Charlie calls for action on roadside litter (12 Apr 2018)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 329kb)

Charlie pleased with plans for much needed repairs (01 Feb 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 457kb)

Charlie blasts unfair hospital parking charges (01 Feb 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 1096kb)

Charlie calls for banks to reimburse scammed customers (01 Feb 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 326kb)

Charlie slams Labour for trying to undermine Brexit (01 Feb 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 351kb)

Charlie praises potential of Connaught Barracks site (01 Feb 2018)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 392kb)

Charlie stresses need for investment at the Dover front line (25 Jan 2018)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 521kb)

Charlie calls for reintroduction of duty free to give Dover a Brexit boost (25 Jan 2018)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 891kb)

Charlie discusses pier plans with council leader (25 Jan 2018)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 637kb)

Charlie sees victory in campaign for local broadband (25 Jan 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 571kb)

Charlie blasts banking regulators for lack of apology after the financial crash (25 Jan 2018)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 234kb)

Charlie delighted with police support for Robert's Law (18 Jan 2018)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 280kb)

Charlie pleased to see new GP services in Dover and Deal (18 Jan 2018)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 429kb)

Charlie praises huge victory after bus cuts reversal (18 Jan 2018)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 814kb)

Charlie presents plan for order at the border post Brexit (18 Jan 2018)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 391kb)

Charlie comments on exciting times for Dover and Deal (11 Jan 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 1021kb)

Charlie welcomes ambitious plans for the town centre (11 Jan 2018)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 962kb)

Charlie pleased to see extra support for local hospitals (11 Jan 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 408kb)

Charlie amazed by St James progress (04 Jan 2018)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 432kb)

Charlie joins campaign for a new royal yacht (04 Jan 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 552kb)

Charlie calls for a properly policed border (04 Jan 2018)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 942kb)

Charlie states the need for a skilled and professional border force (04 Jan 2018)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 701kb)

Charlie praises the excellence of local teachers (28 Dec 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 601kb)

Charlie supports campaign for new school buildings (14 Dec 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 440kb)

Charlie's Brexit plans backed by MPs (14 Dec 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie disappointed by Supreme Court judgement (14 Dec 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 5175kb)

Charlie backs petition to save local buses (07 Dec 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 668kb)

Charlie calls on Kent County Council to rethink bus cuts (07 Dec 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 1009kb)

Charlie pays respects to incredible Kelly Turner (30 Nov 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 409kb)

Charlie stresses the need for Brexit preparation at Dover (30 Nov 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 414kb)

Charlie urges the Government to invest £1 billion in Brexit preparations (23 Nov 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 98kb)

Charlie delighted by artwork from local schools (23 Nov 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 99kb)

Charlie calls for a fair deal for drivers (23 Nov 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 2541kb)

Charlie questions minister on lorry park (23 Nov 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 415kb)

Charlie lays a wreath at moving remembrance service (16 Nov 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 3634kb)

Charlie speaks out against denial of justice (16 Nov 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 520kb)

Charlie delighted with increase in local hospital services (16 Nov 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 424kb)

Charlie calls for fair process following accusations (16 Nov 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1481kb)

Charlie continues to fight for constituents (09 Nov 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 422kb)

Local party chairman backs Charlie following allegations (09 Nov 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1256kb)

Charlie joins campaign to make road safer (09 Nov 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 88kb)

Charlie calls for action on dangerous drug (02 Nov 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 303kb)

Charlie calls for £1 billion of no deal investment (02 Nov 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 1281kb)

Charlie welcomes real strides made in mental health support (02 Nov 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 56kb)

Charlie calls for new law to tackle killer drug (02 Nov 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 443kb)

Charlie meets with residents to discuss unfinished development (26 Oct 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 440kb)

Charlie slams changes to out of hours GP services (26 Oct 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 387kb)

Charlie calls for greater certainty on Brexit preparations (26 Oct 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 657kb)

Charlie meets with new District Commander (19 Oct 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 426kb)

Charlie takes complaints to bus boss (19 Oct 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 430kb)

Charlie pushes for customs investment (19 Oct 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 1257kb)

Charlie thrilled to see new school buildings (12 Oct 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 1098kb)

Charlie convinces KCC to fund transport for Aspen pupil (05 Oct 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 712kb)

Charlie delighted that funding target has been met (05 Oct 2017)

Dover Mercury 

Download (pdf, 569kb)

Charlie calls on police to crack down on killer drug (05 Oct 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1442kb)

Charlie calls on KCC to implement fairer school funding (28 Sep 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 711kb)

Charlie meets with minister to discuss Brexit (28 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 339kb)

Charlie wishes he could spend every day in Dover and Deal (28 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 517kb)

Charlie slams Labour's 'madhouse' plans to tax innovation (27 Sep 2017)

Daily Telegraph

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie says even Labour admit victory means economic disaster (27 Sep 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 2010kb)

Charlie blasts 'hypocrisy' of Labour loan shark talk (26 Sep 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 196kb)

Charlie stresses need to be ready on day one (21 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 733kb)

Charlie alarmed that bomb suspect may have come from Calais Jungle (21 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 880kb)

Charlie has been fighting tirelessly against unfair rate changes (21 Sep 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1305kb)

Charlie warns about continuing payment to Brussels (13 Sep 2017)

The Sun

Download (jpg, 1556kb)

Charlie concerned by shocking air quality stats (13 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 160kb)

Charlie emphasises need for new lorry park (13 Sep 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 843kb)

Charlie praised for Banksy efforts (13 Sep 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1056kb)

Charlie welcomes Stagecoach U-turn (13 Sep 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1659kb)

Charlie urges Government to prepare ports for Brexit (13 Sep 2017)

The Guardian 

Download (jpg, 2177kb)

Charlie calls for new leadership at the Infrastructure Commission (11 Sep 2017)

The Times

Download (jpg, 1318kb)

Charlie calls on EU to get serious about negotiations (08 Sep 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 2676kb)

Charlie backs clear instruction from the British people (06 Sep 2017)

The Guardian

Download (jpg, 1754kb)

Charlie labels Brussels weak and defensive (06 Sep 2017)

Daily Express

Download (jpg, 1377kb)

Charlie wants more investment in coastal communities (06 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 119kb)

Charlie opens latest edition of the White Cliffs Walking Festival (06 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 507kb)

Charlie seeks more services for Buckland Hospital (06 Sep 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 555kb)

Charlie welcomes announcement of new dementia village (06 Sep 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 467kb)

Charlie urges struggling family to contact him for help (06 Sep 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 509kb)

Charlie calls on council to save the Banksy (31 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 97kb)

Charlie meets with the Talk It Out team (31 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 77kb)

Charlie praises hard working people of Dover and Deal (30 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 105kb)

Charlie opens latest White Cliffs Walking Festival (30 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 552kb)

Charlie welcomes news that the Banksy can be saved (30 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 773kb)

Charlie enjoys the Dover Music Festival (30 Aug 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 143kb)

Charlie calls for the return of duty free after Brexit (30 Aug 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 132kb)

Charlie is joined by parents of Daniel Squire to demand road safety improvements (24 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 717kb)

Charlie calls for new Deal to Dover road (24 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 444kb)

Charlie calls for more services at Deal Hospital (17 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 139kb)

Charlie praises incredible progress at St James development (17 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 254kb)

Charlie welcomes commitment to faster broadband (16 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 61kb)

Charlie visits local success story (16 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 1443kb)

Charlie attends moving remembrance service (16 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 1566kb)

Charlie slams Amazon's latest tax bill (11 Aug 2017)


Download (jpg, 899kb)

Charlie urges council to help local club find a new home (10 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 343kb)

Charlie blasts Amazon over tax record (10 Aug 2017)


Download (jpeg, 278kb)

Charlie warns of Iranian trafficking network in France (10 Aug 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 256kb)

Charlie hails fantastic fete (09 Aug 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 1614kb)

Charlie delighted to see village hall back in use (09 Aug 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 112kb)

Charlie blasts 30,000 attempts to break into Britain this year (09 Aug 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 2101kb)

Charlie calls for more electric car charging points (08 Aug 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 1898kb)

Charlie says EU "missing the point" over border checks (05 Aug 2017)

Daily Express

Download (jpg, 2284kb)

Charlie warns council that Banksy plans are too expensive (03 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1624kb)

Charlie demands Dover in 60 (03 Aug 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 354kb)

Charlie calls for action to prevent future traffic chaos (02 Aug 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 442kb)

Charlie disappointing with meaningless consultation (02 Aug 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 648kb)

Charlie meets with minister to discuss Brexit (26 Jul 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 100kb)

Charlie calls for a fair deal for diesel drivers (26 Jul 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 57kb)

Charlie urges arts minister to back the Banksy campaign (26 Jul 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 426kb)

Charlie speaks out against people smugglers (26 Jul 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 41kb)

Charlie slams latest attempt by people traffickers (20 Jul 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 702kb)

Charlie hails huge victory as permanent A20 speed limit axed (20 Jul 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 579kb)

Charlie calls on health chiefs to bring beds to Dover (19 Jul 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 2079kb)

Charlie joins with residents to demand action against lorries (13 Jul 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1003kb)

Charlie calls on Government to tackle pavement parking (13 Jul 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 220kb)

Charlie pays respects at Royal Marines Memorial Concert (12 Jul 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 1039kb)

Charlie chairs meeting with angry Aycliffe residents (12 Jul 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 386kb)

Charlie urges caution in planning for new Whitfield lorry park (28 Jun 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 214kb)

Charlie calls for Banksy building to be listed (22 Jun 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 176kb)

Charlie angered by bus service cuts (21 Jun 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 442kb)

Charlie delighted with breast cancer drug victory (21 Jun 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 187kb)

Charlie launches campaign to save the Dover Banksy (21 Jun 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 189kb)

Charlie proud to be returned as MP for Dover and Deal (15 Jun 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1980kb)

Charlie delighted with increased majoirty (14 Jun 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 624kb)

Charlie hails incredible progress at village development (19 Apr 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 54kb)

Charlie praises call for early election (19 Apr 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 424kb)

Charlie insists migrant camp cannot be allowed to return (19 Apr 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 139kb)

Charlie impressed by Brexit plan of top Dover firm (19 Apr 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie pleased with announcement of new contractor (12 Apr 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 725kb)

Charlie welcomes progress at the St James' development (12 Apr 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 534kb)

Charlie labels diesel tax plan "deeply unfair" (10 Apr 2017)


Download (jpg, 2078kb)

Charlie says gas guzzlers should fund diesel scrappage scheme (10 Apr 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 3675kb)

Charlie warns councils not to use diesel drivers as cash cows (09 Apr 2017)

Sun on Sunday

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie urges action against dangerous kite-fighting (09 Apr 2017)

Mail on Sunday

Download (jpg, 3471kb)

Charlie points out pollution penalties are only EU law (07 Apr 2017)


Download (jpg, 644kb)

Charlie disappointed by latest A20 delay (06 Apr 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 872kb)

Charlie says cut congestion before targeting diesel drivers (05 Apr 2017)

Daily Telegraph

Download (jpg, 618kb)

Charlie welcomes PM's comments on diesel tax plans (05 Apr 2017)


Download (, 0kb)

Charlie says diesel drivers encouraged by last Labour government (05 Apr 2017)


Download (jpg, 2721kb)

Charlie says it's wrong to "demonise" diesel drivers (03 Apr 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 525kb)

Charlie slams plans to introduce toxin tax (03 Apr 2017)


Download (jpg, 1840kb)

Charlie says PM should call election if MPs block Brexit deal (02 Apr 2017)

Sun on Sunday

Download (jpg, 4681kb)

Charlie joined by the Prime Minister in wishing Dame Vera Lynn a happy 100th birthday (30 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 676kb)

Charlie joins 12th annual Crocus Walk (30 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 1447kb)

Charlie describes day of fear at Parliament (30 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 130kb)

Charlie helps local support group open new Well-being Cafe (30 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 716kb)

Charlie urges police and CPS to revisit case (30 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 544kb)

Charlie praises Network Rail as Channel swimmers get their beach back (30 Mar 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 664kb)

Charlie thrilled as rail line reopens (30 Mar 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 827kb)

Charlie supports petition to save fun fair (22 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 422kb)

Charlie meets Deal based breast cancer support group (22 Mar 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 1228kb)

Charlie hails fantastic accolade as Deal named top place to live by the sea (22 Mar 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 182kb)

Charlie welcomes record numbers to jobs fair (22 Mar 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 82kb)

Charlie welcomes Port of Dover support for jobs fair (15 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 116kb)

Charlie calls for action to avoid traffic chaos (15 Mar 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 126kb)

Charlie urges remembrance of the victims and lessons of the Herald disaster (09 Mar 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 4331kb)

Charlie remembers the Herald victims (09 Mar 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 482kb)

Charlie defends diesel drivers after Budget threat (09 Mar 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 1258kb)

Charlie says UK should not be fined for foreign tax-dodging (09 Mar 2017)


Download (jpg, 969kb)

Charlie welcomes probe into tax-dodging by online retailers (09 Mar 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 1197kb)

Charlie welcomes local student to Westminster (02 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 62kb)

Charlie meets with Dovorian honoured for bravery at Dunkirk (02 Mar 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 415kb)

Charlie attends ceremony to honour seven war veterans (02 Mar 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 166kb)

Charlie expresses anger over latest highways blunder (23 Feb 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 708kb)

Charlie celebrates local mental health group in Parliament (23 Feb 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 153kb)

Charlie praises important community asset (23 Feb 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 130kb)

Charlie sees how Dover's new cinema is taking shape (23 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 426kb)

Charlie meets with hard working volunteers (23 Feb 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 106kb)

Charlie meets new head of high-achieving school (16 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 461kb)

Charlie visits leading local manufacturing business (16 Feb 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 125kb)

Charlie hits out at highways chiefs over faulty lights (16 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 199kb)

Charlie celebrates local homelessness charity (16 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 79kb)

Charlie calls for Crypt site clean up (16 Feb 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1469kb)

Charlie wants warning system after killer returns (14 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 2120kb)

Charlie hits out at Whitehall waste (13 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 314kb)

Charlie slams diesel driver "rip-off" (13 Feb 2017)


Download (jpg, 179kb)

Charlie expresses concern over dangerous stretch of road (09 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 454kb)

Charlie opens local beer festival (09 Feb 2017)

Dover Express

Download (jpg, 157kb)

Charlie meets with angry residents following A2 crash (09 Feb 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 805kb)

Charlie backs greater police powers following riots (02 Feb 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 1212kb)

Charlie revisits former Jungle migrant camp site (02 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 3724kb)

Charlie sees how technology helps save local banks (02 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 309kb)

Charlie calls for action on illegal lorry parking (02 Feb 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 709kb)

Charlie blasts plans for new diesel tax (01 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail 

Download (jpg, 1204kb)

Charlie calls for taxman to get priorities in order (01 Feb 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 987kb)

Charlie adds his name to the Holocaust Memorial Book (26 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 734kb)

Charlie chairs meeting about Kent road and rail links (26 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 270kb)

Charlie calls for action to prevent further riots (26 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 2447kb)

Charlie urges people to support a clean Brexit (26 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 263kb)

Charlie blasts Highways England following latest delay (26 Jan 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 450kb)

Charlie frustrated at delay to end of 40mph limit (26 Jan 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 745kb)

Charlie discusses the future of the Western Heights (19 Jan 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 601kb)

Charlie joins calls for tougher strike laws (19 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 464kb)

Charlie praises local mental health support group (19 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 700kb)

Charlie says visa waiver will raise millions for border security (13 Jan 2017)

Daily Express

Download (jpg, 1176kb)

Charlie welcomes update on new station car park (12 Jan 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 955kb)

Charlie calls for a post Brexit visa waiver system (12 Jan 2017)

Dover Mercury

Download (pdf, 617kb)

Charlie is working hard to boost trade and tourism links (12 Jan 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 596kb)

Charlie meets with Nifties owner Nathaniel Richards (12 Jan 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 5574kb)

Charlie delighted with progress towards new station car park (12 Jan 2017)

Dover Express

Download (pdf, 632kb)

Charlie calls for probe into Treasury's Brexit forecast (08 Jan 2017)

Mail on Sunday

Download (jpg, 1130kb)

Charlie comments on the latest migration figures (07 Jan 2017)


Download (jpg, 670kb)

Charlie welcomes new fund to help first-time buyers (05 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 412kb)

Charlie meets with Xavier Bertrand to discuss Brexit Britain (05 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 847kb)

Charlie stresses need to end child poverty (05 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 317kb)

Charlie reacts with shock as bodies are discovered at cliffs near Dover (05 Jan 2017)

East Kent Mercury

Download (pdf, 758kb)

Charlie comments on Syrian who reached UK with bogus passport (05 Jan 2017)


Download (pdf, 707kb)

Charlie wants more investment in border security (04 Jan 2017)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 535kb)

Charlie calls for tax crackdown on super-rich (30 Dec 2016)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 1642kb)

Charlie condemns strike action over Christmas (17 Dec 2016)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 992kb)

Charlie calls for inquiry into miners' pensions (08 Dec 2016)

East Kent Mercury

Download (jpg, 3284kb)

Charlie celebrates opening of new football stand (01 Dec 2016)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 3512kb)

Charlie calls for better tighter border security (01 Dec 2016)

Dover Mercury

Download (jpg, 2904kb)

Charlie underlines need for New Dover Patrol (24 Nov 2016)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 1135kb)

Charlie calls for tighter border control (24 Nov 2016)

Daily Express

Download (jpg, 843kb)

Charlie uses Fair Fuel role to call for cut (24 Nov 2016)


Download (jpg, 802kb)

Charlie defends British doctors (23 Nov 2016)

Daily Mail

Download (jpg, 3399kb)

Charlie calls for cut in fuel duty (13 Nov 2016)

Sunday Times

Download (jpg, 2138kb)

Charlie expresses concern over Calais border (10 Nov 2016)

Download (jpg, 3380kb)

Charlie warns against CPS investigation into EU Referendum campaign claims inThe Sun (08 Nov 2016)

Download (jpg, 496kb)

Charlie urges the French authorities to dismantle the Calais Jungle (04 Nov 2016)

Charlie has urged French authorities in the Daily Mail to do more to bring order at the border. Britain are now paying £80m to police French ports.

Download (jpg, 2237kb)

Charlie calls out Baroness Scotland for her scandalous waste of public money (04 Nov 2016)

Charlie has blased Baroness Scotland for wasting public money on furnishing her grace-and-favour home. 

Download (jpg, 2728kb)

Charlie blasts foreign criminal who dodged deportation by getting a woman pregnant while he was on the run (30 Oct 2016)

Charlie has blasted a foreign drug dealer who has dodged deportation after getting a woman pregnant while he was on the run in The Sun on Sunday.

Download (jpg, 968kb)

Charlie praises Goodwin Academy students' politics passion (27 Oct 2016)

Charlie visited the Goodwin Academy in Deal and was impressed by the students' political passion, the East Kent Mercury reports.

Download (pdf, 699kb)

Charlie leads Kent MPs in call for A2 to be dualled (27 Oct 2016)

Charlie was joined by Kent MPs in crunch talks with Chancellor Philip Hammond on the need to dual the A2 at Dover.

