Charlie asks minister back to the coast (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie celebrates Deal's national High Street of the Year award.

"I am very proud of Deal High Street's status as the best in the country."

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Charlie: I'll fight for more beds (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie vows to turn around Labour's outpatients mess. Charlie successfullly campaigned for a new Dover Hospital, set to open in spring 2015, and led a community campaign to safeguard Deal Hospital.

"It's a real battle to turn around Labour's years of local health neglect, yet I am ambitious for our community and the health services we seek."

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Charlie 'wears it pink' to help beat breast cancer (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie supports the fight against breast cancer.

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Charlie and Home Secretary discuss action for stronger borders (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, discuss strong action to keep our borders safe and secure. They agree that border controls should be kept in Calais, and not brought back to Dover as UKIP have suggested.

"We are keeping Britain safe and secure. Now we must force France, Italy and Brussles to do their bit."

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While working to strengthen our borders, Europe's have weakened (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie gives an update on the strong action being taken to make our borders more safe and secure.

"We must remain strong. We cannot give in. We cannot return to the dar days of Labour's open-door."

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Anger as Calais mayor plans new camp for refugees (04 Sep 2014)

Charlie says he is against a new 'Sangatte-style' refuguee camp being considered by Calais.

"The Calais authorities are making a big mistake"

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Speed survey agreed over 'dangerous' seafront bend (21 Aug 2014)

Taking action to improve road safety by the Royal Hotel in Deal.

"After the accident earlier this year, many residents contacted me about the dangerous bend in Beach Street. I pledged to take action over the unsafe bend so we could avoid any more accidents."

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Fears on ferry safety (21 Aug 2014)

Charlie opposes proposals to undo some of the safety measures put in place following the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster.

"Every year we mark the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster with a service of remembrance and we will never forget the horror of what happened."

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MP - desperate migrants may harm ferry industry (21 Aug 2014)

Charlie speaks out following more worrying reports about the situation in Calais.

"It's increasingly urgent that the situation in Calais is dealt with. It's now getting to the stage where it risks harming the ferry industry." 

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Decline in jobless total (21 Aug 2014)

Lower unemployment and lower youth unemployment - the government's long term economic plan and welfare reforms are getting Britain working.

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Charlie Elphicke

Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy. They keep everyone involved in public life on their toes. This is a selection of press cuttings on some hot topics in Dover & Deal. Please have a look - I would really appreciate your comments and feedback.

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