

Urban renewal gives us a sense of momentum (10 Mar 2016)

Charlie discusses exciting new developments around Dover, Deal and the rural villages.

"These are exciting times for our community, with a lot happening. But we need to see a lot more happen. There is increasing momentum with the town centre development in Dover, the garden village at Aylesham and the proposals to build more of the homes we need. The future is looking brighter for our corner of Kent, but we need to keep going and get the best for our area."

Download (jpg, 890kb)

New directors will encourage investment and common aims (03 Mar 2016)

Charlie welcomes new Port community directors on Dover Harbour Board


"For decades there has been tension in the port-community relationship. This needs to change and the only way to change it will be by bringing together the port, ferry companies and the people. This is what the People's port was all about. If the port was to be sold then we wanted to buy it to drive that partnership. The end of the privatisation threat did not make the need for a true partnership to go away."

Download (jpg, 912kb)

Risks of leaving EU greater than those in deal for reformed union (25 Feb 2016)

Charlie lays out which way he will be voting and why in the upcoming EU Referendum. 

Download (jpg, 1482kb)

Leaving the EU increases risk of Kent becoming the new Jungle (11 Feb 2016)

Charlie looks at border security in the event of Britain leaving the EU.

"A decade ago our border was at Dover. This was a very difficult time for the town because migrants were able to get into Britain before they encountered effective border controls. Many migrants were housed in temporary accommodation in Dover."

Download (jpg, 1024kb)

Breakdown of law and order at protest was unacceptable (04 Feb 2016)

Charlie responds to the events that unfolded in Dover at the weekend. 

"What happened was a total shambles and the Chief Constable and Police Commissioner have serious questions to answer. Many people have complained to me about what happened and I will be taking those complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Authority."

Download (jpg, 935kb)

We don't want to go back to the bad days of open borders (29 Jan 2016)

Charlie discusses the importance of strong and secure borders.

"Attracted by the magnet of an open border people will make ever-greater and more dangerous efforts to enter Britain. As we have seen before, this all too often ends in tragedy. This is why the Prime Minister is right in saying that we should take vulnerable people in need from close to the nations they have been forced to flee in order to discourage the making of long, treacherous and dangerous journeys."

Download (jpg, 1019kb)

Town needs a real solution to lorry stacking and speeding (21 Jan 2016)

Charlie discusses the Dover TAP system. 

"Things are moving forward on the M20/A20. We are taking action to deal with Operation Stack and to prevent gridlock in Dover town. There is more to do, yet an improved TAP system and lorry parks that offer an alternative to roadside verges would make such a positive difference."

Download (jpg, 903kb)

I am working to cut delays while rail lines are repaired (14 Jan 2016)

Charlie gives an update on events following the closure of the train line between Deal and Folkestone on Christmas Eve.

"I am seeking to hold a public meeting with Southeaster, Network Rail and commuters so travellers will be able to quiz rail chiefs directly. It is important everyone can share ideas on how services can be improved to make travelling easier while the sea wall is being repaired."

Download (jpg, 843kb)

Failed seawall needs repairing quickly so rail like can reopen (07 Jan 2016)

Charlie comments on the Shakespeare Beach sea wall collapse and subsequent rail disruption. 

"The failure of the seawall on the Dover to Folkestone stretch of railway is a real worry. Yet I am doing all I can to see rail services rerouted and working hard to minimise the impact on rail travellers. The next few months will be very testing. Yet with good planning ahead I hope that travellers will suffer the least possible disruption."

Download (jpg, 967kb)

Last Christmas, did any of this progress seem likely? (17 Dec 2015)

Charlie looks back on all that our area has achieved over the past year. 

"So much has happened in our community: Burlington House is coming down, the new Buckland Hospital has opened its doors, and the A20 TAP system has done much to spare Dover gridlock. Most recently, the Chancellor has announced £250million of funding for the M20 lorry parks we have needed and wanted for so long."

Download (jpg, 1135kb)

Small business is the vital force driving growth in our economy (10 Dec 2015)

Charlie talks about the businesses he visited in Deal for Small Business Saturday.

"It's clear our recovery is now being really felt by businesses. They told me that the inflation0busting wage rises and higher numbers of people in work are now making a real difference."

Download (jpg, 865kb)

It is right that we should stand beside France (03 Dec 2015)

Charlie discusses Syrian airstrikes. 

"After much reflection, I have concluded that we should take action and join the international coalition."

Download (jpg, 816kb)

Take extra care on the roads as Winter months lead to tragedy (26 Nov 2015)

Charlie focuses on what could be done to help improve saftey on Kent's roads.

"We need to ensure our local roads are safer. Figures released recently by the Department for Transport are deeply concering. They show there was a 12 per cent rise in traffic accidents in Dover and Deal between 2009 and 2014."

Download (jpg, 906kb)

When it comes to combating terror we must all be resolute (19 Nov 2015)

Charlie discusses Friday's attacks in Paris.

"We must be resolute and determined in the face of those who seek to kill us and destroy the values we hold dear. Yet most of all we now need to act to confront ISIL - and to defeat them and their evil terrorist state." 

Download (jpg, 880kb)

This is a chance to build for the future so don't hold us all back (12 Nov 2015)

Charlie looks forward to the future development of Dover. 

"We are seeing more development in Dover now than at any point since the Second World War. The skyline is changing. The news developments will create jobs in the town. The people who live in them will bring money to the town and help drive out local exonomy."

Download (jpg, 850kb)

Our healthcare should be first class for all of us at every level (05 Nov 2015)

Charlie looks at the different healthcare in our area, and how it is being improved.

"We need excellent healthcare at all levels. That's what five star healthcare is all about. Better public health, stronger mental health services, ambulances we can trust, the local care beds we need and first rate local hospitals."

Download (jpg, 1123kb)

Families will be better off after our tax reforms (29 Oct 2015)

Charlie discusses tax credits.

"I have listened carefully to all the concerns that have been raised. It is realy important that there is a gentler transition to reducing welfare and increasing take-home pay. A slower pace of change was planned ahead of the Hous of Lords taking an interest in the matter this week."

Download (jpg, 951kb)

We must secure future for staff as immigration centre closes (22 Oct 2015)

Charlie focuses on the staff of the Dover Immigration Removal Centre. 

"The news that Dover Immigration Removal Centre is set to close has been a real shock to those who work there. I am deeply concerned for all the employees and their families." 

Download (jpg, 935kb)

Solve problems properly instead of just shifting them elsewhere (15 Oct 2015)

Charlie looks forward to a long term solution to Operation Stack. 

"It's important to ensure that traffic flows freely on Kent roads and that we build the lorry parks we need. That way we can enjoy stringer border security and avoid suffering from Operation Stack."

Download (jpg, 943kb)

Reforms to help small businesses and make rates more accountable (08 Oct 2015)

Charlie discusses how new changes to the business rates system will benefit Dover and Deal.

"We will also reform the bsiness rates system so that local government will have the power to cut business rates, relieving pressure on small companies who struggle to afford this tax. The opportunity for councils to charge lower business rates will encourage more growth. Businesses will be able to expand and take on more staff. Local businesses need local solutions."

Download (jpg, 824kb)

Few thought the progress we have made was possible (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie looks back at everything that has been achieved for Dover and Deal over the past five years. 

"Roll forward five years, and the new hospital is built and open for patients. Unemployment has more than halved, meaning more economic security for families in our community. The port sell-off was stopped and a people's port is rising at the docks, while Burlington House is being demolished."  

Download (jpg, 872kb)

Why we need The Queen and Armed Forces (24 Sep 2015)

Charlie discusses why The Queen and the Armed Forces are essential to maintaining Britain's security. 

"We don't often have a discussion about why our way of life is the way it is. I'm glad we have recently. It is important we all remember how The Queen and our Armed Forces help provide stability and security. How terrirists must always be tackled and condemned at every turn."

Download (jpg, 762kb)

Weakening the law for assisted dying isn't right (17 Sep 2015)

Charlie explains why he voted against the Assisted Dying bill. 

"These are not easy decisions and it's important we take action now for the future. But I don't believe weakening the law to allow more elderly or sick people the opportunity to kill themselves is the right way forward. Instead, we need to ensure better end of life care so everyone can pass their last days in peace."

Download (jpg, 846kb)

Aiding refugees without helping the traffickers (10 Sep 2015)

Charlie writes on the refugee crisis and outlines what Britain is doing to help.

"The UK has been leading the way. We have been the second biggest donor to Syria since the crisis began. We have provided £900 million to Syria and the surrounding region since 2012. This money is having a diect impact to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable Syrians." 

Download (jpg, 203kb)

Stand together and take pride in our community (03 Sep 2015)

Charlie focuses on successful community projects and looks towards future challenges.


"One of the best things about our community is the pride people take in our area. We've seen it time and again. Our community rallying round to protect important community assets or get a fairer share of public services for our area."

Download (jpg, 312kb)

Small businesses are key to the sucsess of the British economy (27 Aug 2015)

Charlie looks at the recent successes of local businesses in Dover and Deal. 

"I will continue to campaign for cuts to buisness red tap and regulation to help more small businesses start-up. We also need a serious reform of business rates, which will aid our great local shops and high streets." 

Download (jpg, 833kb)

The results that will shape young people's futures (20 Aug 2015)

Charlie looks at the fantastic A-Level results that have been achieved at local schools. 

"There was strong improvement in many school's results. This means that more of our young people will have the chance to go to university of further education or find a better paid first job." 

Download (jpg, 6047kb)

Deal is on the rise - let's keep it going higher (13 Aug 2015)

Charlie celebrates Deal's recent successes and looks to the future of health care, transport and tourism in the town. 

"Deal is a town on the up, but we need to keep it moving that way. We must make sure we have the infrastructure in place to assure continued success."

Download (jpg, 6061kb)

Channel chaos requires action across Europe (06 Aug 2015)

Charlie makes the case that action is required across Europe to tackle cross-channel disruption. 

"The EU as a whole needs to process migrants quickly, in the first safe country of arrival - mainly Italy - or even consider humanitarian aid camps in Libya." 