Download (pdf, 772kb)

Charlie stands up for hard-working De Bradelei Wharf (27 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 2454kb)

Charlie expresses concern over the activities of left-wing militant group 'No Borders' in The Daily Express (27 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 1898kb)

Charlie calls for cooperation between Britain and France to tackle migrants (25 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 902kb)

Charlie writes for the Daily Express on the Calais Jungle (24 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 788kb)

Charlie slams militant 'No Borders' group in The Sun (24 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 1089kb)

Charlie calls for a new St James contractor to be signed up quickly (20 Oct 2016)

The Dover Express reports Charlie's call for a new contractor for the St James development to be signed up quickly, after Kier pulled out.

Download (pdf, 515kb)

Charlie demands that former De Bradelei workers get what they are owed (20 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 3785kb)

Charlie urges Britain and France to put better border security in place ahead of the Jungle being cleared (17 Oct 2016)

Charlie said:

"As the date for clearning the Jungle approachs the people there will be more desperate than ever to reach our shores so it's right authorities like Kent Police are taking the threat so seriously.

"Britain and France should clearly step up border security at Dover an Calais during this period. It's critical to tio people sneaking back to Calais after the Jungle is clearned and to invest more in intelligence to target people traffikers and end their evil trade of modern slavery."

Download (jpg, 2856kb)

Charlie calls for Brexit without delay (17 Oct 2016)

Charlie has spoken to The Sun about how Remainers should not try to fustrate the will of the people and delay Brexit. 

Download (jpg, 3311kb)

Ex-Border Force chief backs Charlie's borders plan (13 Oct 2016)

Charlie's plan for a new Dover Patrol is backed by former Border Force head Tony Smith, reports the East Kent Mercury.

Download (pdf, 394kb)

Charlie demands De Bradelei staff are paid money they are owed (13 Oct 2016)

Charlie writes to De Bradelei bosses demanding staff are paid every penny they are owed.

Download (pdf, 2457kb)

Charlie presses Highways England on A20 speed limit (13 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 980kb)

Charlie says that the Calais Jungle must never return (13 Oct 2016)

Charlie has made it clear in the Daily Express that once dismantled, the Calais Jungle should never be allowed to return. 

Download (jpg, 1711kb)

Charlie calls for petrol price watchdog (12 Oct 2016)

Charlie, as the chair of the All-Party Parliamentry Group on Fuel hs been calling for a watchdog to monitor petrol prices in The Sun. 

Download (jpg, 120kb)

Charlie calls for more foreign criminals to be deported (09 Oct 2016)

Charlie expresses his incredulaty that hundens of foreign criminals still have not been deported. 

Download (jpg, 1255kb)

Charlie calls for Open Britain to embrace Brexit (08 Oct 2016)

Charlie has told the Daily Mail that the campaign group, Open Britain need to accept the public vote and embrace Brexit.

Download (jpg, 2657kb)

Charlie condemns Ambulance Service (06 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 2878kb)

Charlie expresses concern over the future of local businesses (06 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 3135kb)

Charlie stands up for De Bradelei Wharf staff (06 Oct 2016)

Download (jpg, 3057kb)

Charlie attacks Jeremy Corbyn over migrant numbers (29 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 909kb)

Charlie celebrates new starter homes for local young people (29 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 4183kb)

Charlie celebrates first defibrillator in Deal (29 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 3265kb)

Charlie expresses concern over migrants landing in Walmer (29 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 2597kb)

Charlie calls on the French Government to close the Calais Jungle (29 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 1153kb)

Charlie condemns Jeremy Corbyn's immigration stance in The Sun (28 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 833kb)

Charlie condemns taxpayer money being spent on French border security in The Daily Express (27 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 836kb)

Charlie calls on Government to give more money to help the victims of modern slavery in The Sun (27 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 889kb)

Charlie calls for a radical shake up in border security in the Daily Express (26 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 720kb)

Charlie welcomes latest house building figures (22 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 236kb)

Charlie presses Southeastern on timetable change (22 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 229kb)

Charlie blasts 'poor taste' migrant stunt (20 Sep 2016)

Charlie has spoken to the Daily Mail about how a protest to highlight the plight to migrants was in poor taste as it was held in Parliament Square, a memorial dedicated to British soldiers who have died in battle. 

Download (jpg, 2781kb)

Charlie takes action on local transport issues (15 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 329kb)

Charlie calls on Theresa may to tackle Port gridlock (15 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 211kb)

Charlie calls for an end to the returning summer stink (08 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 382kb)

Charlie celebrates the reopening of the rail line (08 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 248kb)

Charlie calls for the Calais Jungle to be dismantled to help smash trafficking gangs (08 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 294kb)

Charlie meets with Highways England to call for the end of Dover TAP (08 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 149kb)

Charlie to present Goodwin Snds SOS Petition to Parliament (08 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 249kb)

Charlie on the Calais Jungle in the Daily Express (03 Sep 2016)

Charlie discusses French minister's plans to dismantle the Calais Jungle on the cover of the Daily Express.

Download (jpg, 316kb)

Charlie calls for better enforcement over farmers stench (01 Sep 2016)

Download (jpg, 893kb)

Charlie calls for the Calais Jungle to be dismantled (31 Aug 2016)

Charlie has called for the Calais Jungle to be dismantled in The Sun.

Download (jpg, 1398kb)

Charlie highlights the importance of Calais Jungle demolition (23 Aug 2016)

Charlie calls for a new treaty with France in the Daily Express to facilitate the demolition of the Calais Jungle. 

Download (jpg, 832kb)

Charlie calls for new deal with France to dismantle the Calais Jungle (23 Aug 2016)

The Daily Express is backing Charlie's calls to the Government for a new deal with France to dismantle the Calais Jungle. 

Download (jpg, 605kb)

Charlie slams freedom of movement in The Sun (18 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 2195kb)

Charlie calls for New Dover Patrol (18 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 1731kb)

Charlie discusses Eastern European workers in the Daily Mail (18 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 2331kb)

Charlie calls for armed forces to patrol cross border ferries (11 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 2367kb)

Charlie calls for sensible traffic management (11 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 9820kb)

Charlie slams charity box thieves (04 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 743kb)

Charlie slams migrant numbers (04 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 1431kb)

Charlie meets with Dover Town Team (04 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 345kb)

Charlie remembers Zeebrudde heroes (04 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 5517kb)

Charlie condemns thieves who took charity cash (04 Aug 2016)

Download (jpg, 3066kb)

Charlie supports Niftie's Social Supermarket (28 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 302kb)

Charlie attends the Handelian Choral Society (28 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 875kb)

Charlie calls for a tunnel to be built to end traffic chaos (28 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 3340kb)

Charlie welcomes autumn line reopening prediction (28 Jul 2016)

Charlie welcomes the news that the railway line between Dover and Folkestone is set to reopen ahead of schedule in the Autumn. 

Download (jpg, 2937kb)

Charlie welcomes border controls remaining in Calais (28 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 868kb)

Charlie remembers fallen marines (14 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 3385kb)

Charlie welcomes new lorry park (14 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 3612kb)

Charlie condemns racist graffiti in Dover (07 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 3305kb)

Charlie celebrates Buckland Hospital's first birthday (07 Jul 2016)

Download (jpg, 1145kb)

Charlie supports RLNI Fundraiser (30 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 8410kb)

Charlie calls for change in the law after protests (09 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 5208kb)

Charlie congratulates Tiffin Cup nominee (09 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 614kb)

Charlie stands up for lorry park plan (09 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 847kb)

Charlie visits Amy Temple Almshouses (09 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 767kb)

Charlie holds EU Town Hall Debates (09 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 438kb)

Charlie calls for a variable speed limit (02 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 1279kb)

Charlie meets job seekers at East Kent College (02 Jun 2016)

Download (jpg, 441kb)

Charlie warns of asbestos on old Buckland site (26 May 2016)

Download (jpg, 1213kb)

Charlie blasts 40mph A20 speed limit (26 May 2016)

Charlie attacks the lack of progress in changing the system.

Download (jpg, 899kb)

Charlie calls for needed reforms (26 May 2016)

Charlie has called for reforms to help the police deal with clashing protestors. 

Download (jpg, 1441kb)

Charlie holds Deal EU Referendum Debate (12 May 2016)

The public meeting in Deal will be held on 19th May at the Astor Theatre, starting at 7pm. The speaker for Leave will be Gordon Henderson, Conservative MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey. The Remain speaker will be Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove.

Download (jpg, 322kb)

Charlie presses for answers on Albert Road Flooding. (12 May 2016)

Charlie has met with Southern Water chiefs to try and get to the bottom of the issue. 

Download (jpg, 1973kb)

Charlie opens Kingsdown May Day Fete (05 May 2016)

Charlie has opened the Friends of Kingsdown Park's May Day fete to raise money for new play facilities. 

Download (jpg, 1855kb)

Charlie visits River Village Community Day (05 May 2016)

Download (jpg, 3319kb)

Charlie supports Dover Rotary Beer Festival (05 May 2016)

Download (jpg, 822kb)

Charlie praises horse riding charity (28 Apr 2016)

Charlie hs visited the Alkham Valley Community Project to see first hand all of the great work they do making equestian activities accessable to the disadvantaged and disabled. 

Download (jpg, 337kb)

Charlie raises concerns about GP recuitment (28 Apr 2016)

Download (jpg, 161kb)

Charlie demands action on disgusting roads (07 Apr 2016)

Charlie has helpd a rubbish summit to tackle waste along our local roads

Download (jpg, 825kb)

Charlie blasts protestors (07 Apr 2016)

Charlie has stated that violent and disruptive protestors are not welcome in Dover.

Download (jpg, 4188kb)

Charlie welcomes National Living Wage (07 Apr 2016)

Charlie has welcomed the new National Living Wage which benefits 1 in 5 people in Dover and Deal. 

Download (jpg, 142kb)

Charlie visits Kennedy Scott (07 Apr 2016)

Charlie has visited Kennedy Scott employment agency in Dover to meet local jobseekers. 

Download (jpg, 1101kb)

Charlie's Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair (31 Mar 2016)

The Dover Mercury covers Charlie's fourth annual Jobs and Apprentiships Fair in Dover Town Hall. 

Download (jpg, 873kb)

Charlie visits community cookery school (31 Mar 2016)

Charlie has visited Chequers Kitchen to try out one of their heart healhy classes, and to find out more about the service they provide for the local community.

"I had a wonderful morning at Chequers Cookery School learning how cooking easy meals from scratch can help maintain a healthy heart."

Download (jpg, 1096kb)

Charlie welcomes progress at Astor School (31 Mar 2016)

Charlie has visited Astor College for the Arts to check on progress since the last Ofsted ispection.

"It was encoraging to visit Astor School and hear about all the imrovements they have been making. I was pleased that Ofsted have recognised the efforts of the staff and pupils to raise standards."

Download (jpg, 1081kb)

Charlie visits Age UK (31 Mar 2016)

Charlie has visited the Age UK Riverside Centre to discuss care for the elderly with its visitors. 

Download (jpg, 802kb)

Charlie hails memorial money (24 Mar 2016)

Charlie has welcomed money pledged in the budget for a new war memorial in Dover. 

Download (jpg, 2635kb)

Charlie supports local academies (24 Mar 2016)

Charlie has spoken out in support of the fact all schools are set to become acadamies. 

"This is a real vote of confidence in our academy system and in our schools to give them the independence to increase standards and continure to build on the educations reforms originally set up by Tony Blair."

Download (jpg, 1895kb)

Charlie holds fourth jobs and apprenticeships fair (17 Mar 2016)

Download (jpg, 1637kb)

Charlie remembers the Zeebrugge tragedy (10 Mar 2016)

Charlie remembers those who lost their lives in 1987.

Download (jpg, 796kb)

Charlie visits Aylesham Garden Village (10 Mar 2016)

Charlie has visited the new garden village development in Aylesham. 

Download (jpg, 923kb)

Charlie hails Port reform (03 Mar 2016)

Download (jpg, 1979kb)

Charlie honours Maloja victims (03 Mar 2016)

Download (jpg, 1394kb)

Charlie congratulates Christmas card winner (25 Feb 2016)

Charlie has welcomed the winner of his Christmas card competition to Parliament. 

Download (jpg, 641kb)

Charlie visits new nature reserve (25 Feb 2016)

Charlie has visited Nemo Down, a new nature reserve that is being developed in Dover. 

Download (jpg, 743kb)

Charlie tours P&O Ferry (25 Feb 2016)

Download (jpg, 670kb)

Charlie pushes for a speedy repair of the Dover sea wall (18 Feb 2016)

Download (jpg, 906kb)

Charlie condemns Dover protestors (18 Feb 2016)

Download (jpg, 1979kb)

Charlie applauds charity donation (11 Feb 2016)

Charlie has applorded Brandon Tool Hire for donating new tools to the Dover Western Heights Preservation Society after theirs were stolen. 

Download (jpg, 1145kb)

Charlie outlines care village plan (11 Feb 2016)

Charlie discusses his plan for a health care village on the old Buckland Hospital site. 

Download (jpg, 1338kb)

Charlie speaks out on behalf of Singlage Lane residents (11 Feb 2016)

Charlie has met with Singlage Lane residents who are concerned about a new local development.

Download (jpg, 1031kb)

Charlie honours Holocaust victims (04 Feb 2016)

Charlie has signed the Holocaust Educational Trust's Book of Commitment in Parliament. 

Download (jpg, 814kb)

Charlie discusses drainage problems (04 Feb 2016)

Charlie has helf a Deal flood summit meeting in Parliament to discuss flooding issues in Middle Deal.

Download (jpg, 5592kb)

Charlie questions police over Dover marches (04 Feb 2016)

Charlie has questioned why Kent Police allowed two rival marches that dissolved into violence take place in Dover at the weekend. 

Download (jpg, 3376kb)

Charlie supports Deal Festival (04 Feb 2016)

Charlie joined the board of Deal Festival to hear about their plans for this years festivities. 

Download (jpg, 623kb)

Charlie welcomes rising apprenticeship figures (04 Feb 2016)

Charlie has welcomed a rise in young people taking up apprentiships in the constituency. 

Download (jpg, 621kb)

Charlie hails new jobs figures (29 Jan 2016)

Charlie has welcomed a further fall in unemployment in Dover and Deal. 

Download (jpg, 221kb)

Charlie heads up task force for sea wall repair (21 Jan 2016)

Charlie is leading a task force including Network Rail, Southeaster, Damian Collins MP and Craig MacKinlay MP to help the task of the sea wall repair on Shakespeare Beach. 

Download (jpg, 326kb)

Charlie visits Dover Christ Church Academy (14 Jan 2016)

Charlie has taken a tour of the new buildings at Dover Christ Church Academy. 

Download (jpg, 417kb)

Charlie supports Deal Hospital League of Friends (14 Jan 2016)

Charlie has joined the Deal Hospital League of Friends to appeal for more volunteers. 

"The League of Friends play a key part in providing five star healthcare for our community. Getting involved is a great opportunity to support our hospital. So do get in touch with them"

Download (jpg, 624kb)

Charlie fights for a better deal for commuters (14 Jan 2016)

Charlie has met with representatives from Southeastern and Network Rail to pres for the importance of reducing disruption for commuters while repairs to the sea wall are taking place. 

Download (jpg, 878kb)

Charlie assesses seawall site (07 Jan 2016)

Charlie has visited the site of the seawall collapse on Shakespeare Beach. 

Download (jpg, 2266kb)

Charlie Hails Connaught Barracks Development (07 Jan 2016)

Charlie has welcomed the announcement that up to 500 new homes will be built at Connaught Barracks. 

Download (jpg, 1876kb)

Charlie hails new jobs figures (31 Dec 2015)

Charlie has welcomes new employment figures that show unemployment is still falling in Dover & Deal. 

Download (jpg, 221kb)

Charlie visits Deal Delivery Office (31 Dec 2015)

Charlie has visited Royal Mail's Deal Delivery Office to wish postal workers the best over the festive period. 

Download (jpg, 1044kb)

Charlie presses for action on train delays (31 Dec 2015)

Charlie has met with Network Rail and Southeastern to take up the issue of the damaged sea wall and rail ine between Dover and Folkestone causing disruption to residents. 

"Clearly it's important to work out the inspection and maintenance of the sea wall because it's hard to understand how this could have happened. It's a priority this is repaired as quickly as possible. I'm taking the matter up with the rail minister. My thoughts and sympathies are with rail users who are affected by this in Dover and Deal. I am doing everything I can to get the repairs done as quickly as possible."

Download (jpg, 936kb)

Charlie Reveals Lack Of Speeding Fine For Foreign Drivers (24 Dec 2015)

Download (jpeg, 205kb)

Charlie Visits Local Christmas Markets (24 Dec 2015)

Charlie has visited Christmas fairs in Kingsdown and Nonington. 

Download (jpg, 783kb)

Charlie Heralds Local Development (24 Dec 2015)

Charlie has welcomed the decision to dismiss the CPRE's challange to development in Dover.

Download (jpg, 1233kb)

Charlie supports St. Margaret's Christmas Lights Switch On (17 Dec 2015)

Charlie turned out to support the Christmas lights switch on in St. Margaret's.

Download (jpg, 559kb)

Charlie surveys right of way damage (10 Dec 2015)

Charlie has joined members of the White Cliffs Ramblers to see the damage that has been made to rights of way by off road drivers. 

Download (jpg, 1581kb)

Charlie supports station car park (10 Dec 2015)

Charlie has put his support behind plans for new station parking at Dover Priory. 

Download (jpg, 1274kb)

Charlie discusses life in Parliament with St. Margaret's pupils (10 Dec 2015)

Charlie answered questions from Class 2 children from St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School on life in Parliament before opening their Christmas fair. 

Download (jpg, 184kb)

Charlie's Christmas Card Competition (10 Dec 2015)

The winners have been anounced for a competition Charlie ran for all local primary school children to design his local Christmas card. 

Download (jpg, 852kb)

Charlie supports Small Business Saturday (10 Dec 2015)

Charlie has visited small businesses in Deal as part of Small Business Saturday. 

"Small businesses are at the heart of our local economy. They create jobs and money, and provide essential services that are central to our community."

Download (jpg, 1703kb)

Charlie calls for better road saftey (03 Dec 2015)

Charlie has called for an improvement to road safety.

"We have a poor record on road safety, and urgent action is needed to improve the situation."

Download (jpg, 365kb)

Charlie welcomes a fall in Dover jobless (03 Dec 2015)

Charlie has welcomed the latest job figures that show long-term unemployment has fallen in the district. 

Download (jpg, 316kb)

Charlie visits Dover Soup Kitchen (03 Dec 2015)

Charlie has joined staff serving at Dover Soup Kitchen.

Download (jpg, 304kb)

(03 Dec 2015)

Charlie welcomes the £250m investment to end Operation Stack that was announced in the Autumn Statement.

"A lot of constituents have been contacting me, not only about the traffic problems on Dover roads, but about illegally parked HGV's obstructing our main roads and rural villages. Designated lorry parks will also help tackle the problem of lorries parking where they shouldn't."

Download (jpg, 1252kb)

Charlie praises Temple Ewell Primary School (26 Nov 2015)

Charlie has visited Temple Ewell CPE Primary School, where they have achieved 100% literacy. 

Download (jpg, 1146kb)

Charlie welcomes new apprenticeship starts (26 Nov 2015)

Charlie has welcomed figures that show that 900 young people have started apprentichips in Dover and Deal in the last year alone.

