06 APR 2018

Dover's new marina is taking shape

Construction of Dover's new marina is well underway – as I saw on a boat tour of the Western Docks. Dover Harbour Board chairman Richard Everitt and his team showed me around the multi-million pound development.

I saw up close the great steel pylons which will form the structure of the new marina curve. Concrete slabs are being laid on top before commercial units are constructed. Mr Everitt confirmed the harbour board is planning for bars and food outlets on the marina, which will be accessible from the seafront.

It was great to see up close the incredible work that's been going on at the Western Docks. Amazing progress has been made so far – and Richard Everitt and his team deserve great credit. Boosting the cargo business will help the port grow – and opens up the potential for more ferry crossings at the Eastern Docks.

Yet the most exciting prospect of all is the new marina curve. Once built, with commercial units, bars and cafes, it is sure to attract visitors from all over. I can't wait to sit down with a beer at sunset, watching the ferries come and go.


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