30 AUG 2018

Fighting to save Satheesh

I have asked the Home Secretary to make an urgent intervention in the case of local physio Satheesh Sankara Gounder.

Satheesh is the only physiotherapist in the Dover area and has invested tens of thousands of pounds in a practice in the town.

The last of his savings went on a Tier 1 application for leave to remain and associated legal fees.

Yet the application has been turned down and Satheesh, who came to the UK in 2011, faces deportation to India.

I have been battling to keep Satheesh in the UK and earlier this month made a direct appeal to Sajid Javid.

In my letter to the Home Secretary, I said: "[Satheesh's application] has been refused because he does not get enough points for employees. Yet he has employed two receptionists, and provided proof of numerous attempts over the last two years to employ more physiotherapists.

"There is a known shortage and none are willing to come to Dover. Which demonstrates the sad irony here – we are about to deport Dover's only physiotherapist, precisely because of the lack of them.

"Some 66,000 people have signed a petition for him to stay. As I said, Satheesh has invested all his savings – tens of thousands – in this country, and is about to be booted out.

"For Satheesh to be deported would be a great injustice. He must stay in the UK."

To help our campaign add your name to the petition here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/home-office-to-deprive-dover-of-its-only-private-physiotherapy-clinic


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