"It's fantastic to see more and more young people taking advantage of apprenticeships to get the skills and experince they need."

Download (jpg, 100kb)

Charlie supports local Christmas markets (26 Nov 2015)

Charlie has shown his support for local vendors at Christmas markets in Deal and Caple-Le-Ferne.

Download (jpg, 951kb)

Charlie discusses increased cross channel security (26 Nov 2015)

Charlie discusses how cross channel security has been heightened in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. 

Download (jpg, 501kb)

Charlie visits Tilmanstone Salads (19 Nov 2015)

Charlie has visited Tilmanstone Salads in Tilmanstone, where all of the salads are packed for Marks & Spencers up and down the country, and where there has been a recent £3.1 million investment into the factory. 

Download (jpg, 716kb)

Charlie responds to the Paris attacks (19 Nov 2015)

Charlie shares some thoughts on the terror attacks in Paris.

"We must be resolute and determined in the face of those who seek to kill us and destroy the values we hold dear. Most of all we now need to act to confront ISIL and to defeat them and their evil terrorist state."

Download (jpg, 680kb)

Charlie supports Cherished Gowns (19 Nov 2015)

Charlie has met with non-profit Cherished Gowns who turn donated wedding dresses into clothes for still born babies to offer them his full support going forward. 

"I am going to do everything I can to support Cherished Gowns in their effort to get hospital space and to support and improve provisions for bereaved and grieving parents during such a difficult time."

Download (jpg, 827kb)

Charlie supports the future development of Dover (12 Nov 2015)

Charlie hits out at the Campaign for Rural England's campaign to prevent future development in Dover.

"The developments we need and have wanted for so long are under threat. Not from our community or anyone democtatically elected. They are under threat from self-appointed campaign groups like CPRE."

Download (jpg, 290kb)

Charlie makes the case for M20 Lorry Park (12 Nov 2015)

Along with a delegation of Kent MP's, Charlie has made the case for lorry parks to be built on the M20 as a solution to Operation Stack. 

Download (jpg, 2201kb)

Charlie makes it clear that no one wants an open prison at Dover's Immigration Removal Centre (05 Nov 2015)

Charlie makes the case why Dover's Immigration Removal Centre should not become an open prison. 

Download (jpg, 4674kb)

Charlie speaks out against child-obesity (05 Nov 2015)

Charlie sets out what steps he is taking to help tackle childhood obesity in our area. 

Download (jpg, 1397kb)

Charlie fights to prevent an open prison at DIRC (29 Oct 2015)

Charlie has spoken out that the Dover Immigration Removal Centre should not become an open prison. 

Download (jpg, 295kb)

Charlie congratulates Milaad (29 Oct 2015)

Charlie has congratulated Milaad Tandori in Deal for coming 'Highly Commended' in the Tiffin Cup, Parliament's award for the best South Asian resturant in Britain. 

Download (jpg, 726kb)

Charlie calls for an independent Port and Community Forum (29 Oct 2015)

Charlie talks about how much an independant Port and Community Forum could do for the local community. 

Download (jpg, 674kb)

Charlie hosts mental health group Talk it Out in Parliament (22 Oct 2015)

Charlie has hosted Deal mental health group Talk it Out in Parliament with the charity Mind and the Minister for Mental Health, Alistair Burt MP.

Download (jpg, 894kb)

Charlie holds public meeting for flood residents (22 Oct 2015)

Charlie has held a public meeting for Middle Deal residents who have been affected by recent flooding with representatives from Southern Water, Kent County Council, Dover District Council, the River Stour Internal Drainage Board, the Enviroment Agency, Persimmon Homes, Quinn Estates, the Mayor of Deal, and local councillors. 

Download (jpg, 6335kb)

Charlie visits the Buckland Estate (22 Oct 2015)

Charlie has visited the Buckland Estate to hear about recent improvements to the accommodation. 

Download (jpg, 473kb)

Charlie meets with the Dover Partnership Against Crime (15 Oct 2015)

Charlie has met with the Dover Partnership Against Crime to discuss what can be done to help protect local shopkeepers from shoplifting, and what can be done to deter people from shoplifting in the first place. 

Download (jpg, 803kb)

Charlie vists St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School (08 Oct 2015)

Charlie has visited St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School to congratulate Ruby, last years winner of his Christmas card competition. 

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie wears pink for Wear It Pink fundraiser (08 Oct 2015)

Charlie has dressed up in pink to encourage people to do the same for Breast Cancer Now's Wear It Pink fundraiser on October 23rd.

Download (jpg, 914kb)

Charlie visits Dover Boys Grammar (08 Oct 2015)

Charlie has visited Dover Grammar School for Boys to take questions on current affairs from students. 

Download (jpg, 437kb)

Charlie calls meeting with Kent County Council and Southern Water on Middle Deal Flooding (08 Oct 2015)

Charlie has called a public meeting for Middle Deal residents who have been suffering the effects of severe flooding, with Kent County Council and Southern Water. 

"I have previously met with the Enviroment Agency, Kent County Council, Southern Water and Dover District Council to make the case for infrastructure improvements. Deal is a town on the rise and with more homes being built, it is important that we have the infrastructure in place to come. We've had many promices. Yet clearly action to date has not been adequate. I am very disapointed that flooding has happened again and I hope residents will come and join the meeting."

Download (jpg, 1363kb)

Charlie hails fall in unemployment in Dover & Deal (01 Oct 2015)

New figures show the unemployment in Dover and Deal has continued to fall with a 55% drop in Job Seekers Allowance claiments since May 2010. 

"These figures highlight the success of our long term economic plan in Dover and Deal, as well as the hard work of everyone to take britain and our community forward. I will keep on fighting to bring more jobs and money to Dover and Deal."

Download (jpg, 206kb)

Charlie hears about jobs market for people with learning difficulties (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie has met with jobseekers with learning difficulties to hear about their experinces finding work.

"I was deeply impressed with the determination to get on and do well in the worklplace. It is important that we work with and offer full support to everyone who has learning difficulties so that they can enjoy the same independence and opportunities in the workplace as anyone else."

Download (jpg, 379kb)

Charlie hails new businesses in Dover and Deal (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie has welcomed that a total of 120 new businesses have been set up in Dover and Deal thanks to the government's New Enterprise Allowance scheme, helping people on unemployment benefit start their own business.

"These figures show that not only have 120 people in our area come off out-of-work benefits, but they have started businesses that create more jobs that will help yet more people into work. Small businesses are vital to our local economy, creating more jobs and money for our area."


Download (jpg, 394kb)

Charlie supports Macmillan Coffee Morning (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie attended Ripple's Coffee Morning thrown in support of Macmillan Cancer Care. 

Download (jpg, 250kb)

Charlie supports Dover Big Local Urban Fete (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie turned out to support Dover Big Local's Urban Fete. 

Download (jpg, 1892kb)

Charlie welcomes progress on Burlington House (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie welcomes the start of work bringing down Burlington House. 

Download (jpg, 812kb)

Charlie questions the council's use of bailiffs (01 Oct 2015)

Charlie has questioned if Dover District Council's use of bailiffs in a growing number of cases is the best thing for local buisnesses. 

"I'm deeply concerned in the increase and excessive use of bailiffs - they should be used only as a last resort. The other day a lady from Lydden got in touch with me about bailiffs visiting her home looking for her ed, he was not there but they took her stuff anyway."

Download (jpg, 999kb)

Charlie presents awards at Temple Ewell Produce Association Autumn Show (24 Sep 2015)

Charlie presented the prizes at Temple Ewell Produce Association's Autumn Show. 

Download (jpg, 1312kb)

Charlie pressures Southern Water to improve flood drainage (24 Sep 2015)

As Deal is hit by yet more flooding, Charlie pressures Southern Water to improve the flood drainage in the town.

"The situation there, and at Southwall Road, is totally unacceptable, particually when the residents have been experincing concerns for some time."

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie promotes local cycling routes (24 Sep 2015)

Charlie has been promoting the cycling routes at Betteshanger Community Parks.

"I really enjoyed a great afternoon cycling at Betteshanger Country Park. It's well worth a visit. The park's cycle paths provide a super afternoon out for all the family. It is brilliant that we have so many diverse spaces like this available for everyone to use in our community."

Download (jpg, 613kb)

Charlie attends the Brownie's Macmillan Coffee Morning (24 Sep 2015)

Charlie supported the Whitfield Brownies at the Macmillan Coffee Morning. 

Download (jpg, 1264kb)

Charlie slams 'crackpot' plan for stack park (24 Sep 2015)

Charlie slams Dover Harbour Board's proposals that the A256 and the A2 from Lydden Hill be used as a lorry park during stack. 

Download (jpg, 609kb)

Charlie celebrates 100 years of the WI (17 Sep 2015)

Charlie joined with members of the St. Margaret's WI to celebrate 100 years of the Woman's Institute.  

Download (jpg, 1960kb)

Charlie visits the Hougham Quilt Festival (17 Sep 2015)

Charlie visited the Hougham Quilt Festival to enjoy the display of quilts made by local residents and to watch the display by the morris dancers. 

Download (jpg, 599kb)

Charlie enjoys the Drop Redoubt Living History Display (17 Sep 2015)

Charlie visits the Western Heights Open Weekend.

"It was fantastic to have the opportunity to visit the Grand Shaft and to wtch some impressive living history displays at the Drop Redoubt Fort. We have so much rich and facinating local history in Dover. There is always something new to learn and discover."

Download (jpg, 2700kb)

Charlie supports the Dover TAP System (17 Sep 2015)

"I'm delighted to hear the harbour board and their Port and Community Forum now support the TAP system, which I secured for Dover in the spring. I hope they'll now join my campaign to ensure changes to the 40 mph speed limit and that the TAP system should operate while Operation Stack is on."

Download (jpg, 388kb)

Charlie condemns far right protestors on the streets of Dover (17 Sep 2015)

Members of the National Front staged disruptive protests through Dover town. 

"Fascists in Dover today are not welcome and dirty our town. Well done to police for keeping them at bay. it's time we put our own people first and banned these people from marching in Dover."

Download (jpg, 3445kb)

Charlie fulfils his election pledge to vote against assisted dying (17 Sep 2015)

Charlie voted againt the Assisted Dying bill that was defeted in the Commons with a majority of 330 MPs. 

Download (jpg, 569kb)

Charlie supports the local Guide Dogs (10 Sep 2015)

Charlie attended the Guide Dog's for the Blind Summer Fair to help raise money for the charity, and to raise awareness for its pavement parking campaign. 

"It is important that drivers are more aware of the impact that pavement parking has on pedestrians. Especially the blind, the partially sighted and the disabled."

Download (jpg, 251kb)

Charlie supports the Dover Community Regatta (03 Sep 2015)

Charlie visited the Dover Community Regatta to catch up with local charities and businesses and hear all about their progress throughout the year. 

Download (jpg, 563kb)

Charlie attends the Kent Miners Festival (03 Sep 2015)

Charlie visited the Kent Miners Festival at Betteshanger Community Parks to help celebrate an important part of Kent's heritage. 

Download (jpg, 611kb)

Charlie meets St. Margaret's residents (03 Sep 2015)

Charlie met with residents of the Granville Flats in St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe to see first hand the damage to the building that has been done by recent flooding. 

"It is clear that the drainage on Hotel Road is not fit for purpose, and requires a major overhaul with investment from Kent County Council in a better road drainage system."

Download (jpg, 1155kb)

Charlie visits the St. Margaret's Gift Fair (03 Sep 2015)

Charlie visited the St Margaret's Gift Fair to celebrate all of the talented crafters in the local area. 

Download (jpg, 360kb)

Charlie supports the Immigration Bill (03 Sep 2015)

Charlie welcomes proposals to jail people working illegally in England for up to six months.

"I welcome further measures to make our borders stronger and tackle illegal migration."

Download (jpg, 151kb)

Charlie attends the Great Mongeham Summer Show (03 Sep 2015)

Charlie visited the Great Mongeham Horticultural Society's Summer Show.

Download (jpg, 771kb)

Charlie visits Solley's ice cream (27 Aug 2015)

Charlie has visited Solley's Ice Cream in Ripple to tour their factory, sample their award winning Wild Strawberry and Cream ice cream and visit their new farm shop.

Download (jpg, 169kb)

Charlie supports the Pharos Beer Festival (27 Aug 2015)

Charlie opened the Pharos Beer Festival at Dover Boys Grammar School, helping raise money to build a new sports hall for use both by the school and the local community. 

Download (jpg, 905kb)

Charlie condemns plan for '1-stop' detention camps (20 Aug 2015)

Charlie has condemned a report by Migration Watch that proposes new 1,000 space detention camps for migrants should be built in condemned.

Download (jpg, 1015kb)

Charlie supports Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club becoming more eco-friendly (13 Aug 2015)

Charlie has toured Walmer and Kingsdown Golf Club, and supports their plans to become greener and more environmentally friendly. 

Download (jpg, 1986kb)

Charlie nominates local curry house for Parliamentary title (13 Aug 2015)

Charlie has nominated Deal curry house Milaad Tandoori for the Tiffin Cup, an annual award in Parliament for the best South Asian restaurant in the country. 

"They're a great local restaurant. I paid many a visit over the election campaign after a hard days work. Their curries are superb and all the staff very welcoming."

Download (jpg, 2251kb)

Charlie voices concerns over Manston Airport plan (13 Aug 2015)

Charlie outlines his concerns about using Manston Airport as a temporary lorry park during Operation Stack. 

"I am concerned the result could be gridlock in East Kent. I have been assured that if it does result in gridlock, it will be abandoned."

Download (jpg, 1824kb)

Charlie praises local Ofsted results (13 Aug 2015)

Charlie has congratulated Kaleidoscope Childcare in Dover and St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School for their 'outstanding' Ofsted results. 

Download (jpg, 151kb)

Village fete is a great success (06 Aug 2015)

Charlie visted the Nonington summer fete. 

"It was fantastic to see so many people turn out in the sunshine. Many congratulations to everyone who put so much time into organising such a super event."

Download (jpg, 509kb)

Charlie opens Tilmanstone village fete (06 Aug 2015)

Along with the local vicar David Ridley, Charlie opened the Tilmanstone village fete at Dane Court Manor House. 

Download (jpg, 1250kb)

Charlie backs plan for health and social care hub (06 Aug 2015)

Charlie supports local doctors' plans to develop a new Health and Social Care Hub at Deal Hospital. 

Download (jpg, 809kb)

Manston Airport will be short-term Stack solution (06 Aug 2015)

Charlie outlines his concerns about Manston airport being used as a temporary lorry park during Operation Stack. 

"I have made the case to ministers that a lorry park at Manston airport has the real risk of causing gridlock on the A2 and A256." 

Download (jpg, 1275kb)

Factory's success story still growing (06 Aug 2015)

Charlie visits the Multipanel UK factory in Eythorne to discuss jobs relocated from China to the local area. 

"More and more, buisnesses like Multipanel are 'reshoring' to the UK as our economy recovers. I'm proud of the great businesses we have here in Dover and Deal." 

Download (jpg, 623kb)

Zumbathon fundraiser for Nepal expedition (30 Jul 2015)

Charlie supports a Zumbathon in Deal helping to raise money for a charity expedition to Nepal.

"So many lives in Nepal were affected by the earthquake and it's fantastic to see our community do our bit to help those in need."

Download (jpg, 543kb)

Ask Charlie...The Calais crisis and Operation Stack (30 Jul 2015)

Ask Charlie

Mercury readers put their questions to Charlie about the impact of the Calais crisis.

Download (jpg, 2156kb)

Charlie attends annual Royal Marines concert (16 Jul 2015)

Charlie attends the annual concert on Walmer Green to remember the Royal Marines killed in the 1989 Deal bombing.

"It was an incredibly moving concert, marking the shocking IRA atrocity of 1989. Yet it was also a great celebration of the many achievements of HM Royal Marines who work so hard around the world to keep us and our nation safe."

Download (jpg, 1042kb)

Supporting Dover's Foodbank (09 Jul 2015)

Charlie lends a hand to Foodbank Volunteers in Dover who spent the weekend collecting essential stock at Tesco for people in need.

"I was incredibly impressed by the selflessness of the volunteers and their determination to help the neediest in our community."

Download (jpg, 680kb)

Call for ferry routes to bypass Calais (09 Jul 2015)

The Dover Express reports on another week of chaos in Calais. The Port of Dover has labelled the strikers as a "militant mob", while Charlie has suggested it may be time to consider alternative cross-Channel routes from Dover.

Charlie writes about this issue in more detail here

Download (jpg, 440kb)

Charlie attends Wellington-inspired opening night (02 Jul 2015)

Charlie attends the opening night of the Deal Festival.

"It was a fantastic start to a fantastic festival."

Download (jpg, 1378kb)

Back in coaltion - to support cancer batlle (02 Jul 2015)

Charlie and his local Lib Dem opponent, Sarah Smith, join forces to campaign for better treatment for ovarian cancer patients.

"All too often, treatment quality for this horrible disease varies far too much around the country. We need to boost access to clinical trials - in Kent and across the UK - and help women with ovarian cancer get the medical support they need."  

Download (jpg, 539kb)

Photos of the New Dover Hospital (25 Jun 2015)

A selection of photos from inside the New Dover Hospital, taken when Charlie toured the new facility recently.

Download (jpg, 537kb)

The New Dover Hospital (25 Jun 2015)

Mercury coverage of Charlie's tour of the New Dover Hospital.

"It's incredible to see such a great range of services now available to patients in the heart of our community."

Download (jpg, 1541kb)

Charlie - Calais 'losing control' (25 Jun 2015)

Charlie warns that authorities in Calais are losing control of the town after migrants tried to exploit a French workers' strike to board vehicles bound for Dover. 

"I am concerned by it. It is high time the French authorities took control of the situation and ensure that people are returned to their country of origin."

Download (jpg, 660kb)

Charlie encourages Town Team involvement (25 Jun 2015)

Charlie meets members of Dover's Town Team to discuss local business issues and encourages other local businesses to get involved too.

"It was great to discuss business rates with the Dover Town Team and to hear how small businesses in Dover can be helped to propser."

Download (jpg, 365kb)

Charlie praises bureau's work (25 Jun 2015)

Charlie and the Chairman of Dover District Council, Cllr Sue Chandler, visit the Dover, Deal and District Citizens' Advice Bureau to hear about the support they offer to people and families in need. 

"It is really great to hear about all the fantastic work the CAB has been doing for local residents."

Download (jpg, 340kb)

New hospital opening 'a defining moment for our community' (18 Jun 2015)

Charlie hails the opening of the New Dover Hospital as 'a defining moment for our community'.

"We now have a purpose-built, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge hospital that will provide health care. It will save so many journeys to Ashford and Margate."

Download (jpg, 1059kb)

Supporting the local jobs revolution (18 Jun 2015)

Charlie visits Kennedy Scott in Dover to talk about their work helping local people into work and their new contract to provide more services to disabled people.

"I was pleased to visit and was struck by their remarkable commitment to helping their customers get back into work."

Download (jpg, 673kb)

Visit to Dover College (18 Jun 2015)

Charlie meets Dover College head teacher to talk about the rise in student numbers.

"It was great to visit Dover College and hear how student numbers are increasing." 

Download (jpg, 302kb)

New era for healthcare in district as hospital opens (18 Jun 2015)

Dover Express coverage of the New Dover Hospital opening its doors to patients.

