31 JUL 2018

Couple wakes to bus passengers staring into living room

A Deal couple were startled one morning to see a bus shelter being built right outside their house – pointing directly into their living room.  Shocked Josey Grimshaw and John Mills could not believe what they were seeing – as the shelter had not featured on any plans submitted by housing developer Persimmon.

The couple were upset because they had moved from a busy area of London in the hope of quieter surroundings in Deal. Ms Grimshaw contacted me asking for help. We spent three months chasing Persimmon for answers.

Finally in July workers arrived to tear the bus shelter down. Persimmon told me they would replace it with a single bus stop sign. I don't think anyone would be happy to wake up and find a bus shelter being built right outside their house with no warning. Let alone trying to relax and watch TV with people staring through your living room window.

I'm glad that after months of pressure Persimmon finally took action. At last Josey and John can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet!


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