Download (jpg, 916kb)

Measures to ease the impact of Calais Chaos (30 Jul 2015)

Charlie outlines plans to help deal with impact of the chaos and mismanagement of the Port of Calais.

"We urgently need better road infrastructure because this situation is now doing massive damage to our quality of life and the East Kent economy."

Download (jpg, 575kb)

A brighter future for our young people (23 Jul 2015)

Boosting young people's life chances and giving them the opportunity to work hard and do well in life is a key priority for Charlie and the Conservative Government.

"Getting into work is the first step. The next step is helping young people develop the skills and know-how they need to boost their career. That's why promoting more apprenticeships is so important to giving our young people a brighter future."

Download (jpg, 828kb)

Our one nation budget is good news for Dover and Deal (16 Jul 2015)

Charlie outlines why the Chancellor's recent budget is good news for Dover and Deal.

"This Budget cements the sort of positive future we can make in Dover and Deal. More jobs, more money, higher pay and a chance to own your own home. Let's keep our economic recovery going."

Download (jpg, 533kb)

Calais chaos shouldn't bring Kent to a standstill (09 Jul 2015)

Charlie makes the case for alternative cross-Channel routes from Dover to be considered.

"It's easy to stick with Calais. But the problems are increasingly severe. So we need to consider how to get investment for alternative Channel ports to bring them up to scratch for cross-Channel trade."

Download (jpg, 546kb)

The Deal Festival shows our culture and arts scene is thriving (02 Jul 2015)

Charlie attends the opening of the Deal Festival of Music and Arts and discusses the importance of the thriving arts and culture scene in East Kent.

"East Kent should get its fair share of arts funding. Culture should not just be the preserve of the 'great and good' up in London, but for us all. It's important all children and families nationwide have the chance to access top class cultural events."

Download (jpg, 570kb)

Securing a fairer share of healthcare for Dover and Deal (18 Jun 2015)

Following the opening of the New Dover Hospital, Charlie gives an update on his campaign to secure a fairer share of healthcare for Dover and Deal.

"These developments are a great start. Let's continue now to build on our success so far."

Download (jpg, 556kb)

Together we can deliver our exciting vision for Dover and Deal (11 Jun 2015)

Charlie talks about some of the exciting opporunities that lay ahead for Dover and Deal.

"We've done a lot, but we can't rest on our laurels. I'm keen to build on these successes and continue to fight to make sure our community gets the share of wealth and resources it needs and deserves."

Download (jpg, 572kb)

The A20 traffic scheme has helped ease Dover gridlock, yet more improvements are needed (04 Jun 2015)

Charlie discusses the action being taken to solve Dover's port traffic chaos.

"Our town is not a dumping ground for Port traffic. I would welcome hearing your views on the improvements that can be made. I will keep fighting for a stronger anti-gridlock system and better infrastructure to deliver a lasting solution on this for our community."

Download (jpg, 585kb)

A strong Government Programme on the EU, human rights and border security (28 May 2015)

The first Queen's Speech of the new Conservative Majority Government includes strong and positive action on EU reform, human rights and immigration.

"A strong course has been set for the new Government. Strong measures on the EU, human rights and border security. These are important to our community and I hope that we will see great improvements in the years to come."

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Working together, we can get the best for our community (21 May 2015)

Charlie talks about the positive impact the new Conservative Majority Government will have on the local community.

"The next few years offer incredible opportunities for our community. I am hard-pressed to think of a time when we have had the chance to make such progress as now."

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We've come a long way since 2010 but there's a lot more still to do (26 Mar 2015)

Charlie sets out his vision for Dover and Deal ahead of the Geenral Election on 7 May:

- Destination Dover & Deal. £500m invested in our community by 2020.
- 5 star healthcare. Not just care beds but 5 star care and recovery suites locally.
- More jobs and money. Unemployment has near halved since 2010, seeing through our long term plan will deliver even better results.

"It's been a privilege to serve Dover and Deal these past five years. I am passionate about building on our progress to make Dover & Deal all it can be." 

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A strong plan to tackle port traffic gridlock (19 Mar 2015)

Charlie holds a debate in Parliament on the porblem of Dover gridlock. He has called on Ministers to make finding a solution a national strategic priority.

"When there are problems at the port, it is wrong the town should suffer in gridlock. I am doing all I can to see a lasting solution is delivered for our community."

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The end for Burlington House a defining moment for Dover (12 Mar 2015)

Burlington House's days are numbered after the Government approves the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

"This truly is a great moment for our town. We've waited such a long time for this good news and it's a milestone in the journey to make Dover a jewel in the crown of the nation once again."

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Our long term plan for Dover and Deal (05 Mar 2015)

Charlie talks about the work he is doing to boost local jobs and help bring more investment and tourism to Dover and Deal.

"I will keep promoting our area and supporting local businesses so we can see more jobs and money for our community."

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Our long term plan is delivering a jobs revolution (26 Feb 2015)

Charlie's long term plan for Dover and Deal is starting to see results, but there is a lot more still to do.

"We've come a long way together in the past five years. Much has changed. Since 2010, unemployment in Dover and Deal is down nearly 40%. As the recovery has strengthened, it's come down 28% in the last year alone."

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Election hustings events a great British tradition (19 Feb 2015)

Charlie takes part in the first election hustings event in Dover ahead of May's General Election.

"We have a strong tradition of robust debate in Britain. We are not afraid to challenge our elected representatives to make sure they are acting for our best interest in Parliament. These are very much the values of our White Cliffs."

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Making our borders safer and stronger (12 Feb 2015)

Making our borders safer and stronger is a key priority for Charlie.

"The Calais authorities have lost control of their streets so it's important we ensure border controls remain in Calais rather than Dover."

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Tackling Dover Gridlock (05 Feb 2015)

Charlie reports back on his Operation Stack summit he hosted in Parliament this week.

"It was a very productive summit. We are one step closer to finding the lasting solution to this problem that has eluded us for so long."

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Time for a lasting solution to lorry queue traffic chaos (29 Jan 2015)

Charlie makes the case for an off-road lorry park to help ease local traffic congestion caused by tailbacks at the port or Channel tunnel.

"Our long term economic plan is working. Yet the port and tunnel need to do their bit to help fund the off-road lorry parking needed for when things go wrong."

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Our plan for 5 star healthcare in Dover and Deal (22 Jan 2015)

Charlie talks about his campaign to secure a fairer share of healthcare for Dover and Deal.

"Five-star local care and recovery beds is the next step. The people of Dover and Deal deserve nothing less."

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Proud of Deal's moving tribute to Paris terror attack victims (15 Jan 2015)

Charlie joins 200 local residents at a gathering to show solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"It was moving to attend this spontaneous event and see the local strength of feeling against these terrorist attacks, and for our values of freedom of speech and of the press."

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With investment and vision, Dover can become a jewel in the crown of the nation (18 Dec 2014)

Charlie reflects on news that Dover Harbour Board has appointed its first community directors. 

"The next stage is to secure the investment needed to transform the port. The Western Docks Revival is a great plan. My vision is that the town centre development should cross over the A20 properly to join town and waterfront."

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We must never let the hostage takers win (11 Dec 2014)

"To negotiate with evil terrorist groups like al-Qaeda would only encourage more hostage taking and fund terrorism. Tough though it is, we must stand strong in the face of their threats and barbaric world view."

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Small businesses make the world go round (04 Dec 2014)

Charlie gives his support to Small Business Saturday.

"I hope you will join me on Saturday to show support for small businesses in our area. If you're out on Saturday buying the Christmas presents, doing a food shop, or even picking up a coffee in the local cafe, every purchase helps our small businesses to grow and thrive."

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Better schools give our children a brighter future (27 Nov 2014)

Charlie makes a point of regulalrly visiting local schools to see for himself how things are going. Here he talks about the improvements being made and the rise in academic standards.

"I will continue to do all I can to support our schools in providing students with the best education and the greatest possible start in life. It's no more than our young people in Dover and Deal deserve."

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We can honour our fallen heroes by building a more peaceful and prosperous future (13 Nov 2014)

During a week of fitting remembrance for our fallen heroes, Charlie talks about how important it is that we heed the lessons of the past to build a better future.

"It is important that in marking the centenary of the First World War we take heed of the lessons. It is too easy for history to repeat itself. It is too easy to sleep walk into war. And it is hard to build a strong international system where disputes among nations can be settled peacefully. Yet we must." 

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Our long term plan is working for Dover and Deal (06 Nov 2014)

Our long term plan for Dover and Deal is working and means a better future for our part of Kent.

"Increasingly there is a sense of change. We are seeing more jobs and more money. This is being achieved because everyone has worked so hard with a shared ideal of the kind of place we can build. Together we have made a difference and it is together we shall continue to take forward the long term plan for our area."

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Calais migration chaos shows we're no longer a soft touch (30 Oct 2014)

Strong action to make our borders stronger means Britain is no longer a soft touch - now the rest of the EU must act too.

"We need to ensure we continue to work with the French Government to keep our borders secure. And we need to press the EU to take responsibility too and put an end to the movement of people across Europe to Calais."

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A people's port is rising at the docks (23 Oct 2014)

Charlie welcomes the new ports minister to the community-led people's port rising at the docks in Dover.

"The new Ports Minister was deeply impressed by what he saw. Much new investment is being made. There are plans for more."

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Making a difference to people's daily lives (16 Oct 2014)

Charlie talks about some the local people he has helped recently.

"Making a difference to our country and our community really matters. Yet making a difference to people in their daily lives is in so many ways the most fulfilling part of my work."

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Time to shine a light on cowardly internet trolls (09 Oct 2014)

Charlie says it's time Parliament considers laws to tackle hate-hurling internet trolls.

"How can we clean up the Internet? The bottom line is you don't hurl abuse at people you meet in the street because they know who you are. You are accountable and must take responsibility. We cracked down on poison pen letters in the past. We dealt with the deep breathers who used to call people up with call tracing." 

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Training and work key to tackling want (02 Oct 2014)

More jobs and money. This government's welfare reforms are getting people back to work, getting more young people into jobs and giving hope to 2 million more apprentices.