"This is a defining moment for Dover. It's incredible - I'm excited and delighted that this is now opening."

Download (jpg, 1037kb)

Charlie welcomes Deal pupils to Parliament (11 Jun 2015)

Charlie welcomes primary school children from Deal to Westminster.

Download (jpg, 415kb)

MPs join forces to fight for more East kent investment (04 Jun 2015)

Charlie and the new MP for South Thanet, Craig Mackinlay, team up to campaign for more investment in East Kent.

Download (jpg, 326kb)

Conservatives offer a bright future (28 May 2015)

Charlie writes about the positive Conservative agenda for the next five years.

"I'm looking forward to working with our local councils to fight for our area and make sure it is all it can be."

Download (jpg, 234kb)

Charlie's election victory acceptance speech (14 May 2015)

The East Kent Mercury publish Charlie's acceptance speech following his election win on 7th May that saw his majority increase to 6,294.

Download (jpg, 230kb)

Charlie looks forward to the next five years (14 May 2015)

Charlie talks to the East Kent Mercury about the next steps in his long term plan for Dover and Deal.

"The next few years should be really exciting for our community. I am incredibly optimistic about what we can do together."

Download (jpg, 906kb)

Renewing Dover is not just about civic pride. It's about more jobs and money (16 Apr 2015)

Charlie highlights the progress made locally since 2010. 

Download (jpg, 203kb)

Charlie praises care home scheme (26 Mar 2015)

Charlie visits the Ceaser Court development in Deal.

"Caeser Court will be a fantastic asset for our community and provide good, affordable accommodation and care for elderly people in Deal."  

Download (jpg, 363kb)

Town among 'best places to live by the sea' (19 Mar 2015)

Deal is named as one of the best places in the country to live by the sea.

"This accolade is yet more evidence of the success of Deal."

Download (jpg, 416kb)

MP calls for better national security (19 Mar 2015)

Charlie makes the case in Parliament for reforming Human Righs legislation to help tighten national security.

Download (jpg, 269kb)

At Last! (05 Mar 2015)

The headline says it all...

Burlington House has been an eyesore on the Dover skyline for too long - now the plans are in place to finally bring it down!

"This is fantastic news and a defining moment in the history of Dover."

Download (jpg, 2790kb)

D-Day for Dover (05 Mar 2015)

Charlie welcomes the Government's decision to give the go ahead for the demolition of Burlington House.

"This is fantastic news. It truly is D-Day for Dover - a day of days in the history of our town, and a defining moment in the battle to demolish Burlington House."

Download (jpg, 2614kb)

Coverage of Charlie's Jobs Fair (05 Mar 2015)

Dover Express coverage of Charlie's third Jobs Fair.

"It's incredible, since 2010 we've had a jobs revolution and I think there's even more we can do."

Download (jpg, 901kb)

Charlie and Europe Minster meet local small business bosses (05 Mar 2015)

Charlie welcomes Europe Minister David Lidington to Dover to meet local small business bosses.

"It was fantastic to welcome the Europe Minister to Dover to support local businesses and exporters. We have so many growing businesses in Dover who are keen to expand. I am passionate about getting more jobs and money to our corner of Kent."

Download (jpg, 1155kb)

Charlie backs donor drive (05 Mar 2015)

Charlie lends his support to a campaign for more people to join the bone marrow register.

"It's fantastic that so many young people in Dover and Deal are signing up to the Anthony Nolan register. Their selfless action could save someone's life." 

Download (jpg, 328kb)

Charlie slams Network Rail for dithering over new car park (19 Feb 2015)

Charlie meets ministers to discuss Network Rail's delay in building the new car park at Dover Priory Station.

"We very much need it to be built for economic expansion - I am extremely disappointed by how they [Network Rail] have handled this project."

Download (jpg, 939kb)

Charlie visits Barton Junior School (19 Feb 2015)

Charlie is quizzed by pupils at Barton Junior School in Dover.

Download (jpg, 871kb)

Helping job seekers back into work (05 Feb 2015)

Kennedy Scott, a local training company which helps unemployed people into work, celebrated its 25th Anniversary recently.

Charlie was delighted to join them for their special day.

Download (jpg, 1440kb)

Charlie welcomes 28% drop in benefit claimants (05 Feb 2015)

Latest figures show a 28% decrease in the number of people seeking unemployment benefits in the Dover constituency. 

"Under Labour, unemployment rocketed a disgraceful 50 percent in our area from 2005. It is now down 36 per cent since the General Election." 

Download (jpg, 323kb)

Victory in fight against fracking (05 Feb 2015)

Charlie backs tighter regulations to protect our area from fracking.

"I made the case for tougher regulation time and time again to the government. The changes that have been made will ensure that fracking companies can no longer come to our corner of the Garden of England and seek to exploit it."

Download (jpg, 1541kb)

Charlie meets Go Away Stowaway creators (29 Jan 2015)

Charlie recently met the local businessmen behind the Go Away Stowaway detection system.

"It's a great invention. I hope more haulage companies adopt the system to track and stop those who try to break into Britain."

Download (jpg, 577kb)

Charlie visits Relate East Kent (29 Jan 2015)

Charlie visits Relate East Kent to hear about their counselling services and their work with young people.

"It was particularly encouraging to hear of the counselling they are providing to help young people in our area. Helping young people work through their problems early in life helps set them up for a brighter future as they grow into adults."

Download (jpg, 838kb)

'Take me as you find me' approach stands Charlie in good stead (22 Jan 2015)

The Mercury's Beth Robson visits Charlie at home for a chat about his priorities for Dover and Deal and his views on the forthcoming election.

Download (jpg, 1793kb)

Much done - more to do (15 Jan 2015)

Charlie sets out his priorities and the issues he'll be campaigning on at the general election.

Download (jpg, 436kb)

An all-day fast train for Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill (15 Jan 2015)

Charlie joins the celebrations as the all-day fast train to London from Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill rolls into service.

"Not only have we got the fast train; it will now run all day every day"

Download (jpg, 1899kb)

Charlie bangs drum for small traders (18 Dec 2014)

Charlie shows his suport for small businesses in Dover Town Centre on Small Business Saturday.

"Small businesses make the world go round. I really enjoyed speaking to the business people and hearing about what would help their businesses grow more."

Download (jpg, 922kb)

MP praises 'rapidly improving school' (18 Dec 2014)

Charlie congratulates staff, parents and students at St Edmund's Catholic School in Dover. This summer, the school achieved its best ever GCSE results.

Download (jpg, 451kb)

'EU should do more to halt people trafficking' (18 Dec 2014)

Charlie raises border security issues at Prime Minister's Questions.

"The EU must act now to deal with their open borders and tackle people trafficking." 

Download (jpg, 970kb)

Ex-Ukip chairman slams party and joins Tories (27 Nov 2014)

The former Chairman of Dover UKIP joins Charlie's positive campaign to make improvements and get things done for Dover and Deal. Resigning in disgust over the recently published UKIP hate map, he slammed the local UKIP branch for being "a hotbed of extremism".

"We need to reject the politics of negativity and despair. My appeal to all UKIP supporters is come with me and let's work together to get the best for Dover and Deal."

Download (jpg, 1257kb)

From a dingy flat in London to the best seat in the country (13 Nov 2014)

From his earliest memory of the three day week back in the 1970s to becoming Dover and Deal's MP, Charlie tells his story for Dover Express readers...

"Serving the people of Dover and Deal is the greatest privilege anyone could ever want."

Download (jpg, 3188kb)

Supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer (06 Nov 2014)

Charlie joins Breakthrough Breast Cancer's call for fairer access to breast cancer drugs.

"I'm supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer in their call for all political parties, including my own, to commit to solving the issues that currently exist around access to drugs in the UK."

Download (jpg, 1726kb)

MP slams Ukip for approach to French leaders (06 Nov 2014)

Charlie slams UKIP for cosying up to the Mayor of Calais. 

Download (jpg, 1865kb)

Coal mine transformation begins (06 Nov 2014)

The first turf is turned to mark the beginning of work on the new Betteshanger agri-science campus, set to create 1,000 new jobs locally.

Download (jpg, 1992kb)

Charlie urges people to get involved in town foodbank (30 Oct 2014)

Charlie meets with volunteers from Dover's foodbank and urges local people to get involved by donating.

"It is an amazing example of our community coming together to help those who need it most."

Download (jpg, 1150kb)

Charlie slams 'Wild West of the net' in debate (30 Oct 2014)

Charlie says he want to "smash the trolls" and that online bullies should be made to reveal their identities when they set up social media accounts.

"People shouldn't just be able to set up anonymous accounts, which they then use to abuse people. It has become the Wild West of the internet and it needs to be dealt with."

Download (jpg, 422kb)

Shipping minister sails in to witness port refurbishment (23 Oct 2014)

Charlie and Shipping Minister John Hayes visit the Port of Dover.

Download (jpg, 689kb)

Dover Priory car park plan close to being finalised (23 Oct 2014)

Plans for a multi-storey car park at Dover's Priory Station are close to being finalised.

Download (jpg, 1293kb)

Progress at schools praised (16 Oct 2014)

Charlie visits Dover Grammar School for Boys and st Edmunds Catholic School.

"Like Castle Community Academy in Deal, real improvement has been made. Congratulations to the teachers and staff on their efforts."

Download (jpg, 796kb)

Will Dover's Labour candidate use taxpayers' money for food, furniture and housing? (16 Oct 2014)

Dover's Labour Candidate has refused to match Charlie's expenses pledge not to use taxpayers' money to pay for food, furniture or housing.

"If people want to ensure expenses are kept to a minimum and there is no 'troughing' on expenses, clearly they should vote Conservative."

Download (jpg, 946kb)

Charlie adds to calls for action to improve Freemens Way (02 Oct 2014)

Charlie pledges action to help make improvements to Freemens Way in Deal.

"I totally get how angry the residents are. I talked to many people when I held the site meeting. I am working hard to make the difference."

Download (jpg, 1236kb)

Charlie supports British Heart Foundation initiative (25 Sep 2014)

Charlie helps raise awareness of  Heartstart: Emergency Life Support. Courses are held twice a month at the RMA Club on The Strand in Walmer. Call Beverley-Jayne on 01304 374883 for more details.

Download (jpg, 819kb)

MP calls blockade by supporters of truckers 'barmy' (25 Sep 2014)

Charlie opposes a proposed blockade of the Port of Dover and calls for wider changes to deal with the European open borders problem.

"We don't need a barmy blockade, whether it's the brainchild of the mayor of Calais or anyone else."

Download (jpg, 2483kb)

Charlie asks minister back to the coast (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie celebrates Deal's national High Street of the Year award.

"I am very proud of Deal High Street's status as the best in the country."

Download (jpg, 687kb)

Charlie: I'll fight for more beds (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie vows to turn around Labour's outpatients mess. Charlie successfullly campaigned for a new Dover Hospital, set to open in spring 2015, and led a community campaign to safeguard Deal Hospital.

"It's a real battle to turn around Labour's years of local health neglect, yet I am ambitious for our community and the health services we seek."

Download (jpg, 504kb)

Charlie 'wears it pink' to help beat breast cancer (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie supports the fight against breast cancer.

Download (jpg, 1183kb)

Charlie and Home Secretary discuss action for stronger borders (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, discuss strong action to keep our borders safe and secure. They agree that border controls should be kept in Calais, and not brought back to Dover as UKIP have suggested.

"We are keeping Britain safe and secure. Now we must force France, Italy and Brussles to do their bit."

Download (jpg, 839kb)

While working to strengthen our borders, Europe's have weakened (18 Sep 2014)

Charlie gives an update on the strong action being taken to make our borders more safe and secure.

"We must remain strong. We cannot give in. We cannot return to the dar days of Labour's open-door."

Download (jpg, 533kb)

Anger as Calais mayor plans new camp for refugees (04 Sep 2014)

Charlie says he is against a new 'Sangatte-style' refuguee camp being considered by Calais.

"The Calais authorities are making a big mistake"

Download (jpg, 1030kb)

Speed survey agreed over 'dangerous' seafront bend (21 Aug 2014)

Taking action to improve road safety by the Royal Hotel in Deal.

"After the accident earlier this year, many residents contacted me about the dangerous bend in Beach Street. I pledged to take action over the unsafe bend so we could avoid any more accidents."

Download (jpg, 1141kb)

Fears on ferry safety (21 Aug 2014)

Charlie opposes proposals to undo some of the safety measures put in place following the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster.

"Every year we mark the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster with a service of remembrance and we will never forget the horror of what happened."

Download (jpg, 2588kb)

MP - desperate migrants may harm ferry industry (21 Aug 2014)

Charlie speaks out following more worrying reports about the situation in Calais.

"It's increasingly urgent that the situation in Calais is dealt with. It's now getting to the stage where it risks harming the ferry industry." 

Download (jpg, 1258kb)

Decline in jobless total (21 Aug 2014)

Lower unemployment and lower youth unemployment - the government's long term economic plan and welfare reforms are getting Britain working.

Download (jpg, 223kb)

A record of action, a promise of more (14 Aug 2014)

Charlie writes a short pre-election article about local issues for Dover Express readers.

"A lot has been done. I'm proud of all that we have achieved together. Yet there is so much more that we can do. For me, it's about the kind of town we can build together." 

Download (jpg, 406kb)

Charlie welcomes Minister for Coastal Towns to Deal (14 Aug 2014)

Charlie and Government Minister for Coastal Towns Penny Mordaunt meet shop owners and local residents in Deal High Street.

"The change that's been brought by High Speed trains means there's a lot more entertainment venues, a lot more places for people to enjoy hospitality and more tourism."

Download (jpg, 1041kb)

Our hospitals can help ease pressure, says MP (14 Aug 2014)

A fairer share of healthcare in Dover and Deal would help ease the pressure on East Kent's larger hospitals.

"It would take the pressure off the larger hospitals and ensure that services provided at all the hospitals in east Kent see the improvements the inspectors have called for."

Download (jpg, 1623kb)

Celebrating 30 years of local surveyors' firm (07 Aug 2014)

Charlie joins the celebrations as a local firm marks its 30th year in business.

Download (jpg, 701kb)

Dover given extra funding to improve its GP services (07 Aug 2014)

Charlie says: "This shows that in our area we are fotunate to have some very innovative GPs who have done excellent work in securing the money."

Download (jpg, 1217kb)

Charlie attends Deal Hospital Fete (07 Aug 2014)

The East Kent Mercury covers the ever popular Deal Hospital Fete, which raises thousands each year for Friends of Deal Hospital.

"The Friends of Deal Hospital should feel proud of putting on another great event."

Download (jpg, 1716kb)

Charlie becomes a Dementia Friend (31 Jul 2014)

Charlie takes part in a Dementia training session with volunteers from Dementia Friendly Deal.

You can become a Dementia Friend too - visit for more details.

Download (jpg, 312kb)

Charlie raises future of medical centre with the health secretary (31 Jul 2014)

Charlie meets with patients from Dover Medical Centre and makes the case to the health secretary and the NHS for the practice to remain open.

Download (jpg, 629kb)

Pupils question Charlie via Skype (31 Jul 2014)

Charlie takes part in a live Skype question time with students from Deal's Castle Community College. 

Download (jpg, 451kb)

(24 Jul 2014)

The Dover Express lifts the lid on Labour's £1m Dover council tax stash.

Charlie's view: "They could completely abolish council tax for the entirety of next year and still have hundreds of thousand of pounds in the bank. It's the same old Labour - more tax on hard-pressed families and pensioners. It's unwarranted, unacceptable and wrong."

Download (jpg, 1252kb)

Immigrants 'swarming over' trucks for Dover (17 Jul 2014)

Charlie urges the French authorities to detain and repatriate asylum seekers before they attempt to cross illegally from Calais to Dover. 

Download (jpg, 1492kb)

A bigger and brighter yacht club (10 Jul 2014)

Charlie attends the opening of new facilities at the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club in Dover.

"It's great to see the harbour board and yacht club working together on the expansion."

Download (jpg, 893kb)

MP urges owners to have their animals microchipped (10 Jul 2014)

Charlie cares about dog welfare and urges dog owners to take advantage of microchipping their pets before it becomes compulsory in 2016.

Download (jpg, 1143kb)

Charlie demands action on Albert Road floods (10 Jul 2014)

Charlie meets Southern Water chiefs to demand action to help prevent future flooding in Albert Road, Deal.

"I am doing all I can to improve things and will keep residents updated on developments."

Download (jpg, 1389kb)

MP joins call for cleaner streets (03 Jul 2014)

Charlie backs the Deal campaign for cleaner streets and less dog muck!

Download (jpg, 314kb)

Meeting apprentices at East Kent Railways (03 Jul 2014)

Charlie and Government Minister for Skills and Enterprise, Matthew Hancock MP, meet apprentices at East Kent Railway in Shepherdswell. 

Download (jpg, 184kb)

Minister highlights manufacturer's impact on economy (03 Jul 2014)

Local business success story, Multi-Panel, have reshored 70 jobs from China.

Charlie took Government Minister, Matthew Hancock MP, to tour the company's factory in Tilmanstone and to hear about the growth of the local economy. 

Download (jpg, 1738kb)

College plans to bridge gap between education and work (03 Jul 2014)

Investing in Dover's future

Charlie and Government Minister, Matthew Hancock MP, visit East Kent College as plans to transform the Dover campus are unveiled.

"It was a real battle to secure the future of the Dover campus, yet we succeeded. Now we need to make it a more modern campus that learners will be proud of." 

Download (jpg, 1480kb)

MP urges action over 'unsafe' bend (26 Jun 2014)

Charlie calls for action to make the corner by the Royal Hotel on Beach Street in Deal safer for drivers and pedestrians.

"I was glad to see this problem for myself and will be taking this matter up with the county council."

Download (jpg, 2361kb)

MP hosts flood risk summit (26 Jun 2014)

Charlie holds talks with environment chiefs to get answers about the Albert Road flooding in Deal and to push for improvements to the sea defences at Kingsdown and St Margarets.

Download (jpg, 162kb)

Fall in number of people on the dole (26 Jun 2014)

More jobs and money for Dover and Deal

Unemployment locally down 20% in the last year and youth unemployment down an astonishing 30%.

"This is really encouraging because it shows our long-term plan is working. We need to ensure it is a sustainable for everyone."

Download (jpg, 416kb)

Dover business to be proud of (12 Jun 2014)

Going bananas in Dover! Charlie visits Hammonds to see bananas being unloaded.

"This is a great Dover business of which we are justly proud."

Download (jpg, 137kb)

MP is guest at new lab (29 May 2014)

Charlie cuts the ribbon at a new laboratory at Medical Engineering Technologies in Dover.

Download (jpg, 1297kb)

Anger as French prepare to flatten migrant camps (29 May 2014)

Charlie criticises the French authorities of ducking responsibility as they prepare to bulldoze three migrant camps in Calais.

"I welcome the French decision to get rid of the camps because they are simply not fit for human habitation. But it was the French who allowed them to spring up in the first place after the closure of Sangatte 12 years ago." 

Download (jpg, 744kb)

Charlie visits Deal foodbank (15 May 2014)

Charlie visits Deal's foodbank with the Welfare Reform Minister, David Freud.

"The Deal foodbank is an excellent example of Christian charity and our community coming together to help those who need it most. David and I were incredibly impressed with the caring approach of the volunteers and their determination to help all those in need." 

