Charlie defends diesel drivers after Budget threat (09 Mar 2017)

Daily Mail

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Charlie says UK should not be fined for foreign tax-dodging (09 Mar 2017)


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Charlie welcomes probe into tax-dodging by online retailers (09 Mar 2017)

Daily Mail

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Charlie wants warning system after killer returns (14 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail

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Charlie hits out at Whitehall waste (13 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail

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Charlie slams diesel driver "rip-off" (13 Feb 2017)


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Charlie blasts plans for new diesel tax (01 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail 

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Charlie calls for taxman to get priorities in order (01 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail

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Charlie says visa waiver will raise millions for border security (13 Jan 2017)

Daily Express

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Charlie calls for probe into Treasury's Brexit forecast (08 Jan 2017)

Mail on Sunday

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Charlie Elphicke

Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy. They keep everyone involved in public life on their toes. This is a selection of press cuttings on some hot topics in Dover & Deal. Please have a look - I would really appreciate your comments and feedback.

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