"Things have really turned around. Much has been achieved. Yet there is more to do to give our children the best inheritance. Government can set the framework - it's now up to all of us to make it happen."

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Making the UK fair to all nations - including England (25 Sep 2014)

Charlie assesses what the Scotish referendum result means for the future of the union.

"Ensuring England decides on English matters will ensure a fair union. A fair union is a stable union. A union everyone can feel part of that will continue to stand the test of time. Acting now, we will ensure our nation's and our children's futures can be secured for the long term."

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70 years on, Dover must fight for its future again (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie pays tribute to the heroism and bravery of those who held the White Cliffs through thick and thin during the Second World War, and shares his vision to see Dover once again become the jewel in the crown of the nation.

"This is just the start. Just as the people of Dover pulled together in the war to fight for a better future, so we must do so again. Dover is not just a symbol of the darkest days of English defiance at war - she must also be a symbol of the kind of future we can make"

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Calais chaos shows how we have strengthened our borders (11 Sep 2014)

Strong action to make our borders safer and more secure.

"Our border controls are increasingly effective. Very few people manage to get through. I am proud of how the White Cliffs of Dover are a symbol of the strength and security of our island nation. We are keeping Britain safer and more secure. Now we must see France, Italy and Brussels to do their bit too."

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Getting a Fair Share of Healthcare for Dover and Dea (04 Sep 2014)

Charlie has succesfully campaigned for a new hospital for Dover and led a community campaign to safegaurd Deal Hospital.

"We've moved a long way to getting a fairer share of healthcare. I know there is further to go. I continue to work hard on it. My vision is a Dover Hospital with recovery beds and an emergency centre and a Deal Hospital continuing to provide great local services."

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We stopped Labour's port sell off - now a community led port is rising at Dover (28 Aug 2014)

A community-led port is rising at the docks. Charlie discusses the appointment of Dover Port's first community director. 

"It's really positive that everyone who cares about Dover and the success of the port is coming together in this way."

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Keeping our borders safe and secure (21 Aug 2014)

An action plan for safe, secure borders and measures to tackle the problems at Calais.

"Action has been taken to reduce the attraction of the UK to people from overseas. There has been a crack down on welfare tourism with new rules introduced. Now we need to go further in taking action on the serious problem at Calais."

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Action to secure our fair share of Healthcare (14 Aug 2014)

Charlie calls for strong and swift action to ensure a Dover and Deal gets its fair share of healthcare.

"We need to see an action plan that ensures we get a fairer share of healthcare for Dover and Deal. A fairer share that won't just benefit us. It would take the pressure off the larger hospitals and ensure that services provided at all hospitals in East Kent see the improvements the inspectors have called for. Swift changes that will ensure we get the best possible healthcare in Dover, Deal and East Kent for the years to come."

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WW1 teaches us the importance of peace, stability and security (07 Aug 2014)

In a week when the nation remembers its fallen heroes, Charlie assesses the lessons we can learn from the horrors of WW1. 

"Nations in dispute should always be encouraged to seek to reduce tensions and have settlement discussions round a table, rather than seek redress from the end of a gun." 

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Port has come a long way since we stopped Labour's sell-off plans (31 Jul 2014)

The Harbour Board are advertising for the first Community Director of the Port, another milestone in the change brought about by the people of Dover and Charlie's campaign to keep the port forever England.

"We have a project of town building and town changing that lies ahead of us. A project everyone must be part of."

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Welfare revolution boosting security and stability for all (24 Jul 2014)

Getting more people into work, making work pay and ending the benefits culture - Charlie talks about the Government's welfare revolution.

"Local unemployment has fallen an astonishing 22.5% in the last 12 months. Even better, youth unemployment in Dover and Deal has plummeted by 31.6%. Visiting the local Natwest last week, I heard how the economy is recovering. People are finding more work."

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A fitting tribute to Deal's magnificent Marines (17 Jul 2014)

Charlie reflects on the fitting tribute paid to those who were killed by the IRA bombing in Deal in 1989.

"This was a deed of pure evil that is remembered by so many in our community. So many heard the blast. Like it was yesterday they remember the morning of September 22, 1989."

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Deal on track for prosperity (10 Jul 2014)

Good news this week for Charlie's campaign for better transport links to Deal:

- The fast train service to London will run all day from Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill
- A new £750,000 link road into North Deal

"Getting better transport links for Deal really matters. It's important to give people - especially our young people - the greatest opportunities in life. Opportunities that can be taken without having to move away. It's also important to bring more buzz and vitality to this beautiful town, a town that has a great night life and the best high street in the UK."

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We have come a long way thanks to our economic plan (03 Jul 2014)

Charlie's long-term plan for Dover and Deal is helping turn the local economy around:

- An all day fast train to Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill
- Unemployment down 20% in the last year and youth unemployment down 30%
- A new agri-science campus at Betteshanger creating 1,000 new local jobs
- Buckland Mill "coming now" not "coming soon"

"It feels increasingly as though the Sun is rising higher over the land of economic success. While the shadows shorten on the dwindling band of nay sayers who call daily for more welfare and less work." 

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Changes to local policing are making our community safer (26 Jun 2014)

Charlie's campaign for strong action on law and order has secured improvements to local policing that will make our community safer.

"The Dover district's police chief will have more officers on patrol. He will retake control of 999 call responses. He will have greater control of resources so he can better battle criminals and crack down on anti-social behaviour."

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Let's help our young people succeed in life (19 Jun 2014)

Charlie discusses reforms to the tax system that would give young people a fairer chance of getting on the housing ladder.

"At the heart of the idea of a fair and just society is that everyone, whatever their starting point, should have the chance to do well and get on in life."

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Port reform could make a real difference (12 Jun 2014)

After the previous Labour government's port sell off was successfully stopped, a new community led port is emerging. Here Charlie looks at the positive difference this could signal for Dover's future.

"If we get these things right we can have so much more prosperity in Dover. We can make the town more vibrant, our children and grand children benefiting from the kind of future we never had."

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Europe affects us all, yet we must also get our fair share (05 Jun 2014)

Charlie talks about immigration and the European Union as well as other issues that impact on our community like stopping Labour's port sell off, getting the all day fast train to Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill and tackling unemployment.

"Until recently, we had a situation fostered by the previous government where anyone could basically wander in. That was a complete disgrace. In Parliament I have supported measures to stamp out this welfare tourism."

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We can make change happen when we work together (29 May 2014)

"Change happens when people come together and say enough is enough. Thanks to the hard work of so many in our community we're getting a lot of change"

- New Dover Hospital
- Saving Deal Hospital
- A community-led port
- Town centre regenaration
- Fast train to Deal and Walmer

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Tell me what you think about how we can improve end of life care (22 May 2014)

Charlie examines the issue of end of care life and how we can promote a better discussion about a topic usually shied away from.

"I hope you will get in touch be part of that discussion. Tell me what you think on the long-term planning needed to be prepared for the future in how we handle long-lived terminal illnesses."

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Tax dodging should be as unacceptable as extortion (15 May 2014)

Charlie is at the forefront of the campaign in Parliament against unfair tax avoidance.

"This Government has been taking strong action against tax abusers - big companies, individuals and their advisers. More aciton has been taken in the past four years than the previous 20."

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We all want Burlington House to be pulled down (08 May 2014)

Charlie discusses the issues raised at his 'Ask Charlie' public meeting in Dover Town Hall last Friday, including the demolition of Burlington House.

"I think it's right for your MP to keep in touch and answer any quesitons people have in public. It is all about being accountable. It was a great evening and I would like to thank everyone who came along and took part."

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Dover and Deal hospitals now in much better health (01 May 2014)

Charlie talks about his successful campaigns for a new Dover Hospital and saving Deal Hospital.

"I will continue to do all I can to see we get a fair share of healthcare."

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Have your say on progress of our town's regeneration (24 Apr 2014)

Charlie discusses Dover's town centre regeneration ahead of his public meeting at the Town Hall next week.

"Much has been done yet there is much more to do to make Dover the truly amazing place we know it can be."

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Port decision shows how far we have come - and must go (17 Apr 2014)

Charlie discusses the way forward for Dover and the port.

"We have before us a great opportunity. A chance for unity and common purpose that is required to change Dover forever. To make our town a jewel in the crown of the nation. A place people want to visit. The first sight of England that makes us proud and impresses people from overseas."

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Apprentices training now running full steam ahead (10 Apr 2014)

Apprentices in Dover and Deal have doubled since the last election and while youth unemployment rocketed by 50% under Labour from 2005 to 2010, it is now falling - by 20% in the last year alone.

"The work revolution is one of the great achievements of this Government. The previous benefits culture created resentment and sapped our national spirit. Getting people back into work and putting work back at the centre of our national life will make Britain strong for the future."

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Despite the setbacks, visit by minister is time for hope (03 Apr 2014)

Charlie talks about the People's Port vision for a community run Port of Dover ahead of the Shipping Ministers visit to the town on 9 April.

"Moving forward reform has taken over a year. It is mainly because there has been significant opposition. The kind of political pygmies who like to indulge in point scoring have had a negative impact. There are no two ways about it. They have caused significant delay. They may well damage the settlement our community gets at the end of the day."

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A budget for jobs and the less well off (27 Mar 2014)

Charlie discusses how people in Dover and Deal will benefit from this week's budget, like the 40,000 local working people who will benefit from the income tax personal allowance increasing to £10,500 and the 383 local people who will be taken out of tax altogether.

"I continue to work tirelessly for more local jobs and money, a fair share of healthcare and a secure furutre for the port. I know that Dover and Deal can once again be jewels in the crown of our nation."

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More jobs and money (20 Mar 2014)

- £40m Regional Growth Fund
- All day fast train for Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill
- £20m agri-science campus at Betteshanger
- Apprenticeships doubled since 2010 and local unemployment down 20% in the last year.

"Things are looking increasingly promising for local jobs and money. Much has been done. Yet I know how much more there is to do to repair the damage of the past."

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Eager young apprentices will help us out of mess (13 Mar 2014)

Charlie talks about his campaign for more local jobs and money.