Download (jpg, 293kb)

Plan for new free school revealed (15 May 2014)

Charlie supports plans for a new free school in Deal.

"This is a really exciting proposal. It would give parents in Deal and Walmer the choice they have clamoured for, and I will work the case for the Walmer site to the county council because it's the very place for a school to go."

Download (jpg, 181kb)

Charlie complains to Education Secretary over Ofsted's conduct (08 May 2014)

Charlie slams Ofsted for the timing of their recent inspection of Castle Community COllege in Deal and will raise the issue with Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove.

"They came knocking on the door almost six months to the day after the merger. We know that Walmer should not have got into such a state, that the merger should have been handled better. We know it was totally wrong for Ofsted to go in at this point in the academic year."

Download (jpg, 642kb)

Chance to quiz MP about port and hospital (01 May 2014)

Charlie has written to all 13,000 in Dover about his 'Ask Charlie' public meeting in the Town Hall on Friday 2nd May.

The event is free to attend and residents can ask Charlie about anything!

"I want people to challenge me as their MP and I promise that I'll listen and do my best to act accordingly."

Download (jpg, 325kb)

MP joins mums to celebrate group's second anniversary (24 Apr 2014)

Charlie visits the Deal Breastfeeding Support Group as they celebrate their second anniversary.

"Candice Roberts and her volunteers haven been giving their time over the past two years to provide support to mothers and their little ones."

Download (jpg, 248kb)

French border police dubbed 'ineffective' (24 Apr 2014)

The Dover Express covers Charlie's day trip to Calais to discuss immigration and border control issues.

"We actually saw migrants trying to jump on the back of a lorry while I was there. When police were called they were spoken to then released. But I heard from people in the camps that British border officers and dogs are very effective."

Download (jpg, 548kb)

Winning smiles as minister sets out his plan to safeguard port (17 Apr 2014)

Coverage in The Dover Express of the Shipping Minister's announcement on the Port of Dover. Charlie says the outcome took longer and was made harder due to Labour's opposition to the People's Port.

"It was not helpful. People in Westminster said to me: 'Your community is not united'. There should have been cross-party unity and Labour should have been bigger than they were."

Download (jpg, 504kb)

MPs visit to East Kent Railway to see apprentices given their train-ing (17 Apr 2014)

Charlie takes Secretary of State for Work and Penions, Iain Duncan Smith MP,  to meet apprentices at East Kent Railway.

"The number of apprentices in Dover and Deal has doubled since the last election, providing more local people with ladders to success in the world of work."

Download (jpg, 359kb)

Residents air concerns over play area's demise (17 Apr 2014)

Charlie joins Aycliffe residents at a public meeting to hear their concerns about the removal of a local play park and the proposed new development of 12 flats in the area. 

Download (jpg, 623kb)

Dover is getting a people's port (10 Apr 2014)

The Dover Mercury reports on the Shipping Minister's Dover port announcement.

"I think what people wanted was no sell-off but they wanted to see the port improved, they wanted to have a voice in the boardroom and wanted to see the port benefit the community. They got all these things today."

Download (, 0kb)

Join my meeting to discuss future of zone, urges MP (10 Apr 2014)

Charlie calls a public meeting at Dover Town Hall on Friday 2 May. The event is free to attend and open to all residents of the town. 

"We need the town of Dover to have confidence and believe in the future. I think we should all be part of the conversation and that's what I'm doing."

Download (jpg, 277kb)

Petition plea to MP urges play park to be replaced (03 Apr 2014)

Charlie backs Aycliffe residents calling on the District Council for their play park to be replaced.

"The people of Aycliffe should get a full hearing as soon as possible."

Download (jpg, 579kb)

MP in warning 'not to get hopes up' before port announcement (03 Apr 2014)

Following past attempts by Labour to scupper the People's Port project, Charlie warns Dover Express readers not to get their hopes up ahead of the Shipping Minister's announcement about the future of Dover Port on 9 April.

Download (jpg, 351kb)

MP concerned about mental health care (27 Mar 2014)

Charlie speaks of his concern about levels of mental health care in Kent, following the East Kent Mercury's front page story about local 17 year old Hayley Pemble's treatment at Margate's QEQM Hospital.

"I am looking to meet with the mental health trust and service users to enable the problem to be addressed openly and I hope that solutions and improvements can be found."

Download (, 0kb)

Pub music night's good to talk (20 Mar 2014)

Charlie presents a cheque to Talk It Out, a mental health discussion group based in Deal

Download (jpg, 146kb)

MP helps nursery celebrate £40k boost (20 Mar 2014)

Charlie visits Choo Choos Nursery in River to congratulate them on securing £40,000 from the Regional Growth Fund.

Download (jpg, 240kb)

£12.5m investment boost (20 Mar 2014)

Charlie welcomes news that aluminium panel manufacturers, Multipanel, are reshoring back to the UK, to set up a new plant in Eythorne.

"It's great news that more and more businesses are reshoring to the UK."

Download (jpg, 94kb)

MP declares jobs fair a success as hundreds attend (13 Mar 2014)

Jobs Fair Success

The Dover Mercury reviews the second Dover Jobs Fair.

"Businesses told me they received many high quality CVs and I hope people see these translate into jobs and work."

Download (jpg, 489kb)

MP hails town's jobs fair a massive success (13 Mar 2014)

More jobs and money

The Dover Express reports on the success of the second Dover Jobs Fair, organised by Charlie.

Download (jpg, 299kb)

MP steps up his support for cancer charity fundraiser (13 Mar 2014)

Charlie is taking part in this year's Breakthrough Breast Cancer Crocus Walk, on Saturday 5th April.

To help Charlie raise funds for this great cause, you can donate here.

Download (jpg, 362kb)

12 years and not a brick's been laid... (06 Mar 2014)

A petition calling on Dover DIstrict Council to hold a public meeting to discuss its regenerations plans for the town has gained over 2,000 signatures. Charlie gives his view....

"I would welcome a public meeting. I completely understand how angry people are. When we tear down Burlington House people will start to believe in the future of Dover. People won't believe it until they see it with their own eyes.

"We ought to have an open debate - I will be over the moon to talk endlessly about it."

Download (jpg, 1003kb)

MP concerns over traveller camp powers (06 Mar 2014)

Charlie raises a question in parliament about local authorities' powers when traveller camps like the one in Eastry are set up.

"What actions can councils take on the matter, and can their powers be strengthened?"

Download (jpg, 183kb)

MP adds his voice to anti-smoking drive (27 Feb 2014)

Charlie supports the British Heart Foundation's No Smoking Day.

"It's important for your health, your family and your wallet. People who stop smoking are better off in every way."

Download (jpg, 417kb)

MP and villagers toast return of post office to Eythorne (27 Feb 2014)

Charlie and villagers in Eythorne celebrate the return of full postal services to the village.

Download (jpg, 338kb)

MP not complacent about 'dramatic' joblessness fall (27 Feb 2014)

Charlie welcomes figures showing a 19% drop in unemployment locally.

"We need to see through the government's long-term economic plan to be sure that we continue to improve the picture for jobs."

Charlie's second Dover Jobs Fair is on Friday 7 March at Dover Town Hall between 10am-3pm.
Click here for more information.

Download (jpg, 239kb)

Raise maternity pay to minimum wage, says Charlie (20 Feb 2014)

Charlie proposes plans to increase maternity pay to minimum wage level. Dover's Labour candidate opposes the policy which would help parents with newborns, particularly the self-employed.

"The Labour Party used to care about hard pressed parents and I am astonished that this is no longer the case."

Download (, 0kb)

Visit is just the ticket (13 Feb 2014)

Government Minister Ed Vaizey MP joins Charlie and Leo the Library Lion at Deal Library for National Library Day.

Download (jpg, 667kb)

Charlie signs Holocaust memorial (06 Feb 2014)

Charlie signs the Holocaust Memorial Book of Commitment in parliament.

"I was proud to sign the Book of Commitment in parliament. We must never forget the great evil that was done."

Download (jpg, 150kb)

Why is our hospital left out of this consultation? (06 Feb 2014)

Health bosses say Deal has been left out of the current outpatients consultation because it was part of an East Kent study in 2006. The problem is, the people of Deal weren't told told about it back then! 

Charlie says, "I'm perplexed, because I don't think anyone in Deal was told. It looks ominously like we were being let down by our representatives at the time. This development makes my job in safeguarding hospital services very hard." 

Download (jpg, 415kb)

Readers back People's Port by a huge majority (30 Jan 2014)

A massive 82% of Dover Express readers back the People's Port in an online poll.

Charlie says the "incredible result" reveals a "groundswell of support for the People's Port".

Download (jpg, 535kb)

MP promotes second town jobs fair (23 Jan 2014)

The second Dover Jobs Fair, organised by Charlie, takes place at Dover Town Hall, 10am-3pm, on Friday 7th March. Click here for full details.

Download (jpg, 126kb)

High Street of the Year (23 Jan 2014)

Charlie welcomes Government Minister Brandon Lewis MP to Deal to celebrate the town's High Street of the Year award.

Download (jpg, 2295kb)

Charlie takes on Labour rival over People's Port (16 Jan 2014)

Dover Labour have said they are against local people having a say in running the port. Labour would dump the People's Port.

"It's clear the Labour candidate has blundered badly in refusing to listen to pulic opinion.", says Charlie.

Download (jpg, 495kb)

Deal wins high street award (09 Jan 2014)

Charlie leads the celebrations for Deal's High Street of the Year award.

"This is great news for Deal and just recognition of the extensive and brilliant work of the town team and all the businesses that have worked so hard to make it High Street of the Year."

Download (jpg, 690kb)

Cops getting 'in the faces' of street yobs (09 Jan 2014)

Charlie backs police efforts to crackdown on crime in Dover town centre.

"It's time to send out the message that there is no longer any hiding place in Dover for such criminality and anti-social behaviour."

Download (jpg, 1280kb)

Farage is in favour of Syrian refugees (09 Jan 2014)

Charlie opposes UKIP's policy of letting Calais-based Syrian refugees cross into the UK.

"I disagree with UKIP saying Syrians at Calais should come to Dover. First safe country should take refugees - not the UK."

Download (jpg, 717kb)

MP steps up fight for hospital status (09 Jan 2014)

Charlie introduces a bill to Parliament calling for community ownership of local hospitals. 

"If communities want to have a say on their hospital and take back control, like they used to, they should be able to do that."

Download (jpg, 253kb)

MP slams £45k payout to former town clerk (02 Jan 2014)

Charlie calls for the Labour councillors accused of bullying a former town clerk out of her job to cough up the £45k payout bill.

"There should be no place in local politics for bullying and sex discrimination. It is simply depressing that a number of councillors seem more interested in covering it up than taking responsibility."

Download (jpg, 333kb)

Labour candidate's call to dump 'people's port' (19 Dec 2013)

The Dover Express reports on calls from Dover's Labour candidate for the Government to dump the People's Port.

Charlie said: "It's now clear a Labour MP here would never stand up to the Harbour Board. A Labour MP would see our port sold off to the french or whoever sooner or later. There would be no regeneration or investment. It saddens me Labour offer such a bleak future for Dover."

Download (jpg, 516kb)

Fast train success (19 Dec 2013)

Victory for Charlie's fast train campaign as Southeastern Trains announce all-day high speed services from Deal to London.

"It's grest to see the proposals go further than we dared hope, with Walmer and Martin Mill slated to get the service too. Working together with Fast Trains for Deal we are on the threshold of achieving a real and lasting victory for the community."

Download (jpg, 357kb)

MP outlines his job to pupils during visit to primary school (19 Dec 2013)

Charlie visits Temple Ewell Primary School to talk to pupils about his role as Dover and Deal's Member of Parliament.

Download (jpg, 249kb)

Hospital safe but you need to say what services you need (12 Dec 2013)

Charlie slams the NHS Health Trust as "desperately out of touch" and "wholly unreasonable" for not including Deal in its consultation on outpatients services.

Download (jpg, 429kb)

MP dismisses proposal for 11% pay rise as 'nonsense' (12 Dec 2013)

Charlie speaks out against proposals by the independent parliamentary watchdog to increase MPs' pay after the 2015 general election.

"This is utter nonsense, it really is. I don't think you can justify taking an 11 per cent increase, given that people have had it so difficult for so long."

Charlie has stuck to his election pledge and does not claim a penny for food, furniture or a seocnd home - nor does he employ members of his family.

Download (jpg, 415kb)

£15m car park plan for station to be submitted (05 Dec 2013)

Charlie welcomes £15million plans for car park and shops at Dover Priory station.

"We need this car park in order to realise the full potential of the high-speed line. It will make a real and positive difference to Dover and the surrounding villages in terms of access to more jobs and money."

Download (jpg, 438kb)

MP: Immigrant plan welcome (28 Nov 2013)

Charlie backs Government plans to restrict access to benefits for EU immigrants.

Download (jpg, 264kb)

MP wants a referendum on proposal for port (28 Nov 2013)

Charlie calls for any future port proposals to be put to the people of Dover in a referendum.

Download (jpg, 373kb)

Rail fight goes on (21 Nov 2013)

"It's vindication of our hard-fought campaign".

Charlie welcomes news that the high-speed rail service to Deal will stay opertaing to October 2014. Charlie will keep up pressure on Government ministers to deliver a long term and all day service.

Download (jpg, 332kb)

'Call the minister in' over claims of town hall bullying (14 Nov 2013)

Labour's Deal Town Council bullying and sexism scandal takes another twist as the matter is referred to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government - a move backed by Charlie.

Download (jpg, 559kb)

MP: Escaped stowaways have to caught soon (14 Nov 2013)

Charlie comments on the missing illegal immigrants who escaped from a lorry at Dover Port.

"It's essential to our national security they are tracked down and caught straight away."

Download (jpg, 393kb)

£40m ex-pit plan brings 1,000 jobs (07 Nov 2013)

"It's a great day for east Kent, and the project is creating something truly amazing."

Charlie comments on the £40m scheme to transform the old Betteshanger Colliery.
The project is set to create 1,000 local jobs.

Download (jpg, 670kb)

Druggies and drunks 'will go by the summer' (07 Nov 2013)

Charlie supports Dover's new Chief Inspector's crackdown on town centre drunks and druggies.

"The problems stem from people having nothing to do, and the best way to combat loneliness and boredom is through work."

Download (jpg, 654kb)

MP calls for resignations and a Labour inquiry (24 Oct 2013)

Allegations of bullying and sexism by Labour Councillors have led to the resignation of the Town Clerk and thrown Deal Town Hall into crisis. Charlie demands a full investigation by the Labour Party National Executive Committee.

"It is totally unacceptable and these few councillors are bringing the whole town council into disrepute."

Download (jpg, 707kb)

Call for probe into town hall's "dark culture'' (24 Oct 2013)

Charlie calls on the Labour Party to investigate allegations of bullying and sexism by Labour Councillors in Deal.

Download (jpg, 311kb)

Political career started with a hole in the ceiling (24 Oct 2013)

Charlie gives an insight into the start of his career, when he was living in a dingy flat in South London.

"It was that basement flat which became the inspiration to go into politics. To coin the cliché, I wanted to make a difference. I don't look back on that home with much affection, but I do remember its significance to my life."

Download (jpg, 500kb)

'No ball' call by residents leaves villagers fuming (24 Oct 2013)

Charlie gives St Margaret's Cricket Club his support after some residents complained about cricket balls damaging their roof tiles.

"For many people its an important part of village life, clearly this cricket club is well supported."

Download (jpg, 400kb)

Charlie seeks police report on A258 tragic accident (17 Oct 2013)

Charlie gives his support to Tracy Squire's road safety campaign following her son's tragic death on the A258 Dover to Deal road.

Charlie has demanded answers from the police as to whether the accident was due to safety issues on the road.

Download (, 0kb)

MP gets some answers on live animal export notices (17 Oct 2013)

Charlie receives answers from a government minister to his questions about live animal export notices.

Download (jpg, 393kb)

MP's guide dog trial proves an eye-opening experience (17 Oct 2013)

Charlie supports National Guide Dog Week and spends the morning learning about the everyday difficulties faced by blind people.

"I take my hat of to the people who are not sighted, because it is so difficult."

Download (jpg, 759kb)

'Strong support' pledged for high-speed services (10 Oct 2013)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the progress of Charlie's campaign to keep Deal's high-speed rail services.

"I fought hard to secure the funding of the service and I am fighting hard to keep it. Indeed I want to see an all day high-speed service."

Download (jpg, 574kb)

MP calls for foreign lorry checks (10 Oct 2013)

Charlie calls for foreign lorries to be properly checked to ensure they are safe and their drivers can clearly see all nearby cars.

Download (jpg, 96kb)

MP presents Olivia with trophy after her flag tops poll (10 Oct 2013)

Charlie presents the trophy to the winner of the East Kent Mercury's Flag it Up project.

Download (jpg, 326kb)

Crowds get great Deal of pleasure (19 Sep 2013)

The Dover Express reports on the annual Deal braderie.

Charlie attended and told the Express: "Combined with the music festivals, the brocante and the theatre, these are the things which made Deal the centre of culture we know it is."

Download (jpg, 468kb)

Campaigners dig in for defence of town's high-speed railway service (19 Sep 2013)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Charlie's campaign for an all-day high speed rail service from Deal to London.

Download (jpg, 465kb)

Best is yet to come for port, vows MP (19 Sep 2013)

Charlie speaks at the annual meeting of the Dover People's Port Trust.

"In my view the best is yet to come in the fulfilment of the society's objective of delivering a community-owned port and ensuring proper investment in regeneration for ours and the next generation."

Download (jpg, 316kb)

Dover's border force praised but smuggling still a concern (12 Sep 2013)

In a House of Commons debate Charlie praises the work of Dover's border force and calls on the Government to prioritise lorry checking in Dover to help prevent smuggling and trafficking.

Download (jpg, 435kb)

MP urges young people to take part in debate on health services (05 Sep 2013)

Charlie urges young people and families to have their say on the future services at Deal Hospital by returning his survey.

"It's not too late for people to fill in the survey and return it to me so we can inform the commission of priorities."

Download (jpg, 349kb)

Survey results are revealed at meeting (05 Sep 2013)

Charlie announced preliminary results of his hospital survey at the public meeting. An incredible 2,250 surveys were returned and 408 people attended the public meeting, reflecting the huge strength of feeling regarding Deal Hospital's future.

Download (jpg, 556kb)

Hospital is safe (05 Sep 2013)

Deal hospital is safe and the services there will get better.

The front page of the East Kent Mercury reports on Charlie's public meeting on the future of Deal Hospital and the clear message from health chiefs that the hospital will stay open with improved services.

Download (jpg, 636kb)

Hospital's future is in your hands (29 Aug 2013)

The front page of the East Kent Mercury gives an update on Charlie's Deal Hospital survey and urges local people to have their say at the public meeting on Friday 30 August.

"People are so passionate about the future of the hospital and want to safeguard its services. It's time to let health chiefs know how much we care about Deal hospital."

Download (jpg, 657kb)

MP calls on residents to support hospital survey (22 Aug 2013)

Charlie calls on the people of Deal to have their say on the future of Deal Hospital.

"It has been a mammoth task delivering the surveys... now we are appealing to people to answer the five questions and return the forms as soon as possible."

