27 MAY 2016

Junior doctor settlement

Following ten days of intensive talks to seek to resolve the long running junior doctors' dispute, an independent employment council, ACAS, has presented an agreement to the Government, NHS employers and to the BMA.

This has now been agreed by all parties to resolve the current dispute. The next step is to secure the support of BMA junior doctor members by presenting a ballot.

Saturday and Sunday pay rates will be reformed. Unsocial hours payments will be made on a sliding scale. This will rise as doctors work more weekends. This will increase to a maximum of 10% on top of basic pay for those working every other weekend. Doctors are required to work 1 weekend day a month. The more weekend work doctors do, the more they will be paid. This fundamental shift in the way doctors are paid for weekend work will mean it is a third less expensive for hospitals to roster doctors over the weekend, while still enabling high standards of care, achieved at affordable rates.

Dr Johann Malawana, the BMA junior doctor committee chair, said:

"I believe that what has been agreed today delivers on these principles, is a good deal for junior doctors and will ensure that they can continue to deliver high-quality care for patients. This represents the best and final way of resolving the dispute and this is what I will be saying to junior doctors in the weeks leading up to the referendum on the new contract."

This agreement delivers important changes to the junior doctors' contract necessary to deliver a safer seven day NHS. To see a copy of the ACAS statement that has been agreed between all parties, visit this website:


This is a historic agreement between the Government, NHS Employers and the BMA that will make our NHS better for both doctors and patients. The new contract meets the Government's commitments for delivering a seven-day NHS, and remains within the existing pay envelope.

This is a win for doctors, patients and the NHS.


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