"It's great that local unemployment has fallen since the election and is down 20 per cent in the past year. Yet that's not good enough for me. There is still so much to do to repair the damage of the past."

The second Dover Jobs Fair last week, organised by Charlie, was a real success - with over 1,300 local jobseekers packing into the Town Hall. Click here and here to read more!

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Change could be on the way for neighbours to resolve rows (06 Mar 2014)

Charlie discusses planning law in relation to traveller camps and new reforms he has proposed in parliament to help people in boundary disputes.

"Because it is right everyone is treated fairly and all are treated equally. This, I take to be a fundamental tenet of our way of life."

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Kindness and resilience got us through worst floods (27 Feb 2014)

Charlie discusses the community's repsonse to recent flooding.

"There has  been a real sense of community and friendship in the crisis. I met so many people who have been working tirelessly to help their neighbours. It shows how resilient we are when we are tested."

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Use progress to show that naysayers are in the wrong (20 Feb 2014)

Things are finally starting to move forward in Dover. Yet astonishingly there are still those who oppose a community led port, who want things to stay the same, and who want to deny local people a stake in Dover's future.

"This underlines why we need a truly community led port. They wouldn't be able to sideline our community then."

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It's important I campaign on national and local matters (13 Feb 2014)

Charlie's focus is on local issues such as stopping the port sell off, getting our community a fairer share of healthcare, and more jobs and money.

Yet he is also a leading voice in Parliament when it comes to important national issues too. Read this week's article to find out more...

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I am fighting to secure the future of our local hospitals (06 Feb 2014)

A new hospital for Dover • Saving Deal Hospital • A fair share of local healthcare

"The new hospital in Dover will provide so much better care. Saving Deal Hospital is really important to Deal and will ensure that local services continue to be provided there."

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People's Port without the people is just puppet show (30 Jan 2014)

Since being elected nearly four years ago, Charlie has worked hard to get things finally moving forward for Dover. In this week's article, he discusses the big issues affecting the town.

"Dover could be a truly amazing town. It should be a jewel in the crown of the nation."

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It's time to get tough on bank fees which are simply unfair (23 Jan 2014)

Charlie makes the case in Parliament for reform of unfair bank overdraft fees.

"Banks should be made to operate a grace period of at least three days before those charges kick in. People should be able to overdraw for a short time without being charged."

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Communities must control their hospital (16 Jan 2014)

Charlie discusses his Parliamentary Bill to give locale people ownership of community hospitals.

"This principle should be extended to 300 community hospitals up and down the land. We should give local people back the chance to have a stake in and a responsibility for local services."

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Three pieces of good news for Deal and Walmer area (09 Jan 2014)

Charlie talks about the recent good news stories for Deal and Walmer.

- New agri-science campus at Betteshanger - 1,000 new jobs.
- All day fast train service to London for Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill.
- Successful community campaign to safegaurd Deal Hospital.

"I hope these welcome events will lay the foundation for Deal and Walmer to do even better in the future. To have more jobs and money, high quality locally-provided healthcare, great culture and a fantastic high street."

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Not the time to abandon principle of people's port (19 Dec 2013)

A positive vision for Dover

Charlie sets out his vision for community ownership of the port and regeneration for Dover.

"So I don't think we should dump the People's Port. I think we should thank them for saving our port. And we should take forward the kind of change we can make. Otherwise our port will stay the same and end up being sold off anyway in a decade or so."  

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New system gives public a greater say in NHS care (12 Dec 2013)

Fair share of healthcare

Under Government health reforms, doctors and the Clinical Commissioning Group have the final say on what services are provided locally. That's why Charlie is encouraging people to let the health trust know their views by responding to the consultation on outpatients services and attending the public meetings next year.

"We are gettting a fairer share of healthcare for Dover with the new hospital. Now we need to secure a fair share of healthcare for Deal too. Everyone who cares should join me and get involved, not only in saving Deal Hospital, but in getting more and better services there."

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Small really is beautiful - so let's back our lifeblood (05 Dec 2013)

Charlie discusses how he and the Government are helping small businesses.

-Action to reduce small businesses' National Insurance bill.
-Campaigning for small businesses to be paid more promptly.
-Creating a level playing field for local High Street traders by tackling tax avoidance by big multi national internet retailers.
-A new focus on cutting business rates and red tape.

"I will continue to campaign in Parliament to help small businesses, because they are the lifeblood of our community."


Download (jpg, 388kb)

'Referendum to let Dover folk decide their future' (28 Nov 2013)

Charlie makes the case for a community port plan and says that proposals about the port's future should be put to the people of Dover in a referendum.

"If a concrete proposal is put forward it must be put to a referendum so all of us make the decision on our future together - a future we can all be part of."

Download (jpg, 1050kb)

'We need a recovery that everyone can be a part of' (21 Nov 2013)

Focus on the economy

As the economy shows signs of healing, Charlie talks about his determination to see Dover and Deal benefit from the recovery.

"I will keep doing my best to see we benefit from the recovery. It needs to be a recovery for the whole country this time - and that includes us."

Download (jpg, 371kb)

Addressing the 'magnet' issues behind human trade (14 Nov 2013)

Charlie discusses "one of the great evils of our time" - human trafficking.

"Our UKBA officers do an excellent job keeping us all safe and protecting our fellow human beings from exploitation. We must remain ever vigilent."

Download (jpg, 384kb)

There is more work to do on correcting our toxic economy (07 Nov 2013)

Positive signs that the economy is healing, yet much more to do - like reforming the water industry after years of Labour's mismanagement.

"It's a positive sign that we are seeing things improve. It's encouraging that job-creating projects like Hadlow are moving ahead locally...yet I  know how much more there is to do. I will continue to work tirelessly for more jobs, money and fairness for hardworking families."

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Our gas and electric costs must be dealt with properly (31 Oct 2013)

Charlie sets out what he thinks could be done to protect consumers from rising energy bills. 

"Energy policy is and will be a big issue over the long term. For me, the priorities should be cheap, safe, secure energy that has the lowest impact on the environment"

Download (jpg, 409kb)

I want land of opportunity, but one with protections (24 Oct 2013)

In this week's article, Charlie discusses the heartless approach the previous government took towards zero hour contracts and welcomes the action now being taken to address the problem.

"Having listened to what people have said to me in the street and in my surgeries, I feel the balance is wrong. It is not right that a person can have five hours' work one week and 30 the next."

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Why I heeded call to take Government Euro position (17 Oct 2013)

Charlie gives an insight into his new role as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Europe.

"It is to help ensure we get that referendum and because we are so particularly affected by everything to do with the EU in our corner of Kent that I decided to accept this role."


Download (jpg, 360kb)

Water industry must clean up its grubby act (10 Oct 2013)

Charlie discusses his recent study of the water industry which found that water companies are avoiding tax while increasing bills.

"Water is an essential supply and the industry – including Southern Water – needs to operate in a more responsible, low risk, lower billing way."

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Gas drilling risk to water supplies is just too high (03 Oct 2013)

Charlie discusses local planning applications for gas drilling.

"So what will I be doing about it? I have been raising my concerns with ministers for the past few days. I am setting out my concerns to the Environment Agency and the local water company. My priority, if the UK is to go for this gas exploration, is that it should be as safe and environmentally friendly as possible."

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Gradually but surely, town's fortunes are being revived (26 Sep 2013)

Charlie gives an update on the progress being made in Dover, like the new hospital, stopping Labour's port sell off and the redevelopment of Buckland Mill.

"My priorities are about putting our community first. I represent Deal, Dover and the villages. Each is roughly a third of the constituency. I work for all our communities equally, to end the years of failure and turn things around."

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Train service under threat despite proof of its success (19 Sep 2013)

Charlie writes about the huge success of Deal's high-speed rail service and his fight to ensure it is kept and extended.

"High-speed trains for Deal are not just about travelling convenience. They are about strengthening our economy. The service has been a stunning success. This is why I am campaigning for Deal's high-speed train service to continue."

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Borders more secure so time to be robust in other areas (12 Sep 2013)

More secure borders. Charlie welcomes news that the number of officers protecting our borders will be increased.

"With extra staffing there is a real opportunity to boost searches for drugs, guns, contraband and trafficked people. And I will keep campaigning in Parliament to make sure illegal goods and people are found and dealt with appropriately."

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How I came to decision over Syria (05 Sep 2013)

Charlie talks about his decision to support the Government's motion condemning the use of chemical weapons and supporting humanitarian aid in Syria

"Mass murder and war is as serious as it gets in public life. So I gave the matter serious consideration."

Download (jpg, 365kb)

Economy is improving yet much remains to be done (29 Aug 2013)

Charlie discusses positive signs that the local economy is improving.

"There is a real sense that the economy is turning a corner and that things are now starting to improve. This past week I have been chatting to a number of people in Dover and Deal and have felt a renewed sense of confidence about the future."

Download (jpg, 381kb)

Keeping up the pressure on hospital management (22 Aug 2013)

"I will do all I can to ensure we get the fair share of healthcare we need and deserve."

Charlie writes about the progress made in giving Dover and Deal a fair share of healthcare after a decade where local services were decimated.

"My hope is that, by the end of 2014, the new Dover Hospital will be open and caring for people locally. That the future of Deal Hospital will be assured. And that we will be making better progress on care beds in Dover."

Download (jpg, 889kb)

Recess offers opportunity to test opinion on the ground (15 Aug 2013)

With Parliament in recess Charlie will be spending the summer chatting to constituents and listening to their concerns.

"Parliamentary recess isn't a holiday – it's the time when I get the best work done."

Download (jpg, 890kb)

Concern over Deal Hospital deserves to be addressed (08 Aug 2013)

Charlie writes about the importance of Deal Hospital to the local community and sets out his plans to ensure its future is safeguarded. He is conducting a public survey and holding a public meeting with doctors.

"Only if our local health chiefs know how much we care – and the services we want to see – will we be able to secure the future. We need to act together to get the best for Deal and safeguard the hospital."

Download (jpg, 1087kb)

Evidence that the economy's slowly healing (01 Aug 2013)

From rescue to recovery: Charlie discusses evidence showing that the economy is beginning to heal.