Download (jpg, 1113kb)

Transport museum a hidden gem worth promoting says MP (15 Aug 2013)

Charlie and his family visit the Dover Transport Museum. He also visited the Alkham Valley Community Project, which allows disabled people to work with animals.

Download (jpg, 1673kb)

Have a say in hospital survey (08 Aug 2013)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Charlie's campaign to safeguard Deal Hospital's future. He is sending a survey on the issue to all 13,000 households in Deal and is holding a public meeting with local doctors.

"We need to act together to get the best for Deal. I hope everyone will take the time to fill in and return the survey."

Download (jpg, 1905kb)

Jail the vandals (01 Aug 2013)

Charlie expresses his anger at the vandalism of Walmer paddling pool.

Download (jpg, 640kb)

Inquiry into live animal exports is now on the cards (01 Aug 2013)

Charlie writes to the environment, food and rural affairs select committee to request a probe into the impact of live animal exports on the local economy and animal welfare.

"People in Dover are very clear that they want shot of this trade and so do I."

Download (jpg, 449kb)

MP calls for action as refugees rescued (18 Jul 2013)

Charlie renews his call for more severe action against human traffickers as 15 immigrants are found in a tanker at Dover Port.

Download (jpg, 355kb)

Charlie attends Deal Centre open day (18 Jul 2013)

Charlie pops in for a coffee with Deal Mayor Marlene Burnham at the Deal Centre open day.

Download (jpg, 190kb)

MP calls for ban on lorry overtaking (13 Jun 2013)

Charlie calls for a ban on lorries overtaking on the M20 during the day.

"It will reduce congestion, avoid unnecessary accidents and reduce emissions."

Download (jpg, 439kb)

MP calls for tough action on human trafficking (13 Jun 2013)

Stop this great evil.

"Human trafficking is one of the great evils of our times. It is modern day slavery. Vulnerable people are spirited into the country and exploited mercilessly by gangs."

Charlie calls for more severe action to be taken against human traffickers after eight illegal immigrants were rescued from the Channel.

This is also the topic of Charlie's weekly article, which can be read by clicking here.

Download (jpg, 347kb)

MP believes town has reached turning point (06 Jun 2013)

Charlie cuts the ribbon on new homes at the £4.2m Buckland Mill regeneration.

"Today is a great day because its one coming soon sign we can pull down. Alongside saving the port from being sold off and the new hospital moving forward, things are beginning to happen."

Download (jpg, 418kb)

Agreed - plans for Dover's £21m hospital (06 Jun 2013)

The Dover Express reports on planning permission for Dover's new hospital.

Charlie says, "After a decade in which hospital services have been decimated, it's great news for Dover."

Download (jpg, 248kb)

Hospital at last (06 Jun 2013)

The Dover Mercury front page reports on Dover's new hospital and Charlie's campaign for care beds.

Download (jpg, 593kb)

MP wants action on exports of live cargo (30 May 2013)

Charlie demands that the RSPCA must be allowed to inspect live animals being exported from the port.

"The welfare of the animals is paramount. And the sooner we get shot of this disgraceful practice the better."

Download (jpg, 124kb)

MP impressed by school's remarkable progress (30 May 2013)

Charlie visits St Edmund's Catholic school in Dover and praises the remarkable progress made by staff and students.

"I will be looking to ensure the school continues to move ahead as the future life chances of our kids just have to come first."

Download (jpg, 315kb)

MP explains opposition to same-sex bill (30 May 2013)

Charlie sets out his views on same sex marriage.

"I have voted as I see it and done what I believe to be right. Now let's get back to the economy and focus on more jobs and making you richer."

Download (jpg, 177kb)

High speed train fight far from won (27 May 2013)

Charlie campaigns for an all-day high speed rail service from Deal to London.

"My aim is to secure Deal and Sandwich in the franchise when it's extended next year."

Download (jpg, 564kb)

Live export ban is up to Europe (23 May 2013)

Charlie calls for a complete ban of live animal exports.

"It is a European issue; I am pressing ministers to pursue it in the Council of Europe. It is hugely damaging to our town and the local economy."

Charlie will be attending a public meeting on the subject at Dover Town Hall on Friday June 7, at 6.30pm.

Download (jpg, 724kb)

Live animal exports: MP calls for total ban (23 May 2013)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie's vocal opposition in the House of Commons to live animal exports and his calls for it to be banned.

"This trade is bad for animal welfare and bad for our local economy. I want it banned."

Download (jpg, 354kb)

Live export ban claims 'nonsense' says boss (10 May 2013)

Charlie explains how the Port of Dover would be better placed to ban live animal exports if the People's Port were running it.

Download (jpg, 866kb)

MP hails 'hero' ex-soldier (25 Apr 2013)

Charlie welcomes ex-soldier Christian Nock to Parliament. Christian is walking around the coast of Britain to raise money for Help for Heroes. Click here to visit his website.

"His plea was that we give greater priority to housing and healthcare for our veterans. I feel he's right and I'm making his case in Parliament."

Caring for our veterans is also the topic of Charlie's weekly Dover express article, which can be read here

Download (jpg, 474kb)

Town's 'culture' praised by MP (18 Apr 2013)

Charlie praises an exhibition by local artists in Deal.

"Deal is a great town of culture... the more we can make of our art the more we will increase visitors and tourism."

Download (jpg, 81kb)

MP meets Christian Aid team (18 Apr 2013)

Charlie visits members of Dover Christian Aid.

Download (jpg, 172kb)

Landmark craft fair helps cancer group (11 Apr 2013)

Charlie attends a cancer care club fundraising event.

"Cancer is a battle of the body. Yet it is also a battle of the mind - a battle that is so greatly helped by the support given by this amazing group."

Download (jpg, 282kb)

School given good report in House of Commons debate (11 Apr 2013)

Speaking in the House of Commons, Charlie praises the work done for disabled students at Whitfield's Aspen Primary School.

"Children with severe disabilities are able to receive an education and mix fully with a range of children."

Download (jpg, 433kb)

More changes to work on sea wall (11 Apr 2013)

Charlie and local residents raise concerns about the condition of the sea wall in Kingsdown, which was damaged by recent bad weather.

Charlie says, "the wall helps to keep Oldstairs Bay and the wider coastline more stable. People in Kingsdown are very concerned and feel the wall's life could be extended cost-effectively."

Download (jpg, 312kb)

Level of fast response cops cut by one-third (04 Apr 2013)

Charlie expresses concern about the lack of local police cover at night.

Charlie called for more openness and honesty from local police chiefs on this issue on the front page of the Dover Express in January, which can be read here.

Download (jpg, 36kb)

Chronic need to reform human rights (04 Apr 2013)

Charlie makes the case for the reform of human rights laws. In a question to Nick Clegg in the House of Commons, Charlie pointed out that three quarters of Britons think that human rights laws protect criminals and the undeserving.

Read about Charlie's proposed British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities in one of his weekly Dover Express articles here.

Download (jpg, 140kb)

Late-night coffee for teenagers (04 Apr 2013)

Charlie visits a new youth club in the Landmark Centre in Deal.

Download (jpg, 194kb)

French unions need to be reformed, says MP (04 Apr 2013)

Charlie calls on France to curb the powers of their unions after proposed French strikes threatened to cause chaos in Dover during the Easter weekend.

"The French government need to get a grip and to more to bring their unions to heel."

Download (jpg, 469kb)

Eurotunnel won't run French ports (28 Mar 2013)

Charlie comments on the news that Eurotunnel have pulled out of a bid to run the ports of Calais and Boulogne.

"Its right that Eurotunnel focus on running an outstanding rail service, while leaving an open and competitive market across the Channel."

Download (jpg, 431kb)

Animals' ship gets a hostile reception (21 Mar 2013)

Charlie repeats his opposition to live exports returning to the Port of Dover.

This is also the topic of his weekly Dover Express article here.

Download (jpg, 502kb)

Jobs Fair hailed as a success (14 Mar 2013)

Charlie's Jobs Fair has been hailed a success by local employers and job seekers.

"Thank you to all those who took part and made the day a real success!"

Charlie talks more about the success of the Jobs Fair in his weekly Dover Express article here.   


Download (jpg, 486kb)

Town Hall makes a good job of fair (14 Mar 2013)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Charlie's successful Jobs Fair which put 1,200 job seekers from Dover and Deal in touch with local employers.

Download (jpg, 166kb)

MP attacks plans for live exports through Dover (14 Mar 2013)

Charlie speaks out against live exports passing through Dover port again.

Download (jpg, 362kb)

Minister impressed with Border Force technology (07 Mar 2013)

Immigration Minister, Mark Harper MP, joins Charlie in Dover on a visit to meet frontline Border Force officers. 

Download (jpg, 452kb)

Charlie hits back at French boss of Eurotunnel (28 Feb 2013)

Standing up for Dover's ferry industry and local jobs

Charlie locks horns with the French boss of Eurotunnel after a Competition Commission report on Eurotunnel's launch of MyFerryLink sparks debate about the cross channel market.

Download (jpg, 917kb)

MP promises to fight for fairer taxes (21 Feb 2013)

Fighting for fairer taxes.

Charlie discusses plans to reform the way big multi-national businesses pay tax in the UK.

"I was appalled that in the decade to 2010 income tax paid by hard-working people went up 80%. Meanwhile, business tax revenues went up just 6%."

Download (, 0kb)

Hospital work to start (21 Feb 2013)

Moving ahead: A new hospital for Dover.

The hoardings and planning notice go up at the new Buckland Hospital site.



Download (jpg, 206kb)

Meet Kent employers at jobs fair (14 Feb 2013)

Charlie has organised a Jobs Fair at Dover Town Hall on Friday 8th March, 10am-4pm.

Full details can be found here.

Download (jpg, 113kb)

MP wants tough action against drug-drivers (14 Feb 2013)

Charlie calls for a zero tolerance approach to driving under the influence of drugs.

Download (jpg, 365kb)

MP's plan to kick-start regeneration (14 Feb 2013)

Charlie meets with Housing Minister Mark Prisk to discuss the demolition of tall town centre eyesores and plans to develop Betteshanger Business Park.


Download (jpg, 242kb)

MP joins the rebels over same-sex marriage bill (07 Feb 2013)

Charlie votes against Government plans for same sex marriage.

"It is very clear that people feel very strongly about marriage, with nine out of 10 people telling me that don't want to see it change."

Download (jpg, 264kb)

MP says give unemployed an incentive (24 Jan 2013)

Charlie presses for policies to tackle unemployment that make work pay.

Download (jpg, 164kb)

MP's tribute to rail campaigners (24 Jan 2013)

Charlie has paid tribute in the House of Commons to those who have worked hard to help bring high-speed rail services to Deal.

"We want a hard-won commuting high speed service to be made an all-day high-speed service."

Download (jpg, 92kb)

Education Secretary's Visit (24 Jan 2013)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Education Secretary Michael Gove's visit to Castle Community School, where he and Charlie were given a tour of the school.

Mr Gove said that the school "is one of the best schools in the country in terms of overall performance reports, behaviour and the atmosphere."

Download (jpg, 515kb)

Concern over lack of cop night cover (17 Jan 2013)

As concerns rise over night time police coverage, Charlie presses local police chiefs for more openness and honesty.  

Download (jpg, 738kb)

Elphicke cuts ribbon on mason's new showroom (17 Jan 2013)

Charlie opens a new showroom for a family business in Dover.

Download (jpg, 177kb)

Ministers are 'in fear of judicial review' (17 Jan 2013)

Charlie recently co-authored 2020 Vision, An Agenda For Tranformation. Here The Dover Express reports Charlie's comments on decision-making in government.

"In a fast-moving, increasingly competitive globalised world we need a government that can make decisions at speed. Yet in Britain, government operates with a lower sense of urgency than the average garden snail."

Download (jpg, 225kb)

'Lets keep our precious port in English hands' (10 Jan 2013)

Following the rejection of Dover Harbour Board's privatisation plan, Charlie talks about making the People's Port a reality.

Download (jpg, 663kb)

MP shares town's celebrations with colleagues (03 Jan 2013)

Charlie speaks in the House of Commons about some good news stories in Dover this Christmas; the new hospital, the town's £1million lottery grant and the news that Labour's port sell off has been axed.

Download (jpg, 306kb)

Celebrating after victory in the port (03 Jan 2013)

Charlie and local campaigners celebrate the news that Dover Harbour Board's privatisation plan is rejected.

Download (jpg, 190kb)

Fantastic! (27 Dec 2012)

The Government announces that the port will not be privatised.

The Dover Mercury front page sums up the mood of the whole town!

Download (jpg, 771kb)

MP's delight over victory in port fight (27 Dec 2012)

"The Port of Dover is the gateway to our nation and should be forever England"

Charlie gives the East Kent Mercury his reaction to the Government's decision to axe the port sell off plans.

Download (jpg, 177kb)

Charlie's festive message (20 Dec 2012)

Charlie reflects on the past year and the amazing progress made locally - a new hospital for Dover and the strong fight to stop the port sell off.

Download (jpg, 112kb)

New town hospital could open in 2014 (20 Dec 2012)

The front page of the Dover Express reports that Dover's new hospital could be up and running in 2014.

Charlie says, "Many people didn't think they would live to see the day and I see this as strong progress in delivering a key election pledge that we should have a fair share of health facilities in Dover."

Download (jpg, 680kb)

Town gets £1 million grant from the lottery (13 Dec 2012)

Charlie welcomes news that Dover is set to receive a £1 million grant from The National Lottery.

Download (jpg, 184kb)

Local MPs go to the dogs at new RSPCA animal centre (13 Dec 2012)

Charlie visits the RSPCA animal centre, with Parliamentary Dog of the Year Star in tow.

Download (jpg, 236kb)

MP clashes with PM in gay marriage row (13 Dec 2012)

Charlie sets out his view on the issue of gay marriage.

"I have been awash with absolutely tons of letters from people saying things shouldn't change."

Download (jpg, 477kb)

MP's dog has lucky escape in cliff fall (06 Dec 2012)

Lucky escape for Parliamentary Dog of the Year!

Charlie's four year old Norfolk Terrier Star survives a night of freezing temperatures following a cliff fall just weeks after being crowned Westminster Dog of the Year 2012.

In true White Cliffs spirit, she was fighting fit again in no time!

Download (jpg, 337kb)

Star aims for parliamentary glory (30 Nov 2012)

Charlie and his 4 year old NorfolK terrier Star set their sights on glory in a parliamentary dog contest.

Star lived up to her name and was crowned Westminster Dog of the Year!

Download (jpg, 245kb)

Hands off our hospital (29 Nov 2012)

Charlie attends a packed public meeting about Deal Hospital.

"The mood was clear. People don't want to see changes to their much-loved hosptial.

"Now I just hope that the trust makes the right decision."

Download (jpg, 121kb)

MP's rural broadband call (29 Nov 2012)

Speaking in the House of Commons, Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke pushes for superfast broadband in rural areas such as St Margarets and Kingsdown.

Download (jpg, 487kb)

MP pledges support to village green campaign (29 Nov 2012)

Charlie has reported the concerns of local residents campaigning to preserve Coldblow Woods to the Chief Executive of Dover District Council. 

Download (jpg, 487kb)

Agency gave up trying to find illegals (29 Nov 2012)

Charlie comments on reports that the UK Border Agency has admitted it 'made no effort' to track down 120,000 missing immigrants and asylum seekers.

Download (jpg, 629kb)

Traders will take lead in decisions (22 Nov 2012)

Charlie hosts an important meeting of 45 local traders in Deal to discuss issues like car parking, the market and the local trading enviroment. 

Download (jpg, 137kb)

Fears over plan to turn pub into treatment centre for alcoholics (22 Nov 2012)

Charlie meets residents of Eastry to hear their concerns about proposals to change the village's Bull Inn into a home to support alcoholics.

Charlie said: "I think their concerns should be taken very seriously. The Bull Inn is a great pub with a long history in Eastry. We should be very slow to get rid of any pubs."

Download (jpg, 524kb)

Charity shops get 'unfair advantage' (22 Nov 2012)

Speaking in the House of Commons, Charlie voices the concerns of high street traders in Dover and Deal about the unfair competition many feel they face from charity shops.

Download (jpg, 148kb)

£10k to spend on town high street - but where? (22 Nov 2012)

Charlie hosts a Deal High Street trader's meeting to discuss ways to improve the local trading environment and the town's £10,000 Mary Portas grant.

Download (jpg, 0kb)

MP to check Calais migrants (15 Nov 2012)

Charlie will visit Calais to check for himself reports that the number of would-be illegal immigrants to the UK is on the rise.

"We need to strengthen our resolve on this issue and never allow ourselves to become the laughing stock of the world when it comes to illegal immigration and asylum as we did under the last labour government."

Download (jpg, 308kb)

MP's praise for brave trolley-man Shaun (15 Nov 2012)

Charlie praises 'trolley man' Shaun at a meeting with the manager of Sainsbury's in Deal.

Download (jpg, 171kb)

Keep Walmer site for education (15 Nov 2012)

Campaigners meet Charlie in Parliament to talk about Walmer Science College.

Charlie commented: "If the merger does go ahead, it's important that the cultural history of WSC lives on - in particular I hope a mixed name will be considered such as Walmer Castle, and there will be a new uniform." 

Download (jpg, 600kb)

Pushing to help save lives (08 Nov 2012)

Charlie meets with local campaigners at a Breakthrough Breast Cancer event.

Charlie said: "Meeting Kerry and Nicola really highlighted what we need to do to stop more women dying from breat cancer."

Download (jpg, 368kb)

High Street gets a £10k boost (08 Nov 2012)

Charlie organises a Local Traders' Meeting in Deal to discuss ways to improve the trading enviroment. 

Download (jpg, 294kb)

Celebrations after new £21m hospital approval (01 Nov 2012)

A new hospital for Dover!

A new state of the art facility in Dover on the site of the current hospital gets the go ahead. Work is due to commence by the end of this year.

Charlie said: "I want to pay tribute to Reg Hansell and everyone else who campaigned so hard to make this happen."


Download (, 0kb)

MP fears chuggers are eroding trust in charity (01 Nov 2012)

Charlie voices concern in Parliament that charity chuggers may be eroding the public's trust in charities.  

Download (jpg, 321kb)

Top dog Star shines at Westminster (01 Nov 2012)

Star by name, star by nature!

Charlie's four year old Norfolk Terrier, Star, wins the Parliamentary Dog of the Year Award.

The competition was organised by the Dogs Trust and The Kennel Club to raise awareness about dog welfare issues.

Download (jpg, 147kb)

Star aims for parliamentary glory (25 Oct 2012)

Charlie and his 4 year old Norfolk terrier Star set their sights on glory in a parliamentary dog contest.

Download (jpg, 245kb)

MP wants review of pet passports (25 Oct 2012)

Charlie is writing to the the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs calling for a review of the pets passport Sscheme.

Download (jpg, 81kb)

Put pupils' needs first, urges MP (18 Oct 2012)

Focussing on the best educational outcomes for local children must be at the heart of the consultation on the proposed merger between Walmer and Castle schools, says Charlie. 

Download (jpg, 118kb)

Making a case for new hospital beds (11 Oct 2012)

Charlie presses the case for care beds at Dover's new hospital.

Download (jpg, 372kb)

Chance for GPs to shape hospital's future (11 Oct 2012)

Charlie gives his views on the future of Deal Hospital.

