05 DEC 2017

Housebuilding in Dover and Deal still well above UK average

Housebuilding in Dover and Deal has continued its upward trend – with the number of new homes still well above the UK average.

A total of 150 homes were registered in the first quarter of 2017, compared to the national average of 60. So far in 2017, 216 new homes were started in Dover and Deal, compared to an average of 186 nationally.

I welcome the latest figures from the National House Building Council. We need more homes across the country, so I'm proud our area is ahead of the curve.

Increasing supply means homes becoming more affordable. That is crucial, because people in Dover and Deal work hard and deserve to be able to lay down roots and secure a future for their family.

"Developers need a reason to build houses and we have given them plenty. With more than £400 million of investment in our area in the last seven years and unemployment slashed, they know Dover and Deal are on the up.

The number of new builds started in Dover and Deal in 2016 was 434, almost double the UK average of 233. It continued a growing trend, with 312 new housing starts in 2014 and 321 in 2015.


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