"It's a positive sign that we are seeing unemployment fall. It's encouraging that job-creating projects are moving ahead locally, and there is a sense that a lot has been done on the job front."

Download (jpg, 358kb)

Ending this NHS culture of cover-up (25 Jul 2013)

“I am determined we get a fair share of healthcare. My priority is patient care and patient outcomes.”

This week Charlie focuses on healthcare. He talks about the new Dover hospital and a fair share of health services in Deal. He also discusses recent revelations about NHS cover-ups.

“There has been a deep cultural problem of gloss-over, cover-up and denial. I don’t stand by and do nothing when problems arise – like the current mess with the X-ray scanning – so I am glad the current Health Secretary doesn’t either.”

Download (jpg, 310kb)

Reflecting on bond made stronger by 1989 atrocity (18 Jul 2013)

Charlie reflects on the RM Marines Annual Concert on Walmer Green.

"Our community has never forgotten and will never forget the IRA atrocity that claimed the lives of 11 and wounded a further 21 members of the Royal Marines Band, during a service at 8.27am on September 22nd, 1989."

Download (jpg, 372kb)

The best cure for poverty is to get people back to work (11 Jul 2013)

Charlie discusses reforms to the welfare system that will make work pay and help get the economy growing again.

"When money is tight you have to target it where the need is greatest. Welfare reform is a top priority for me, as it's a top priority for people locally."

Download (jpg, 388kb)

Time to tackle our defective water industry (04 Jul 2013)

A fairer deal for consumers. Charlie publishes research showing tax avoidance schemes used by utility companies including Southern Water and argues for lower household bills.

"Tax-avoiding water companies should be ordered to cut their bills. Yet the water industry needs to improve its corporate culture too. It needs to have a greater sense of social responsibility to the taxpayer."

Download (jpg, 626kb)

MPs can make a difference at several levels (27 Jun 2013)

Charlie reflects on how MPs can make a difference, both nationally and in their constituencies.

"It is possible to change things. To make a difference in the constituency. To make a difference nationally on the things that affect us all. Helping to change things for the better is one of the best things about being a Member of Parliament."

Download (jpg, 691kb)

Why I'd like union to help banish cruelty (20 Jun 2013)

Bad for animal welfare and bad for Dover

Following a recent public meeting in Dover on live animal exports, Charlie reiterates his opposition to the trade.

“I do not want live animal exports from Dover. It is bad for animal welfare, bad for our local economy, bad for regeneration and bad for the reputation of our town.”

Download (jpg, 700kb)

Reminder of the terrible cost of trafficking human lives (13 Jun 2013)

Charlie discusses human trafficking after ten people were rescued from an inflatable boat destined for Dover. 

"We should commend the UKBA's excellent work and the excellent work of the RNLI who also do much to keep us all safe. The events this week turned out with no loss of life and the traffickers in custody. It was a narrow escape. We must remain ever vigilant."

Read the Dover Mercury's front page report on the rescue by clicking here.

Download (jpg, 398kb)

Decision is a welcome step forward for new hospital (06 Jun 2013)

Charlie welcomes news that planning permission has been granted for the new Dover Hospital.

"We are getting a fairer share little by little. I continue to work hard on the things we all care about and to make our community's case. I am pleased our community took another step forward this week."

Download (jpg, 357kb)

Get fracking, but only with the strictest of safeguards (30 May 2013)

Charlie writes about his support for fracking and its potential to bring energy bills down, but under the condition that strict environmental and safety conditions are met.

"My priority, if this gas exploration does happen, is that it should be as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. Let's make sure we have consumer justice and benefit our economy with lower bills for all."

Download (jpg, 383kb)

My views on gay marriage are on record (23 May 2013)

Following the recent vote in Parliament on same sex marriage, Charlie sets out his views.

"I have voted as I see it and done what I believe to be right. Now let's get back to the economy, and focus on more jobs and making you richer."

Download (jpg, 371kb)

Farewell to an opponent of note, but port dream goes on (16 May 2013)

The port sell off was stopped before Christmas – an incredible victory for the whole community. Here, Charlie talks about the next step – a community owned port with the port, town and ferry companies working in partnership.

"For me it matters that the people have a say and are involved in the future of the port. The next period is going to be very important for Dover and will have a profound impact on the future of the town and the coming decades."

Download (jpg, 300kb)

Why did Ukip surge founder in Dover and Deal contests (09 May 2013)

Charlie reflects on the recent local elections.

"Well done to the winning and losing candidates on fighting energetic and impassioned campaigns, and good luck to all elected councilors over the next four years."

Download (jpg, 407kb)

We're slowly improving but work remains (02 May 2013)

Charlie talks about the progress being made in Dover and Deal over the last few years, with the high speed train for Deal and a new hospital in Dover.

"We can all see the potential of our corner of Kent. I am working tirelessly to make it happen."

Download (jpg, 357kb)

Armed forces veterans need more support (25 Apr 2013)

Charlie makes the case for giving more support to our veterans.

"We should do more to tilt public service priorities to our veterans – particularly when it comes to accessing housing and health services."

Download (jpg, 358kb)

Time to look back at legacy of Thatcher (18 Apr 2013)

Charlie reflects on Margaret Thatcher's legacy.

"Whether you loved or hated her, there is no doubt that Britain was profoundly transformed under her premiership."

Download (jpg, 307kb)

Paris deserved second chance over tweet row (11 Apr 2013)

Charlie comments on the resignation of Kent's Youth Police Commissioner.

"I believe she should have had a chance to show what she can do. I believe in the power of forgiveness, redemption, the second chance and the way back."

Download (jpg, 351kb)

Opportunity to catch up with events on home turf (04 Apr 2013)

Charlie talks about what will be keeping him busy in Dover and Deal while Parliament is in recess.

"In many ways Parliamentary recess is the best of times - a chance to get away from the Westminster bubble and talk to people about the things that matter in the real world."

Download (jpg, 389kb)

Trivial worries risk killing off hospital plans (28 Mar 2013)

A fair share of health care is a priority for us all.

With the new Dover Hospital at a critical stage, Charlie gives an update.

"We stand on the threshold of getting the new hospital we have waited so long to see. And a fit-for-purpose hospital to boot."

Download (jpg, 352kb)

We should do more to make this immoral trade unviable (21 Mar 2013)

Charlie sets out his opposition to live exports from Dover.

"I do not want live animal exports to resume from Dover. It will be bad for animal welfare, bad for our local economy and bad for regeneration and the reputation of our town."

Download (jpg, 375kb)

Popularity of jobs fair tells us a lot about local economy (14 Mar 2013)

Charlie talks about last week's Jobs Fair at Dover Town Hall.

"Too often people fell politicians talk while they pay. I try to make things happen and get stuff done." 

Jobs Fair hailed as a success - read the full Dover Express article here.

Download (jpg, 359kb)

We need a bill of rights - and responsibilities (07 Mar 2013)

Charlie discusses his British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities which was debated in The House of Commons this week.

"To better protect our ancient customs, liberties and freedoms the British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities would replace the Human Rights Act. It would be a new settlement to restore trust and confidence in human rights. We would be able to protect the freedoms we cherish, safeguard our borders and deal effectively with criminals and terrorists." 


Download (jpg, 381kb)

A better future for economy in our district (28 Feb 2013)

More jobs and money is a priority for us all.

Here Charlie discusses a number of good news stories in Dover and Deal helping to get the local economy moving forward.

"We are united at all levels of Government in working to transform things. With this kind of unity the chances of turning things around and giving our children and grandchildren a stronger economic future are greatly strengthened." 

Download (jpg, 367kb)

Buying British is about more than patriotism (21 Feb 2013)

In the wake of the horsemeat scandal, Charlie talks about a range of issues including the benefits of buying British produce and his concerns about live animal exports.


Download (jpg, 382kb)

Progress made despite harsh jobs climate (14 Feb 2013)

More jobs and money locally. Charlie discusses ideas to create more local jobs and kick-start regeneration.

"I am doing all I can to ensure that Dover and Deal benefit fully from the recovery, and to see that we get our fair share and enjoy more prosperity and success locally."

Download (jpg, 379kb)

An excellent chance to get port shipshape (07 Feb 2013)

A golden opportunity for positive change

Charlie examines why a non governmental community trust would be best placed to take the Port of Dover forward.

"We can all see the potential. We need to see it happen. That won't be easy. If it was easy, it woud have happened half a century ago."

Read about Shipping Minister Stephen Hammond's recent Dover visit here

Download (jpg, 347kb)

Fewer crimes despite police funding cuts (31 Jan 2013)

"It's good news that reported crime has been falling locally. That illegal entries into the UK at Dover have fallen so much, and that the police have been working hard on response times."

Charlie takes a look at local crime, policing and security issues.

Download (jpg, 386kb)

The long, hard road back from financial crisis (24 Jan 2013)

Charlie writes about the tough decisions that need to be made to recover from the financial crisis, and explains what he is doing to help the local economy.

"Times are tough, yet progress is being made nationally to get the economy to heal, while locally I am doing all I can to ensure we get a fairer share of jobs and money."

Download (jpg, 382kb)

Searching for a path through private woods (17 Jan 2013)

"The idea is to see the owner and those who care about the woods come together. To see if common ground and a postive way forward can be found."

Charlie discusses the future of Coldblow Woods.

Download (jpg, 326kb)

What next for plans to make the port prosper? (10 Jan 2013)

With the port sell off stopped, Charlie focuses on a new partnership between the port, the ferry companies and the community.

"A port ownership structure that brings together the community, port users, business and various levels of Government is the best way to deliver the kind of vision I am setting out."

Download (jpg, 0kb)

We should aim to build on last year's success (03 Jan 2013)

Charlie reflects on the past year's numerous successes for Dover and Deal, and his plans to build upon them to continue to improve our community.

"2012 was a good year for us. 2013 is all about moving the victories of 2012 forward and ensuring our community continues to move forward."

Download (jpg, 352kb)

Fight for port must continue with resolve (27 Dec 2012)

Making the People's Port happen...Charlie points the way to a new partnership between the ferry companies, the port and the community.