"Given the experience of Dover hospital's decade of decimation, I will always be vigilent and never complacent when it comes to NHS services."

Download (jpg, 194kb)

1,200 sign port petition (04 Oct 2012)

More support for the People's Port campaign as Charlie hands the Government a petition to stop the privatisation of the port signed by 1,200 local residents.

Download (jpg, 150kb)

Final decision on hospital in weeks (04 Oct 2012)

A new hospital in New Year?

Health chiefs confirm their intention to start building Dover's new hospital in December.

Download (jpg, 614kb)

Anniversary party for support group (04 Oct 2012)

Charlie makes a return visit to celebrate Talk It Out's first anniversary, having attended the group's launch last year.

Download (jpg, 344kb)

MP joins walk for WaterAid fund (04 Oct 2012)

Charlie joins Dover Town Major to support WaterAid's walk for cleaner water.

Click here to read about this story in Charlie's 'local news' section.

Download (jpg, 94kb)

MP: 'The doctors should take over' (04 Oct 2012)

Charlie presses for local doctors to take over services at Deal Hospital.

"Deal has a great hospital. We know it is not under threat. I am calling for a proper meeting with doctors. I want to see them taking over the hospital."

Download (jpg, 860kb)

Charlie Elphicke: 'No plans to sell the sites' (04 Oct 2012)

Charlie contributes to the debate about whether Walmer and Castle schools should be merged.

Download (jpg, 118kb)

Foreign hauliers to pay for using roads in the UK (27 Sep 2012)

Charlie comments on news that foreign lorries may be charged up to £1,000 a year to use British roads.

Download (jpg, 497kb)

Delight at opening of new-look visitor information centre (27 Sep 2012)

A new-look visitor information centre for Dover!

The Dover Mercury reports on the opening of the new Market Square facitlity.


Download (jpg, 360kb)

A fitting tribute to fallen heroes (27 Sep 2012)

Charlie attends the unveiling of a new Channel Dash memorial on Dover seafront.

Download (jpg, 461kb)

Get out to work and put the 'great' back into Britain (20 Sep 2012)

On the side of the working person: Charlie speaks in the House of Commons during a debate on Universal Credit and Welfare.

"This coalition is on the side of the working person - those who are working in a job in order to earn money and bring cash back to their families, and thereby to lift their children out of poverty."

You can read more on why Charlie supports Universal Credit here.

Download (jpg, 294kb)

Charity's search for new premises ends in success (20 Sep 2012)

Charlie cuts the ribbon at the new Sue Ryder shop on Deal High Street.

Download (jpg, 250kb)

A warm welcome at new dementia centre (20 Sep 2012)

Charlie attends the opening of a new dementia day care unit in Deal.

Download (jpg, 588kb)

Charlie calls for GPs to get more involved in hospital (13 Sep 2012)

Charlie will get local GPs together to hear their views about Deal hospital.

This follows recent assurances from the health trust that the facility will stay open. 

Download (jpg, 303kb)

From cliffs to pits, I love this part of Kent (13 Sep 2012)

East Kent Mercury editor, Graham Smith, catches up with Charlie in the House of Commons to talk about all things Dover and Deal.

Hours are long, emails are endless and there's no job security, but MP say's he's a lucky man

Download (jpg, 1210kb)

Charlie visits Golf Road Centre in North Deal (13 Sep 2012)

Coverage of Charlie's recent visit to the Golf Road Centre in North Deal.

Download (jpg, 547kb)

Groups unite for port's future (13 Sep 2012)

The Dover Express covers the Forever England rally in Dover. Key players Unite The Union, Labour Peer Lord Glasman, Dover People's Port Trust and Charlie all teamed together to help stop the port sell off.

Charlie said: "I was delighted to be there and work with Lord Glasman, the trade unions and the entire community and that's why everyone made the biggest effort to be there."

Download (jpg, 229kb)

United in bid to keep port from privatisation (13 Sep 2012)

Coverage on the Forever England rally in Dover organised by Unite The Union, where Charlie teamed up with Labour Peer Lord Glasman to help stop the port sell off.

Charlie said: "It's amazing that everyone has come together on this key issue and everyone who matters made the effort to come and be here."

Download (jpg, 761kb)

MP urges action as town 'worst' for 999 responses (13 Sep 2012)

Charlie calls for an improvement in "wholly unacceptable" 999 response times in Dover.

Download (jpg, 485kb)

£10m work starts with arrival of flood barrier (13 Sep 2012)

The first phase of a flood defence project in Deal has begun, which will help protect 1,418 homes and 148 businesses.

Download (jpg, 598kb)

'Ministers moving at a glacial pace' (13 Sep 2012)

The East Kent Mercury covers Charlie's recent comments on the culture of government and his suggestions to improve the mechanics of Parliament.

"In a fiercely competitive 24-hour news cycle globalised world we will fall behind if we continue to have a governmental system that has less urgency than the average garden snail."

Download (jpg, 285kb)

Port police unable to make lawful arrests for almost 12 months (13 Sep 2012)

Charlie comments on a change of law he is supporting which would increase the jurisdiction of port police beyond the current one mile limit.

The Marine Navigation Bill is being debated in Parliament in October.

"The bill will make a big difference and solve this issue."

Download (jpg, 857kb)

Port police 'have no arrest powers' (13 Sep 2012)

Charlie comments on this week's Dover Express front page story about port policing.

"It's really important to extend the port policing jurisdiction from one mile, so I have co-sponsored the Marine Navigation Bill which is debated in October and will make this important change."

Download (jpg, 726kb)

Figures highlight importance of enterprise and regeneration (06 Sep 2012)

Charlie comments on a report indicating that 'real' unemployment levels might be worse than expected.

Download (jpg, 374kb)

Poverty figures stoke better childcare calls (30 Aug 2012)

Charlie comments on reports that more than a fifth of Dover's under 16s are living in poverty.

"It shows the scale of the task for the government to ensure we get the key investment into housing that we have not had for over a decade.", Charlie says.

Download (jpg, 725kb)

MP takes a dip on river cleaning day (30 Aug 2012)

Charlie joins volunteers from the White Cliffs Countyside Partnership to help clean out the River Dour.

Together they filled sixty nine bags of rubbish from the river!

Download (jpg, 308kb)

MP backs 20mph speed limit (23 Aug 2012)

Charlie is backing a campaign to turn a narrow residential street in Deal into a 20mph zone, due to safety concerns for school children.

Charlie said: "Traffic does move along there very quickly and, until something is done, I am appealing to drivers to be responsible and slow down."

Download (jpg, 834kb)

Work starts on £7m sea defence (16 Aug 2012)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Deal's sea defence scheme which will protect houses and businesses from flooding. Work will start early next month.

Charlie said:"The flood defence works are going to make us safer. Yet they will also mean a great change to the seafront."

Download (jpg, 402kb)

Delight as normal postal service resumes in village (16 Aug 2012)

Charlie attends the re-opening of the Eyethorne post office four months after its closure.

Download (jpg, 504kb)

Rescuing Deal's ruined planters (09 Aug 2012)

Charlie gives a helping hand (and the odd cup of tea!) to a team of local volunteers bringing Deal's empty planters back to life.

Download (jpg, 556kb)

MP urges support for Arctic Convoys medal campaign (09 Aug 2012)

Please back the Arctic Convoys medal campaign.

Charlie urges readers to join the campaign to get Second World War veterans the medal they deserve.

Show your support by completing and returning your coupon today.

Download (jpg, 552kb)

Criminals should lose right to our safe haven (02 Aug 2012)

Charlie has tabled a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to replace Labour's Human Rights Act.

"People feel very strongly that it is unacceptable for those who commit crimes to rel on family life as a means to stay in this country."

Download (jpg, 312kb)

Hospital works set to start this year (02 Aug 2012)

A new hospital for Dover!

News that work on the new Dover hospital could start as soon as later this year.

Charlie said: "It's good news and I think part of the credit for this should go to the Dover Express and Reg Hansell for keeping up the pressure." 

Download (jpg, 370kb)

Re-opening of disused service station will help fuel economy (26 Jul 2012)

The Dover Mercury reports on the renovation of a disused service station in Whitfield, which Charlie officially re-opened last week.

Download (jpg, 544kb)

Charlie support White Cliffs appeal (26 Jul 2012)

Charlie gives his backing to a National Trust appeal to help buy a stretch of the famous White Cliffs.

"They are a part of this country that is forever England." 

Download (jpg, 60kb)

Charlie celebrates new jobs for Dover (26 Jul 2012)

Charlie celebrates 12 new jobs for Dover as he opens a new service station which had sat derelict for years. 

Download (jpg, 542kb)

We will fight them on the beaches... (19 Jul 2012)

The people of Dover have been urged to write to the Government to tell not to sell off the port.

Charlie and members of the People's Port board issued the rallying cry at two recent meeting in Dover Town Hall.

Information on how to make a submission can be found on the People's Port website here.

Download (jpg, 478kb)

MP lends hand with gardening (19 Jul 2012)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie's recent visit to Whitfield and Aspen School - you can read more here.

Download (jpg, 78kb)

MP welcomes Gurkha recruits to Parliament (19 Jul 2012)

Charlie was among a group of MPs who welcomed new Gurkha recruits to Parliament recently.

Download (jpg, 153kb)

MPs' anger as rival port moves in on cruise business (12 Jul 2012)

The Dover Mercury covers a recent parliamentary debate on the competitiveness of the cruise industry.

Download (jpg, 399kb)

'Passionate' MP seeks advice (05 Jul 2012)

Charlie and his huge team of volunteers are hand-delivering a residents' survey to all 38,000 houses in the constituency, giving local people the opportunity to have their say on the issues that are important to them.

You can read more in the 'local news' section here.

Download (jpg, 190kb)

MP wants to replace Human Rights Act (28 Jun 2012)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie's tabling of a British Bill of Rights and Repsonsibilities.


Download (jpg, 146kb)

District sees county's biggest fall in jobless (28 Jun 2012)

Charlie warns against complacency as Dover District sees Kent's biggest decrease in unemployment figures.

"It is good news, for sure, but there's no room for complacency, especially since Dover has a lot of seasonal work."

Download (jpg, 249kb)

Dover Express front page: Charlie backs Home-Start (21 Jun 2012)

Charlie backs Home-Start in Dover as they campaign to get their core funding continued.

Download (jpg, 827kb)

Charlie comments on Harbour Board's latest sell-off plan (21 Jun 2012)

Charlie labels Dover Harbour Board's latest sell-off plan as "little more than a reheat of the old one."

Download (jpg, 577kb)

Secretary of State for Health visits Dover (21 Jun 2012)

The Dover Mercury reports on Andrew Lansley's visit to Dover to discuss the Kent Health Commission's local healthcare report.

Commenting on the report, Charlie said: "We need a proper hospital for Dover and the work of the health commission will help bring this closer to reality." 

Download (jpg, 303kb)

Report outlines future of health (21 Jun 2012)

Charlie welcomes Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley to Dover to discuss the first report of the Kent Health Commission.

Charlie said: "The fact that GPs and the KHC want to see the hospital happen makes it much more likely it will become a reality." 

Download (jpg, 703kb)

Future of the Port of Dover raised in Commons (21 Jun 2012)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie's Adjournment Debate in The House of Commons on the future of the Port of Dover.

Download (jpg, 134kb)

Job fears for ferry services (14 Jun 2012)

Charlie comments on news that a French court has cleared the way for EuroTunnel's Dover-Calais ferry plans.

You can read more about what Charlie thinks by clicking here

Download (jpg, 341kb)

MP joins campaign to give our heroes medal (14 Jun 2012)

Charlie backs the Mercury's campaign for a proper Arctic Convoy medal and encourages readers to pledge their support too.

Download (jpg, 264kb)

Whites 'hold together our community' (31 May 2012)

Speaking up for The Whites in Parliament! 

"[They are] part of the cement that holds together our community. They should be celebrated just as much, if not more, than the big-money clubs." 

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie backs Arctic Convoys medal campaign (24 May 2012)

Charlie gives Deal's John Francis and other veterans his full backing as they campaign for an Arctic Convoys medal.  

"It is absolutely right those involved should be commended for their services with a proper medal for Arctic Convoy duty."

Download (jpg, 1053kb)

Charlie visits Ripplevale School in Deal (17 May 2012)

KCC boss hopes to make parents of autistic children's lives easier.

Charlie and KCC Leader, Cllr Paul Carter, recently met with parents of children with Special Educational Needs at Ripplevale in Deal.

"I think everyone learnt a lot from discussing the situation. Ripplevale does very, very well, particularly with children with very complicated special need.", said Charlie.

Download (jpg, 444kb)

Schools group to break free from council's control (10 May 2012)

The Dover Express front page reports on the formation of the Dover Federations for the Arts (DFA), which will see four local schools group together outside the control of Kent County Council.

Download (jpg, 554kb)

New high-speed service allows late-night trips (03 May 2012)

High-speed Deal! The East Kent Mercury reports on improvements to the high-speed rail service between Deal and London.

Download (jpg, 593kb)

Success of trial could lead to full rail service (26 Apr 2012)

Great news for Deal! The high-speed train will be stopping at Deal for another year, The Deal & Sandwich Express reports.

Charlie said "It is vital for jobs and money that Deal has better links, making it a more viable businees option."

Download (jpg, 197kb)

MPs' anger at asylum chaos (19 Apr 2012)

Charlie presses for a British Bill of Rights as a cross party committee says the Border Agency is failing to control the backlog of asylum and immigration cases.

"Too much money is being wasted on these worthless individuals and it should be spent on educating our children and kepping our elderly well.", says Charlie.

Download (jpg, 352kb)

Harbour board attacked for its 'delaying tactics' (12 Apr 2012)

The Dover Express reports on Dover Harbour Board's decision to delay the resubmission of its plans for a port sell-off. Both Charlie and P&O Ferries have reacted angrily to this new delay.

"The continuous delaying tactics are putting the future prospects of Dover at risk", said Charlie.

Download (jpg, 443kb)

£20m bill for litter on motorway (12 Apr 2012)

The Dover Express report on the massive costs to the taxpayer caused by lorry drivers throwing litter, including bottles of urine, onto the hard shoulder of the M20.

"What is galling is that the lorry drivers continue to toss their bottles out even when portable toilets have been provided the entire length of the affected areas", said Charlie.

Download (jpg, 147kb)

High-speed town is on the way (12 Apr 2012)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the huge benefits High Speed 1 has brought to the area, especially to Deal, where HS1 has been stopping since last September.

Download (jpg, 711kb)

Town's £100k bid for rejuvenation (05 Apr 2012)

The Deal & Sandwich Express front page reports on Deal's bid to become one of 12 "Portas Pilots", winning a share of £1 million to rejuvenate the high street. Charlie has given both Deal and Dover's bids his backing, pointing out the importance in working together to improve our high streets.

"I am fully behind the bids, they are both excellent in my opinion and can make a real difference to both Deal and Dover", said Charlie.

Download (jpg, 741kb)

Portas bid pins hopes on theme of bluebirds (05 Apr 2012)

The Dover Mercury reports on the launch of Dover's bid win a share of the £1 million offered to high streets. Charlie features in the video putting forward Dover's case, aiming to use the money to encourage people to visit both the high street and seafront, and to launch a "bluebirds" brand for the town.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to get the best for Dover, encouraging more visitors, and making a better town for residents", said Charlie.

Download (jpg, 672kb)

Road cash 'should fund lorry parks' (05 Apr 2012)

Charlie is supporting calls from Conservative councillors to use money raised from a £10 a day charge for foreign lorry drivers to create two small lorry parks and to improve lay-bys in the constituency. Charlie has invited transport secretary Justine Greening to the area to see the need for these lorry parks.

Download (jpg, 509kb)

Home Secretary praises Kent police (29 Mar 2012)

Home Secretary Theresa May has congratulated Kent police in response to a question from Charlie in a House of Commons debate. She said the force demonstrated that "money can be saved while maintaining or improving front-line services."

Download (jpg, 135kb)

New railway cafe is just the ticket (22 Mar 2012)

Charlie recently cut the ribbon at the opening of a new cafe at Deal station, which will serve early morning high speed commuters to London.

Download (jpg, 227kb)

Border staff on 'club class' trips (08 Mar 2012)

The Dover Express front page reports that Border Agency staff were checked in to 'club class' lounge on cross-channel trips.

"I would hope UKBA is getting the best value for money and its uses of hotels are cost-effective, when you consider the economic climate facing the general public and the country", says Charlie.

Download (jpg, 619kb)

Spectacular tree can look glorious for another year (08 Mar 2012)

Charlie joined in local protests to save one of Deal High Street's trees.

The tree has now been cut back but spared the axe!

Download (jpg, 455kb)

Tattoo could help turn town into top destination (01 Mar 2012)

The Dover Mercury reports on the launch of the Dover Military Tattoo, attended by Charlie.

The tattoo will form part of the town's celebrations to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June.  

Download (jpg, 641kb)

Busy weekend for Border Agency staff at port (23 Feb 2012)

Charlie has asked the Home Secretary to look at the problems casued by a large number of coaches travelling through the port, as staff at the port faced a busier than normal weekend.


Download (jpg, 493kb)

Charlie backs campaign to save fire station (23 Feb 2012)

The East Kent Mercury's special report on the closure of St Margaret's fire station. Charlie has backed campaigners, who may now push for a judicial review on the decision.

Download (jpg, 1008kb)

MP 'shocked' at authority's refusal of freeman honour (23 Feb 2012)

Charlie has told the Dover Express of his shock at Dover Town's Council decision to reject The Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports Lord Boyce's nomination to become an Honorary Freeman of the town.

"I would have thought that if he's good enough for the Queen and the Prime Minister he's more than good enough for Dover Town Council", said Charlie

Download (jpg, 494kb)

MP wants urgent action on empty homes (23 Feb 2012)

Charlie has urged for the "fastest possible action" to get empty homes in Dover to back in use.

Download (jpg, 141kb)

Village housing plans decision call-in rejected (16 Feb 2012)

Charlie has stood firm with local campaigners against plans to build hundreds of new houses in Sholden. Here he comments on the Secretary of State's decision not to call in the plans.

"If this development has to go ahead, we need to get the strongest benefit for Deal. Road investment, youth provision and more services for the elderly are things I hope the council will consider."

Download (jpg, 286kb)

Income test set for immigrants (09 Feb 2012)

Charlie has "broadly welcomed" plans to set a £31k income test for immigrants, proposed by Immigration Minister Damian Green MP

Download (jpg, 328kb)

Campaigners urge PM to halt village housing plan (09 Feb 2012)

Campaigners fighting to stop massive new housing developments in Sholden have written to the Prime Minister and Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles.

Charlie has backed the campaigners every step of the way. 

Download (jpg, 386kb)

'Ban dredging by trawlers' (02 Feb 2012)

Charlie has written to ministers calling for a ban on trawlers dredging the seabed off the coast, which he says is causing "untold damage to the seabeds" and threatening the future of Deal's fishing community.

Download (jpg, 141kb)

Skills Factory to help jobless (02 Feb 2012)

The East Kent Mercury covers Charlie's visit to the launch of The Skills Factory in Aylesham, a project aimed at helping local people back into employment.

Download (jpg, 457kb)

Row over release of immigrants erupts (26 Jan 2012)

Charlie recently asked the Immigration Minister about why immigrants who have served their prison sentence are detained in Dover - at cost to the taxpayer - and not deported sooner.

