Ask Charlie...The Calais crisis and Operation Stack (30 Jul 2015)

Ask Charlie

Mercury readers put their questions to Charlie about the impact of the Calais crisis.

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Charlie attends annual Royal Marines concert (16 Jul 2015)

Charlie attends the annual concert on Walmer Green to remember the Royal Marines killed in the 1989 Deal bombing.

"It was an incredibly moving concert, marking the shocking IRA atrocity of 1989. Yet it was also a great celebration of the many achievements of HM Royal Marines who work so hard around the world to keep us and our nation safe."

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Supporting Dover's Foodbank (09 Jul 2015)

Charlie lends a hand to Foodbank Volunteers in Dover who spent the weekend collecting essential stock at Tesco for people in need.

"I was incredibly impressed by the selflessness of the volunteers and their determination to help the neediest in our community."

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Call for ferry routes to bypass Calais (09 Jul 2015)

The Dover Express reports on another week of chaos in Calais. The Port of Dover has labelled the strikers as a "militant mob", while Charlie has suggested it may be time to consider alternative cross-Channel routes from Dover.

Charlie writes about this issue in more detail here

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Charlie attends Wellington-inspired opening night (02 Jul 2015)

Charlie attends the opening night of the Deal Festival.

"It was a fantastic start to a fantastic festival."

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Back in coaltion - to support cancer batlle (02 Jul 2015)

Charlie and his local Lib Dem opponent, Sarah Smith, join forces to campaign for better treatment for ovarian cancer patients.

"All too often, treatment quality for this horrible disease varies far too much around the country. We need to boost access to clinical trials - in Kent and across the UK - and help women with ovarian cancer get the medical support they need."  

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Photos of the New Dover Hospital (25 Jun 2015)

A selection of photos from inside the New Dover Hospital, taken when Charlie toured the new facility recently.

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The New Dover Hospital (25 Jun 2015)

Mercury coverage of Charlie's tour of the New Dover Hospital.

"It's incredible to see such a great range of services now available to patients in the heart of our community."

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Charlie - Calais 'losing control' (25 Jun 2015)

Charlie warns that authorities in Calais are losing control of the town after migrants tried to exploit a French workers' strike to board vehicles bound for Dover. 

"I am concerned by it. It is high time the French authorities took control of the situation and ensure that people are returned to their country of origin."

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Charlie encourages Town Team involvement (25 Jun 2015)

Charlie meets members of Dover's Town Team to discuss local business issues and encourages other local businesses to get involved too.

"It was great to discuss business rates with the Dover Town Team and to hear how small businesses in Dover can be helped to propser."

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Charlie Elphicke

Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy. They keep everyone involved in public life on their toes. This is a selection of press cuttings on some hot topics in Dover & Deal. Please have a look - I would really appreciate your comments and feedback.

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