"I hope that recent events will give people more confidence in the change we can make when we work together."

Download (jpg, 361kb)

No more time consuming and expensive trips (20 Dec 2012)

A new hospital and the port sell off axed - dare we hope for such excellent festive news?

Charlie makes the case for care beds at the new Dover Hospital and discusses the pending decision from the Government about the port sell off.

"It's been a really interesting and busy year. I have been doing my best to get the things for our community we all care about - like the port for the people and the hospital."

Download (jpg, 353kb)

The hard work is beginning to reap rewards (13 Dec 2012)

Making Dover a more vibrant and exciting place. And fighting to get our fair share of services!

A new hospital. A decision on the port looming. News of a £1 million Lottery grant. Charlie gives an update on key developments in Dover.

Download (jpg, 360kb)

Tax rates must be competitive and a lot fairer (06 Dec 2012)

Tax expert Charlie discusses his campaign for fair taxes.

"I want to see fair taxes. It's not right that a multinational  business with revenues of billions pay less tax than someone who works locally in social care."

Download (jpg, 357kb)

Hospital plans concern over Deal services (29 Nov 2012)

Better and more accessible healthcare for Dover and Deal. Charlie gives an update on his campaign to get our community a fair share of healthcare.

Download (jpg, 380kb)

A challenge to draw a line of speech freedom (22 Nov 2012)

Charlie discusses the issue of free speech. 

Where do we draw the line between freedom of speech and causing so much offence that a crime is committed? At what point should the law intervene?

Download (jpg, 380kb)

Big firms' tax dodge means we all suffer (15 Nov 2012)

Creating a level playing field so big multinational firms like Google, Amazon and Starbucks pay their fair share of UK tax is the focus of Charlie's article in this week's Dover Express.

"Things have got totally out of control in the last decade or so. Between 1997 and 2010 income tax revenues rose by 81 per cent, while non-oil corporation tax revenues rose by just 6 per cent." 

Download (jpg, 362kb)

It's vital youths are still taught skills to succeed (08 Nov 2012)

The best cure for deprivation is a job. Charlie discusses the importance of skills education for young people in East Kent.

"The key thing is to ensure that skills education locally is sustainable and put on a secure footing and that students come first."

Download (jpg, 346kb)

Health services will get better at new hospital (01 Nov 2012)

Charlie talks about Dover's new hosptial, after 15 years of seeing Buckland Hospital become run down.

Charlie has also been making the case for outpatient services to be retained at Deal Hosptial, especially for those who find it hard to travel.

"Getting a new hospital was a key pledge and priority for me at the election and, together with campaigners in our community, including Reg Hansell, Pauline Majors, Lorraine Sencicle and the many hundreds who came to meetings and marched in the streets, we have managed to pile on the pressure and get the result."

Download (jpg, 341kb)

Plans boding well for future of Dover Port (25 Oct 2012)

A new hospital for Dover and a decision on the port: Charlie gives an update on key developments.

"I am hoping that ministers will reject the sell-off. If they do we will need to navigate things carefully to get the People's Port. With the People's Port we would be able to get the port, community and ferry companies to work together better."

Download (jpg, 354kb)

New hospital will be a vital resource for us (18 Oct 2012)

More local and accessible healthcare. Charlie gives an update on the new Dover Hospital and his campaign for GPs to take over services at Deal Hospital. 

Download (jpg, 377kb)

We need ideas, not the blame game as usual (11 Oct 2012)

A war on unemployment and under-investment: Charlie discusses ideas to get the economy moving.

"In difficult times it is easy for politicians to throw rocks at each other. To carp and to blame without any positive ideas or solutions of their own. For me the important thing is to set out the ideas that are needed to secure a stronger future for Dover and Deal."

Download (jpg, 376kb)

Ideas for getting our high streets back in business (04 Oct 2012)

Charlie has become a Portas Partner to help secure funding for Dover and Deal's high streets. Here Charlie looks at what can be done to improve the trading environment for local shops.

"I am organising a meeting with traders in Deal's high street. The aim is to see what can be done that would improve the trading environment. By listening to the traders we can improve what is on offer. I hope to have a similar meeting in Dover."

Download (jpg, 362kb)

Free up sites for new homes and spare our fields (27 Sep 2012)

Housing and planning come under the microscope this week. Charlie discusses getting the most out of brownfield sites to keep our green fields safe from the bulldozers.

"We should then look at sites on the edge of towns and villages ahead of big green field developments. So in my book, Farthingloe makes a lot more sense than Whitfield and Sholden which, as everyone knows, I oppose the development of."

Download (jpg, 378kb)

New benefits plan to reward hard workers (20 Sep 2012)

Making work pay: Charlie discusses why he supports Universal Credit.

"We need to send a clear message that everyone has a role to play in boosting our economy. We need everyone to contribute and we don't want to go back to the bad old days when Brits lay on the sofa while businesses brought in people from abroad to do the work."

Download (jpg, 357kb)

Why future of port means so much to town (13 Sep 2012)

Charlie reminds readers about the importance of stopping the port sell off plans and keeping Dover port forever England.

"We know that the Dover People's Port Trust is serious, and has raised the £200million needed to hold the port in trust for the nation forever."

Download (jpg, 411kb)

You have to be patient, too patient! (06 Sep 2012)

Charlie discusses measures to help speed up the machinery of Government.

"Dump European Human Rights and most Eurolaws and we could have a governmental system that is able to keep pace with a fast changing world."

Download (jpg, 351kb)

Projects are key to reviving our local economy (30 Aug 2012)

Charlie discusses important projects to help bring jobs and money to our area, like a new hospital for Dover, Hadlow College, and a new car park for Dover Priory Station. 

Charlie writes: "We need to get the economy going and create local jobs and money right now. So I am focused on what we can get to happen as soon as possible."

Download (jpg, 376kb)

Survey shows what people's priorities are (23 Aug 2012)

Charlie reflects on the responses he has received to his constituency wide survey. So far he has had 3000 replies and counting, with constituents' top priorities being the economy, healthcare and immigration.

He writes: "Conducting a survey has been very useful to understand the concerns people have. It helps me do the best job I can."

Download (jpg, 385kb)

Technology can't be a substitute for boots on the ground (16 Aug 2012)

Charlie discusses proposals to use unmaned drones to police the channel for illegal immigrants, believing that they may be too expensive and no substitute for supporting UKBA officers.

He writes: "We need to have more people at Dover checking lorries for smuggled goods and trafficked people."

Download (jpg, 375kb)

The pursuit of excellence will make us great (09 Aug 2012)

Charlie reflects on London 2012: "The spectacular sends a clear message to everyone who says we are done as a nation. Clearly we are not. We have a future. Indeed I feel the best is yet to come for Britain."

Download (jpg, 355kb)

Hospital news is better than I dared hope (02 Aug 2012)

Healthcare that is more local and more accesible.

Charlie gives an update on the new Dover Hospital - and the good news is that work could start by the end of this year.

Download (jpg, 335kb)

Torch pageant was a triumph for our district (26 Jul 2012)

Putting Dover back on the map!

Charlie celebrates the wonderful Olympic Torch events in Dover and Deal last week.

"This was a great success for us all and our community received the benefit of a day to remember. If we work together and believe we can make things happen - we are making things happen."

Download (jpg, 373kb)

Get writing to stop our port being sold off (19 Jul 2012)

Now is your chance to help keep our port forever England.

"The plan is not to just stop the sell-off. It is nothing less than a plan to see through the transformation of Dover and make it our pride and joy and the jewel in the crown of the nation it used to be."

Information on how to make a submission can be found on the People's Port website here.

Download (jpg, 385kb)

Deal has good future as well as great past (12 Jul 2012)

Charlie discusses how more jobs, money and growth can be brought to Deal and, on a separate note, highlights his campaign in Parliament for big foreign companies like Google and Amazon to cough up their fair share of tax in the UK.

"If you are sick of super rich tax avoiders, want to see people pay up a fair share of tax and cut taxes for the least well off...well, that's what I'm about."

Download (jpg, 363kb)

Rates scandal a symptom of rotten culture (05 Jul 2012)

Charlie analyses the fallout from the interest-rate rigging scandal.

"The problem with the banks is symptomatic of the something-for-nothing culture. A culture in which people knew the price of everyhting and the value of nothing."

Download (jpg, 382kb)

Our fate must be decided by British Courts (28 Jun 2012)

"In order to be able to table a bill and get it debated you have to prepared to camp out over night in the public bill office. Last week I did that. This week I was able to put forward a number of bills."

Charlie has tabled a series of bills to be debated by The House of Commons, including a bill to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights, a bill to make it harder to sell off a trust port like Dover, and a bill in support of his campaign for children to know both their parents.    

Download (jpg, 379kb)

We deserve a hospital that is fit for purpose (21 Jun 2012)

Moving Dover forward - an update on Charlie's campaigns for a new hospital for Dover and the People's Port.

"I cannot promise success - you know what a terrible hand I have had to play. Yet I will keep doing my best and I have a sense that the best may yet be to come for us all."



Download (jpg, 375kb)

Court ruling is a big danger to ferry operators (14 Jun 2012)

With the future of SeaFrance in the spotlight this week, Charlie discusses the competiveness of cross-channel travel.

"So my concern is that many local jobs could be put under threat. For sure, that may not be today, but as your Member of Parliament I have to think about the security of our economy over the longer term."

Download (jpg, 415kb)

Occasion for us all to reflect on past and future (07 Jun 2012)

Charlie reflects on an amazing few days of Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

"[The Dover Tattoo] was a celebration of how great our community is, and just how great a show we can put on."

Download (, 0kb)

Time for us to talk about the future of Deal (31 May 2012)

Boosting tourism, jobs and money in Deal.

Charlie is joining a panel to disucss the future of Deal. Here he takes a look at some of the options up for discussion.

Download (jpg, 369kb)

Running start on issues close to my heart (27 May 2012)

"Normally you get to walk before you can run. Not in this job."

Charlie gives an insight into the many issues in his inbox as Dover and Deal's new MP.

