15 MAY 2018

New public toilets block set for Dover town centre

A new public toilets block is set to be built in Dover town centre. Plans to build a single storey building on land adjacent to the Citizens Advice Bureau in Maison Dieu Gardens were given the green light last month. A formal decision notice was published on May 4.

Dover District Council's (DDC) has also now agreed to provide a "substantial contribution" to building costs after my request. I pointed out the authority was contributing to a single toilet block in Dover compared to three in Deal town. DDC has now confirmed an informal agreement for the "substantial contribution" – subject to cabinet approval over the coming months.

I want to thank the council for doing the right thing here. There is no legal obligation for them to provide public toilets and we all know finances are tight. But provision in Dover has not been good enough – not by a long way. Lots of residents have told me how awful it is if you are elderly or have medical problems or just need to go. One set of toilets in the town centre is absurd – especially with St James up and running. So I'm really pleased with this decision. Now we need to see things move forward as quickly as possible.


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