11 JUL 2018

Dover school has no vacancies for first time

Dover Christ Church Academy will begin the new school year with a full roster of teachers – the first time there have been no vacancies since it converted from Archer's Court. Over the past year the academy has recruited and trained 13 teachers, ensuring they have talented teachers in every classroom.

They have also hired a number of experienced staff with years of expertise to help mentor the younger recruits. Four of the trainees are from the Government's Teach First scheme, while five are training through School Direct. The teacher training is supported by the academy's sponsor, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Principal Jamie Maclean invited me to visit the school last week and see students in action. I popped into maths, history and film studies lessons, as well as meeting pupils and staff in the Aspen unit. I also met head of science Kelly Corroyer, who was teaching pupils about electricity currents.

CIt was great to visit Dover Christ Church Academy and see how the school is progressing. I was particular impressed by Ms Corroyer's excellent science class. You could tell how keen the pupils were to learn and how much they were enjoying the lesson. It's clear that Mr Maclean has put in a huge amount of work in his first year and ensured the academy will have a full roster of teachers from September.

This school has come a long way since the days of Archer's Court. It's a true Dover success story.


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