Download (jpg, 369kb)

Port is England and should be ours for always (24 May 2012)

Charlie sets out his opposition to a port sell off as a Government decision on the Harbour Board's proposals nears.

"Nestled at the foot of the White Cliffs, it is very much the English border. It should remain forever England."

Download (jpg, 349kb)

How can we all keep the cost of energy down? (17 May 2012)

East Kent is at the heart of the energy debate. In this week's article, Charlie discusses our long-term energy policy.

"While pay rises are hard to come by, our bills continue to rise and the cost of filling up is very high. So how can we keep our energy and fuel bills down?"

Download (jpg, 0kb)

Lessons to be learned from election result (10 May 2012)

Charlie reflects on the recent local results and reiterates that the Government's key priority should be to foster investment, confidence and growth through its economic policies.   

"So, what do I think? As President Clinton once said, it's the economy, stupid."

Download (jpg, 389kb)

Maternity unit blow to have silver lining? (03 May 2012)

Charlie gives an update on the progress of the new hospital proposed for Dover.

"Dover has waited a very, very long time for a new hospital. I am determined we see it through this time and make it happen."

Download (jpg, 0kb)

Speeding up our communication link is essential (26 Apr 2012)

This week Charlie writes about the priorities for the town fo Deal and his vision to make it a high speed town.

"High-speed trains, high-speed internet, area based wi-fi and more opportunities together offer to give Deal a stronger future as a high-speed town. That is a future I am working to help make a reality."

Download (jpg, 395kb)

Company tax rates of one percent are wrong (19 Apr 2012)

Charlie discusses tax-avoidance by big international businesses operating in the UK.

"In the decade to 2008, the income tax you pay doubled. Yet business receipts only rose by a third. If they had kept pace with income tax the extra money brought in would amount to getting on for £20 billion a year."

Download (jpg, 402kb)

Harbour needs certainty and future planning (12 Apr 2012)

In the light of the news that Dover Harbour Board is delaying matters regarding the port, Charlie reiterates the benefits that the People's Port bid can bring to the community.

“Dover’s future prospects have been held up by the Harbour Board’s sell off quest for too long”, said Charlie.

Download (jpg, 364kb)

We need help to get a fair share of cash (05 Apr 2012)

Charlie would like to help set up a group of people who can give expert funding assistance to our voluntary groups. He would like to hear from anyone with relevant experience interested in helping our excellent voluntary groups reach their potential.

"The problem is not one of the quality of or voluntary groups...we seem to be long on enthusiasm and a little short on the helping hand", explains Charlie.

Download (jpg, 355kb)

Who is set to benefit from the Budget? (29 Mar 2012)

Charlie reviews the Chancellor's "radical and reforming" Budget and looks at how people in Dover and Deal will benefit.

George Osborne's Budget rewards work, boosts business and helps those who aspire to do better for themselves and their families.

Download (jpg, 0kb)

Great occasions in a remarkable year for the UK (22 Mar 2012)

Charlie assesses how family life has changed since the Queen took to the throne, and looks ahead to the exciting events of 2012. 

"So 2012 will be a great year for our country. We celebrate the Queen's long reign. A reign that has seen much peace, prosperity, stability and change in our nation." 

Download (jpg, 400kb)

Pots of cash that could help get things moving (15 Mar 2012)

Talking about efforts to boost local jobs, money and growth, Charlie focuses on some funding initiatives open to Dover and Deal and asks local people for their views on how potential investment could be used.

"How we can boost jobs and money, achieve more regeneration and improve transport links really matter. For me it is a real focus as we need a fairer share locally."

Download (jpg, 387kb)

People power must prevail in running of port (08 Mar 2012)

"After all it can't really be the People's Port if it doesn't have...well, people."

Charlie talks about the two competing visions of the future of Dover Port and looks at why only a community owned port can deliver the bright future of regenration and prosperity the people of Dover want.


Download (jpg, 382kb)

We all need to work together to help Dover (01 Mar 2012)

Following the launch of the Dover Military Tattoo earlier this week, Charlie points to the need for a joined-up tourism strategy for our part of east Kent.

"Everyone knows where Dover is. Everyone knows our history of defiance that is tied up in our community and White Cliffs. Yet many have a poor impression because the seafront at Dover is so appalling."  


Download (jpg, 359kb)

We must work to keep our borders secure (23 Feb 2012)

Following publication of the Vine Report into border security, Charlie praises the excellent work of UKBA staff and highlights some the challenges they face in their efforts to keep our borders safe, particularly at busy times like last weekend.

"At a time when the issue of border security is raised on about half the doorsteps in Dover and Deal, the report highlights failings that are of the gravest public concern."

Download (jpg, 380kb)

Welfare reform is required for a fairer system (16 Feb 2012)

In his article this week, Charlie discusses why the Government's deficit reduction and welfare reform plans are so vital to our national and local interests.

"It is wrong that people on benefits are better off on benefits than in work. A cap equivalent to earnings of £35,000 a year seems sensible to me..."

Download (jpg, 399kb)

Hidden wrongs in European human rights (09 Feb 2012)

Charlie gives his view on European Human Rights legislation.

"The news that Abu Qatada should be freed on the orders of European Human Rights judges drives any sensible person round the bend."

Download (jpg, 333kb)

Working for a better system of social housing (02 Feb 2012)

Charlie gives his view on the state of our social housing system and discusses what more could be done locally to get the waiting list down and more people into housing.

"The last decade amounts to 10 years of failure when it comes to looking after the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities. There are no two ways about it - it's a disgusting record."

Download (jpg, 370kb)

My job is to keep an eye on Government (26 Jan 2012)

As a member of the Public Administration Select Committee in Parliament, Charlie sees at firsthand how the Government operates and how public money is spent. Charlie explains why the way Government works matters to everyone.

"This helps me in my casework and constituency campaigns. And, I hope, helps to ensure that Government is a bit better and more effective in serving us all."

Download (jpg, 357kb)

The nuisance that blights communities (19 Jan 2012)

Charlie talks about some of the cases from his inbox and surgeries that he has helped local residents with recently.

"Quite often the problems are sorted out and it's with a real sense of satisfaction that the lives of people of thus improved."

Download (jpg, 340kb)

Recovery from firm's sinking will take time (12 Jan 2012)

Charlie comments on the news that SeaFrance is to be liquidated.

"We want to see a future for all the excellent SeaFrance workers who are based in the UK. This is the case I am making to DFDS."


Download (jpg, 395kb)

Border control is a profitable service for all (05 Jan 2012)

On the day of his visit to Dover Border Controls with Immigration Minister Damian Green MP, Charlie makes the case for why reducing smuggling at our borders is in all of our best interests.

"Looking through the sheets of how much smuggling had been stopped and tax revenue protected, I could see there was a case to make the controls pay for themselves and should be seen as a profit centre.

Download (jpg, 387kb)

Look ahead to progress and fairness (29 Dec 2011)

In his final article of the year Charlie takes a positive look ahead to 2012.

"Our community is a great community. We need to make the most of our national fame and our brand.

"In Parliament I  bang the drum shamelessly for our needs." 

Download (jpg, 403kb)

The year has seen people unite in town (22 Dec 2011)

Charlie reflects on some of the big local issues of 2011, including the campaign for a new Dover hospital, the new enterprise zone, and the continuing efforts to bring the port into community ownership.

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Protecting the child's right to both parents (15 Dec 2011)

Charlie recently secured a debate in Parliament regarding a child's right to both parents following a separation.

In this week's article, Charlie discusses the significance of this issue and why he is pressing for a change in the law.

"Too often parents sink their children's rights in a sea of acrimony when they split up. That is flat wrong."

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Grilled about the future by Dover's clever youngsters (08 Dec 2011)

"The key is to work harder to regenerate our area and get more businesses to move in and create jobs. That's the best way to do justice by the children of Vale View and our community as a whole."

Reflecting on his recent visit to Vale View Primary School in Dover, Charlie highlights the importance of building a better future for our area by attracting more investment, jobs and infrastructure.

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Public sector has to share nation's pain (01 Dec 2011)

Charlie discusses the need to rebalance the public sector pensions scheme to help get the country's deficit under control.

"Controlling pensions is important for the national finances. Yet it is also important in terms of fairness", says Charlie.

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We want to make Britain strong again (24 Nov 2011)

Ahead of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, Charlie discusses ideas to help encourage growth and to bring more jobs and money into our economy.

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Anyone seems to be able to wander into our country (17 Nov 2011)

Charlie outlines the need for more secure borders at Calais and Dover to help keep our nation safe.  

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Eurozone folly holds rest of us to ransom (10 Nov 2011)

Charlie gives an update on his work in Parliament and the recent eurozone crisis, reminding us that turning our backs on the crisis at this stage could costs us crucial jobs and money in the future. "If we turn our backs and walk away, however fast we walk the economic maelstrom will catch us up. We would be sucked into the economic vortex", he says.

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Looking back, and foward to the future (03 Nov 2011)

More jobs, money and growth. Charlie comments on the £40m regional growth fund investment announced this week for East Kent.

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Head has to rule the heart over Euro row (27 Oct 2011)

Charlie comments on the recent vote in the House of Commons on Europe and explains why he agrees with local people who would like to see our relationship with Europe recast.

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I put Dover's interests first in port debate (20 Oct 2011)

Charlie talks in depth about pressing Dover's case in Parliament. Putting his constituency's interests first, Charlie recently broke ranks with Government ministers by gaining the the support of Labour MPs for an amendment to change the law regarding the future of the port.

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Future of the port is a key issue for the community (13 Oct 2011)

Charlie writes about why the port is so important to the local community and the future regeneration of Dover. Charlie also talks about amendments to the law he tabled in Parliament this week which could see the sale process for the port taken away from the Harbour Board.

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Showing how UKBA officers do a great job (06 Oct 2011)

Following his recent visit to see the work of UK Border Agency staff at the docks in Dover, Charlie talks about the great work they do and the debt we owe them for keeping our borders secure.

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I'm focused on resolving this sensibly (29 Sep 2011)

Charlie writes on how he has been using the Parliamentary recess as a time to talk to more local people and as a reminder of the real problems facing his constituents.

