12 FEB 2018

Forget new tunnel to France, let's get Dover ready for Brexit

Forget a new tunnel to France – let's get the Port of Dover and Kent's roads ready for Brexit first. While it is welcome that the French want to keep boosting cross-Channel trade, it's vital we focus on the investment that is needed "right here, right now" at the Dover frontline.

This comes after Eurotunnel chief executive Jacques Gounon wrote to the UK Government welcoming Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's suggestion of a new fixed link between Britain and France. It's great that the French want to keep boosting cross-Channel trade. Yet with Brexit just 13 months away, it's vital we focus on the investment that is needed right here, right now on Kent's roads and at the Dover frontline. That means building more lorry parking facilities on the M20, the Lower Thames Crossing taken forward at pace – and most importantly the dualling of the A2.

Boris is right to think big, plan for the future and call for greater investment in cross-Channel trade. Yet even Eurotunnel admit that only half of the current tunnel's capacity is being used. That's why we must invest now to make sure our roads and infrastructure are ready on day one for Brexit. We cannot allow the people of East Kent to be subjected to tailbacks and misery on the roads to the Channel Ports.

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Hi Charlie, great piece.... but don't think for one moment the French intend to spend any of their own money on cross channel investment.... they don't even have the cash to keep their own borders secure and now the gangs in Calais have guns... and are using them. No, you are completely correct use British money for Kent based infrastructure, which in turn will boost local jobs and services in the local area. Keep up the pressure!!
- Les Morton

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