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Pastors' aim to listen, care and help is inspiring (22 Sep 2011)

Charlie writes about the new Street Pastor scheme, which brings together church members and leaders to help people on nights out in Dover. They will listen to revellers and make sure they get home safely. Charlie believes that their mission to "listen, care and help" is one which we all should remember.

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Boundary shift will not change my priorities (15 Sep 2011)

Charlie stresses that despite a potential increased Conservative majority in Dover following the boundary change recommendations, he will still champion the interests of his constitutents, such as delivering a new hospital for Dover.

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Fast rail service will strengthen local economy (08 Sep 2011)

Charlie praises the Trains4Deal's campaign to get high speed rail in Deal, and the help from South Eastern and Kent County Council. The high speed link will allow people to commute to well paid jobs in London, from Deal, with ease.

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It's difficult to maintain trust in health trust (01 Sep 2011)

Charlie expresses his concerns over the job the health trust is doing in our community. These concerns have arisen from the reduction of nursing cover and the decision of the health trust to postpone building of the new hospital to 2013.

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Long battle to help economy facing change (25 Aug 2011)

Charlie writes about the need for the Government to encourage new investment in the area, which is being done with the extension of the high-speed line and the enterprise zone at the Pfizer site.

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We must have a debate on Deal's future (18 Aug 2011)

Charlie writes about the need for a plan regarding future of Deal and Walmer, and his plan to carry out a survey to help prompt debate and develop a community-wide consensus.

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Persisting with efforts despite slow progress (11 Aug 2011)

Charlie writes about the great potential for growth in the area with much to attract tourists and investment such as the area's history, stunning scenery and the port.

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Looking back on progress in several areas (04 Aug 2011)

Charlie writes about progress made over the last year with the concerns of his constituents, the port and the new hospital. 

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End-of-term report on first year as MP (27 Jul 2011)

Charlie reflects on his first year as MP and on issues such as the future of the port, a new hospital for Dover, and high speed rail services from Deal.

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Smuggling is a better reason to protect jobs (21 Jul 2011)

Cuts to the UKBA will see a rise in smuggling and ultimately lead to further economic loss for the Government. Charlie fights to save Dover's UKBA jobs.

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NHS delays not acceptable (14 Jul 2011)

Charlie fights against delays in getting our fair share of healthcare.

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Bosses dodge responsibility (07 Jul 2011)

We need businesses to do their bit to help the UK uemployed urges Charlie.

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Concentrating on issues that matter most (30 Jun 2011)

Parliament is the best place to try to get real change writes Charlie.

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Charity begins at home (23 Jun 2011)

Charlie argues that with the current economic hardship we need to be focussed on concentrating our resources on helping our families and our communities.

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Pupils' concern for our community (16 Jun 2011)

As young children display their passion for changing and improving our community Charlie writes that we should be proud of them and follow their lead.

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Maintaining the pressure to keep borders secure (09 Jun 2011)

Following the recent visit by the Home Secretary to our border controls, Charlie emphasises the need to maintain security.

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Our chance to take control of Dover's future (02 Jun 2011)

Charlie sees through the desperate last-ditch measure by the Harbour Board.

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Torch to visit Dover (26 May 2011)

It is all down to our young children that the Oympic Torch will be coming to Dover writes Charlie.

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Top priorities (12 May 2011)

Charlie sets out the major issues affecting our community in his annual review.

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Progress made on getting us a fairer share (05 May 2011)

Reflecting on a year as your MP Charlie outlines progress made so far.

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Pride in history - and our young people (28 Apr 2011)

Charlie looks forward to the royal wedding as a reminder of the promise of our young people.

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Guidlines on sentences need to be made fair (21 Apr 2011)

Charlie presses for guidlines on sentencing to be changed in light of the case of Julia Saker.

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AV is a recipe for compromise (14 Apr 2011)

Charlie explains why he will be voting 'no' in May.

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Children have right to know both parents (07 Apr 2011)

Charlie presents a Bill to Parliament calling for a change to family law.

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The Budget (24 Mar 2011)

The latest budget must help small business states Charlie.

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Future of the port is the future of the community (17 Mar 2011)

Charlie prepares for polling day for Dover's referendum on the future of the port.

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Time now for voters to nail apathy myth (10 Mar 2011)

A packed public meeting helps Charlie to prove apathy does not reign supreme in Dover.

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The Big Society benefits all (03 Mar 2011)

A popular debate proposed by Charlie on the Big Society heard in the House of Commons.

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You vote on the People's Port (24 Feb 2011)

Charlie explains how you can have your say on the port of Dover by calling for a local referendum.

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Taking charge of our port's future (17 Feb 2011)

The People's Port community trust bid matters so much to us all writes Charlie.

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Rebuilding Kent Business (10 Feb 2011)

The Pfizer announcement comes as a shock, but that doesn't mean we have to accept defeat writes Charlie.

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Government to bestow new city status (03 Feb 2011)

Charlie makes the case for Dover's right to be granted city status.

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Working towards a prosperous local economy (20 Jan 2011)

The great work of Pitman Training in Dover in developing people's skills is just one example of how to help our local economy. As Charlie writes Dover and Deal can be as prosperous as West Kent.

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A year of change (13 Jan 2011)

Charlie looks ahead to the changes that this year will bring, both locally and nationally.

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Tough choices but we're not that badly off (16 Dec 2010)

Charlie writes about the effect of the nation's broken finances.

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A hospital for Dover (09 Dec 2010)

A hospital for Dover could be here soon. Excited by the news Charlie outlines the progress made so far.

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National cause for celebration (25 Nov 2010)

Charlie expresses his delight at the news that Prince William is to marry Kate. He argues against an austere wedding, and hopes for all the pomp and circumstance to cheer us up and to remind the world why Britain is Great.

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A royal engagement (25 Nov 2010)

A national celebration like a royal wedding is the tonic needed to raise the nation's spirits writes Charlie.

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Improving Asian trade (18 Nov 2010)

To improve our economy we need stronger relations with the East, writes Charlie.

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The strength of our community (11 Nov 2010)

With so much going on Charlie reflects on the community teams that are pushing for success in local campaigns.

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People's Port (04 Nov 2010)

Charlie reflects on the launch of the People's Port bid.

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People's Port bid launched. (28 Oct 2010)

Dame Vera Lynn to launch the People's Port bid which, Charlie writes, could help guarantee Dover's future.

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Five months in Parliament (21 Oct 2010)

Charlie reflects on his first five months as Dover and Deal's Member of Parliament.

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Government Spending Review (14 Oct 2010)

Charlie discusses the tough choices ahead with the spending review.

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Looking ahead to a brighter future for us all (07 Oct 2010)

Charlie focuses on the local issues he will be raising at this year's Conservative Party Conference.

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Confidence is the key (30 Sep 2010)

Charlie writes that confidence and self belief are the things that will turn Dover back into a Jewel in the Crown of the nation.

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Visit of Pope gave us all food for thought (23 Sep 2010)

The visit of Benedict XVI brought into focus some of the key moral and scientific challenges of our time, challenges for those both with a faith and for those with none.

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We have to be masters of our own destiny (16 Sep 2010)

In which direction should the UK be headed; toward the USA or the EU?  Charlie writes that the UK should carve out its own place in the world.

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I enjoy recess - its when I get real work done (09 Sep 2010)

There's no rest for the wicked as Charlie writes about the work he's continuing to undertake for Dover and Deal during the Parliamentary recess.

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Impressed by community group's efforts (02 Sep 2010)

Charlie writes how grateful he is to the whole community pulling together to help him create the "People's Port" of Dover

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Proof that the idea of the "people's port" could float (26 Aug 2010)

The feedback on the "people's port" has been positive, writes Charlie, but the battle is not won yet

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Port's sell off benefits only management (19 Aug 2010)

Proposals for the Port of Dover should benefit the whole community, writes Charlie

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Even in recess, an MP's work is never done (12 Aug 2010)

Charlie outlines his priorities and activity now that Parliament has risen for the Summer

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Looking back on this session of Parliament (05 Aug 2010)

Charlie reflects on his first few months representing Dover and Deal at Westminster

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Bosses must set an example to front-line staff (29 Jul 2010)

Charlie praises the work of the UK Borders Agency and says that public sector cuts should be shared by the top brass too.

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Plan will boost vibrancy in our community (22 Jul 2010)

The "people's port" plan will benefit the whole community, writes Charlie

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Out and about at schools and summer fetes (15 Jul 2010)

Charlie and the rest of the Elphicke family go out and about at community events

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Major Shaw's release a high point (08 Jul 2010)

Charlie says the release of Major Bill Shaw is a high point in difficult times.

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Least well-off will be protected by Emergency budget (01 Jul 2010)

The Emergency budget; fair and responsible

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Port should be run by us (24 Jun 2010)

As Charlie's campaign for a People's Port gathers momentum, here he outlines how placing the port in community hands would lead more jobs, money and regeneration for Dover and safegaurd the port for England forever.

"Our community needs to see real benefit from the world class economic and transport facility that is on our doorstep. Dover needs to see real regeneration."

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Grave concerns over the safety of our borders (17 Jun 2010)

Charlie discusses the issue of border security and the issues affecting UKBA officers that he has raised with the Immigration Minister.

"What worries me is that UKBA officers tell me that the French won't check lorry cabs. An AK47 was picked up in a lorry cab the other month."

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Maiden speech in Parliament: (10 Jun 2010)

In his Maiden Speech, Charlie celebrates the achievements of his community and outlines what he wants to do improve the lot of his new constituents in Dover and Deal

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MPs' duty to uphold liberty of individuals (03 Jun 2010)

Charlie reflects on the 70th anniversary of the Dunkirk rescue and looks at the issue of personal liberty.

"The first call of any Member of Parliament is to the liberty of the person. The protection of this liberty is a special responsibility for the Dover Parliamentarian." 

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It's my first day at school - and already I have work to do (13 May 2010)

"The campaign is over, the last balloon burst, the posters taken down. Now the real work begins."

Charlie reports on his first week as Member of Parliament for Dover and Deal.

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