Charlie says:

"I would prefer the Government to move faster in getting these people out of the country.

"It is breathtaking that the Lib Dems, who love the Human Rights Act and Europe, should want to cost our communities tens of thousands of pounds each year keeping people in prison after they have served their sentence."

Download (jpg, 529kb)

'Improving the economy is the answer' (12 Jan 2012)

The Campaign to End Child Poverty says one in five children in the Dover and Deal area is living in poverty.

"The best way to tackle child poverty is to get the economy going which will bring in jobs and money - that's why we're so passionate about improving the economy", says Charlie.

Download (jpg, 349kb)

MP calls for 'radical' moves (12 Jan 2012)

As part of a special report on local small businesses, The Dover Express reports on how Charlie is pressing the Government to do more for small and medium sized businesses.

Download (jpg, 166kb)

Jobs lifeline as SeaFrance folds (12 Jan 2012)

Front page coverage of the news that SeaFrance is to be liquidated.

Charlie is making the case that reemployment of redundant staff should be concentrated in Dover, not France.  

Download (jpg, 782kb)

MP 'concerned' over SeaFrance buyout (12 Jan 2012)

The Dover Mercury reports on Charlie's reaction to the news that SeaFrance is to be liquidated.

Download (jpg, 265kb)

Care home campaigners left dismayed by closure (12 Jan 2012)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the decision by Kent County Council to close the Sampson Court care home despite a campaign from local residents, backed by Charlie, for a Community Interest Company to take it over.


Download (jpg, 501kb)

The day they killed Sholden (22 Dec 2011)

The East Kent Mercury front page reports on Dover District Council's decision to approve housing developments on farmland in Sholden.

Charlie has stood shoulder to shoulder with local residents in opposition to the plans.

Charlie said, "I have consistently opposed these developments and granting permission was a catastrophic error."

Download (jpg, 539kb)

Charle's Christmas message (22 Dec 2011)

This week's Dover Express includes a Christmas message from Charlie.

Download (jpg, 84kb)

Why won't they keep the hospital promise? (15 Dec 2011)

MP and mayor back campaigners as they call for fresh action on stalled plans to give town its own healthcare facility

The Dover Express runs a 'Hospital Protest' special following the recent rally through the town centre.

Download (, 0kb)

Hospital protesters take to the streets (15 Dec 2011)

MP supports campaigners angry at delays

The Dover Express front page covers the recent hospital rally in Dover.

Charlie and local residents marched through the town centre in support of a new long-awaited hospital for Dover. 

Download (jpg, 768kb)

Rally to call for a hospital NOW (24 Nov 2011)

This week's Dover Express front page reports on the forthcoming rally in Dover as the campaign for a new hospital in the town gathers pace.

The rally takes place on Saturday 10th December between 10am-noon, meeting at the Market Square.

Download (jpg, 834kb)

£40m fund could bring 5,000 jobs to the county (24 Nov 2011)

The Dover Express reports on the £40m Regional Growth Fund recently announced for South East Kent. A real boost to the local economy, the fund could attract up to 5,000 jobs to the area.

Download (jpg, 565kb)

Dover scoops Google eTown award (24 Nov 2011)

Dover's online growth has been marked by an award from internet giant Google. The eTown award was presented to Charlie on behalf of the town, reports the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 223kb)

Calls for border control inquiry (17 Nov 2011)

Charlie questions whether Dover Harbour Board had a part to play in relaxing passport checks at Dover port in order to get more passengers through without delay, reports the Dover Mercury.

Download (jpg, 516kb)

Elphicke's concern over border control (17 Nov 2011)

Charlie has said the news that border controls had been weakened at Dover port over the last four years is a "serious concern", reports the Dover Express. 

Download (jpg, 248kb)

MP joins meeting with Christian Aid (17 Nov 2011)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie's recent meeting with represetatives of Dover Christian Aid.

Download (jpg, 207kb)

Home Secretary praises port staff (10 Nov 2011)

Responding to a question from Charlie in the House of Commons recently, the Home Secretary paid tribute to Border Agency officials in Dover, reports the Dover Mercury.

Download (jpg, 143kb)

Give pupils free tickets says MP (10 Nov 2011)

Charlie has made the case for local schoolchildren to be given free Olympic tickets to mark their involvement in the Pass the Passion celebrations. This follows the news that the Olympic Torch will visit Dover, Deal and Sholden ahead of the games next summer, reports the Dover Mercury.

Download (jpg, 159kb)

Getting the message out (10 Nov 2011)

The Dover Express reports on the innovative new Local Business Roadshow which was launched in Dover Market Square recently.

Download (jpg, 471kb)

Plan to save Sampson Court backed by MP (20 Oct 2011)

Charlie backs proposals by the Community Interest Company to keep Sampson Court open, reports the East Kent Mercury. 

Download (jpg, 275kb)

MP warns price rise could hit jobs (20 Oct 2011)

Charlie warns of the possible impact on local jobs if the Harbour Board increases it charges to ferry companies, reports the Dover Mercury. 

Download (jpg, 120kb)

MP forces to change to Bill by working with opposition (20 Oct 2011)

By working with Labour MPs, Charlie has secured an amendment to a parliamentary Bill which could change the way the port sale is managed. 

Download (jpg, 465kb)

Charlie's legal twist in harbour sale saga (20 Oct 2011)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie's recent work in Parliament, securing an amendment to a parliamentary Bill which could result in the sale of the port being taken out of the Harbour Board's hands.

Download (jpg, 495kb)

Port plan progresses thanks to Labour MPs (13 Oct 2011)

Labour MPs voice their support for the People's Port, reports the Dover Mercury.

Download (jpg, 244kb)

Harbour Board face port sale challenge (13 Oct 2011)

The front page of the Dover Express reports on Charlie securing an amendment to the law which would see the Harbour Board lose control of the sale process.

Download (jpg, 173kb)

Dover people often feel forgotten about, says MP (13 Oct 2011)

Speaking in a House of Commons debate, Charlie comments that the people of Dover often feel "forgotten about and neglected", the Dover Mercury reports.

Download (jpg, 265kb)

Charlie helps launch support group (06 Oct 2011)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Charlie's attendance at the launch of a support group set up to help local people suffering with depression.

Download (jpg, 331kb)

New taxpayer gold card spree by the spending watchdog (25 Sep 2011)

In the Mail on Sunday, Charlie comments on the discovery that National Audit Office staff have been using government credit cards to pay for luxury hotels and fine dining, saying that he is surprised and such purchases need explaining.

Download (jpg, 1388kb)

MP's questions over travel cards for civil servants (15 Sep 2011)

The Dover Mercury report on questions asked in Parliament by Charlie on the subject of government funded travel cards for civil servants and all transactions undertaken by Firebury using the government's procurement cards.

Download (jpg, 294kb)

Fast train coverage (08 Sep 2011)

The East Kent Mercury report following the start of the high speed service from Deal. Charlie stresses the importance the high speed link has for the local economy.                            

Download (jpg, 620kb)

Civic send off for first fast train (01 Sep 2011)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the celebratory send off the new fast train service from Deal will get from dignitaries such as Charlie and the Mayor of Deal.

Download (jpg, 334kb)

'Danger' as NHS unit cuts hours (25 Aug 2011)

Charlie is set to contact the NHS regulator and the Care Quality Commission regarding the decision to shave two hours a day off Buckland MIU's opening hours. Charlie believes this raises 'serious quality and safety concerns', reports the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 600kb)

Chancellor announces Pfizer site will be an enterprise zone (18 Aug 2011)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the Chancellor's recognition of the potential of the Pfizer site by declaring it an enterprise zone, and also promising 25 million for flood defences in Sandwich.

Download (jpg, 731kb)

Enterprise zone brings economic hope (18 Aug 2011)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the positive reaction to the announced enterprise zone at the Pfizer site.

Download (jpg, 851kb)

Row erupts over hospital land sale (11 Aug 2011)

The Express reports on Charlie's criticism of plans to sell land at Buckland Hospital for housing, claiming that the Hospital Trust is profiteering from Dover while failing to provide adequate healthcare.

Download (jpg, 827kb)

Fast trains due ahead of schedule (04 Aug 2011)

The East Kent Mercury front page on the announcement that the high speed train service will serve Deal and Sandwich a month earlier than expected, starting on 5 September.

Download (jpg, 715kb)

Fast train link announced (04 Aug 2011)

Charlie praises the news that the fast train service from Deal will begin a month earlier than expected for the positive effects it will have on the local economy in the East Kent Mercury.

Download (jpg, 190kb)

New hope for Gurkhas (28 Jul 2011)

The Dover Express report on plans for the Gurkhas to come under the remit South East Brigade which would be a positive gesture in securing their future, a move welcomed by Charlie.

Download (jpg, 440kb)

MP in call for tunnel vision (28 Jul 2011)

The Express reports on Charlie's pledge to put 'maximum pressure' on the Roads Minister to ensure a quick resolution to the restrictions at the Roundhill Tunnels.

Download (jpg, 379kb)

General Patraeus makes Castle tour (28 Jul 2011)

The Express front page reports on the visit to Dover Castle by four-star general and the future head of the CIA, General Patraeus.

Download (jpg, 801kb)

School and MP join campaign to teach poorer children (28 Jul 2011)

The Express reports on Charlie's visit to St Joseph's Primary where he and the school registered their support for the "Send My Sister to School" campaign which highlights the fact that 35 million girls globally are missing out on education.

Download (jpg, 506kb)

MP outraged over hospital delay (21 Jul 2011)

The Mercury reports on Charlie's fury that plans for the new hospital have not reached planning stage, despite promises.

Download (jpg, 1075kb)

New hospital fury as delays mount up (21 Jul 2011)

The Express front page reports on Charlie's anger at the news the new hospital may be completed in 2014, far later than expected.

Download (jpg, 1267kb)

Stack forum seeks ministerial meeting (14 Jul 2011)

The Express reports on the meeting to find a solution to Operation Stack, which Charlie attended along with other MPs and representatives of the fire brigade and police.

Download (jpg, 418kb)

MP queries Commons card use (07 Jul 2011)

Charlie has been quizzing the government over restaurant meals which have been paid with using procurement cards reports the Mercury.

Download (jpg, 116kb)

MP agrees to take up school's concerns (30 Jun 2011)

The Dover Mercury reports on Charlie taking up concerns from parents in trying to find suitable schools for children with special challenges.

Download (jpg, 331kb)

MP's pledge to support centre for the retired (16 Jun 2011)

The Mercury reports on Charlie's promise of support to Deal Centre for the Retired after a visit there.

Download (jpg, 247kb)

MP joins school's call to repair fence (16 Jun 2011)

The Dover Express report on Charlie's visit to St Mary's Primary, following letters from year six students asking for his help in getting the fence fixed.

Download (jpg, 658kb)

VIPs open Dunkirk exhibition at castle (16 Jun 2011)

VIPs including Charlie and the Tourism and Heritage Minister open the new Operation Dynamo experience at Dover Castle, report the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 498kb)

Charlie supports Tolley's Law campaign (02 Jun 2011)

Charlie has asked the Home Secretary to support the Tolley's Law campaign, which would encourage responsible dog ownership.

Download (jpg, 396kb)

Your chance to shine with Olympic torch (26 May 2011)

The Mercury report on the announcement that the Oympic torch is to visit Dover.

Download (jpg, 357kb)

Ex-Sun editor praises MP Elphike (26 May 2011)

The Dover Express reports on Kelvin MacKenzie describing the People's Port scheme, championed by Charlie, as 'remarkable'.

Download (jpg, 382kb)

Cat owner wants action after dogs kill her pet (26 May 2011)

The Mercury report on Abi-Hughes Edwards' campaign for tougher legislation to deal with dangerous dogs and her meeting with Charlie.

Download (jpg, 421kb)

MP joins breakfast (05 May 2011)

Charlie joined the Elvington Big Breakfast to highlight the need to help parents with childcare.

Download (jpg, 265kb)

Deal and Sandwich to get high-speed trains from October (05 May 2011)

The East Kent Mercury's front page on the victory in the fight to bring high-speed trains to Deal and Sandwich.

Download (jpg, 1081kb)

Green light at last for towns' high-speed link (05 May 2011)

The Mercury report on the announcement that high-speed trains will stop at Deal as of October 2011.

Download (jpg, 1238kb)

Delight at arrival of high-speed trains (05 May 2011)

Deal and Walmer Chamber of Trade register their delight that as of October 2011 the high-speed train will stop at Deal and Sandwich.

Download (jpg, 960kb)

Mum should never have been jailed (28 Apr 2011)

Charlie speaks in support of Mrs Saker, jailed for stopping her daughter getting drugs, in the Dover Mercury.

Download (jpg, 828kb)

MP backs our battle to help commuters (21 Apr 2011)

Charlie backs the Mercury's Commuter Charter campaign against the cost of travel in the country

Download (, 0kb)

MP visits special needs school (14 Apr 2011)

The Mercury report on Charlie's visit to part of Ripplevale school to visit teachers and children.

Download (jpg, 222kb)

MP supports 20mph campaign (14 Apr 2011)

The Mercury reports on Charlie's backing of a campaign for a 20mph speed limit in the Aycliffe estate.

Download (jpg, 632kb)

People's Port plan Decision by May 5 (31 Mar 2011)

The Dover Express reporting that a Government decision on the future of the port could be made before the May 5th local elections.

Download (jpg, 785kb)

Massive Backing for People's Port (31 Mar 2011)

The Dover Express feature on the overwhelming support for the People's Port in the referendum.

Download (jpg, 870kb)

MP clarifies law on the theft of dogs (24 Mar 2011)

The Dover Mercury reports on assurances made to Charlie that stealing a dog is criminal theft.

Download (jpg, 90kb)

People's Port gets union vote on eve of vote (17 Mar 2011)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the UNITE union's decision to back the people's port proposal.

Download (jpg, 375kb)

MP's business role (17 Mar 2011)

The Mercury report that Charlie has become president of Dover District Chamber of Commerce.

Download (jpg, 50kb)

MP's 10 policies to promote business (17 Mar 2011)

The Mercury on Charlie's report to the Centre on Policy Studies in which he suggests a number of regulatory reforms to promote business.

Download (jpg, 326kb)

Dockers' union pedges support for People's Port (17 Mar 2011)

The People's Port bid gets a boost on the eve of the referendum with the support of the Dockers' union reports the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 478kb)

'Power to the People' (10 Mar 2011)

The Dover Mercury on the referendum to be held this month on the future of the port.

Download (jpg, 487kb)

Dover Express People's Port coverage (Page1) (10 Mar 2011)

The first page of a Dover Express report on the public meeting which supported plans to hold a referendum on the future of the port.

Download (jpg, 1210kb)

Dover Express People's Port coverage (Page 2) (10 Mar 2011)

The second page of the Dover Express' coverage.

Download (jpg, 887kb)

MP leads debate over 'Big Society' (24 Feb 2011)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie securing a six hour debate on the 'Big Society'.

Download (jpg, 348kb)

Pfizer Future (10 Feb 2011)

Charlie states that small research groups are the way forward for the Pfizer site, report the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 1476kb)

Pfizer move should make high-speed an urgent step (10 Feb 2011)

The East Kent Mercury reports on the campaign to get high-speed service in Deal and Sandwich, and Charlie's meeting with the rail minister.

Download (, 0kb)

Mrs Saker Jailing (10 Feb 2011)

More on Charlie's opposition to Mrs Saker's jailing in the Dover Mercury.

Download (jpg, 230kb)

MP wants Saker's sentence reviewed (10 Feb 2011)

Charlie is to write to the Attorney General to ask for a review of Saker's case report the Mercury.

Download (jpg, 85kb)

MP slams jailing of Mrs Saker (10 Feb 2011)

Charlie criticises the jailing of Mrs Saker for trying to stop her daughter buying drugs reports the East Kent Mercury.

Download (jpg, 338kb)

MP offers hope over care home (10 Feb 2011)

The East Kent Mercury on Charlie's support for a bid to save Sampson Court care home from closure.

Download (jpg, 201kb)

The Queen could make Dover a city (03 Feb 2011)

Charlie suggests the town could launch a bid to become a city to reflect its prominent role in the nation's history.

Download (jpg, 2799kb)

School's transformation praised (03 Feb 2011)

Schools Minister Nick Gibb praises the White Cliffs Primary College of the Arts for becoming one of the best schools in the country.

Download (jpg, 371kb)

Minister visits school that made comeback (03 Feb 2011)

Schools Minister Nick Gibb is shown around White Cliffs College at the Arts by Charlie, which was rated outstanding in December by ofsted.

Download (jpg, 1894kb)

Minister Visits (03 Feb 2011)

The Dover Express on Schools Minister Nick Gibb's visit to four local schools.

Download (jpg, 19kb)

Cambridge hopeful delivers project presentation to MP (03 Feb 2011)

The Dover Express reports on Cambridge hopeful Fiona Padfield's talk entitled 'How Democratic was Athenian Society', which Charlie attended.

Download (jpg, 92kb)

MP backs focus on small business apprenticeships (27 Jan 2011)

In the Dover Express Charlie welcomes plans to focus apprenticeships on small businesses, as this is where the jobs are being created in our economy.

Download (jpg, 395kb)

Careers centre to lift the economy (02 Jan 2011)

The Dover Express reports on the opening of the Pitman training centre in Dover. Charlie says that training local people is vital to strengthening the local economy.

Download (jpg, 478kb)

U-turn over care beds provision (09 Dec 2010)

NHS bosses have announced that they will makle provision for care beds. Charlie sees this as a good sign that we are moving towards a proper hospital for Dover, reports the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 657kb)

I harbour a grudge (02 Dec 2010)

The Sun reports that Dover Harbour Board could pocket over £16 million if their privatisation plan goes ahead, and that they have hired a PR company to help their bid.

Download (jpg, 143kb)

Just one hope for port in a storm (25 Nov 2010)

Support from The Sun for the People's Port plan, rejecting the Harbour Board's privatisation plans which would see the bosses get a shares package worth up to £16 million.

Download (jpg, 251kb)

MP Charlie is best on web (25 Nov 2010)

The Dover Express report that Charlie has won an award from the Chartered Institute of IT for this website.

Download (jpg, 180kb)

MP to use girl's card (25 Nov 2010)

Charlie will use a Chirstmas card designed by Whitfield and Aspen school student Abagail Coles. Charlie has also welcomed her and her family to the House of Commons for tea, report the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 127kb)

MP urges benefits of staying local (25 Nov 2010)

The East Kent Mercury report on Charlie stating in Parliament that  Local Enterprise Partnerships should be run more locally and for collages to be free of bureaucracy.

Download (jpg, 249kb)

Question time for town MP (18 Nov 2010)

Sixth form students have used a trip to Parliament to ask Charlie a range of topical questions, from tuition fees to the future of Dover. Head girl Emma Castledine said that the day was "fascinating".

Download (jpg, 249kb)

Lest we forget (18 Nov 2010)

Hundreds of people attended the rememberance service outside Maison Dieu House in Dover, recognising the sacrifice of past generations report the Dover Express.

Download (jpg, 772kb)

Millions for the habour bosses in sell off, says MP (11 Nov 2010)

Charlie warns against any plans that the harbour board have to make millions for the bosses, as the port belongs to the public, via the government, report the East Kent Mercury.

Download (jpg, 514kb)

MP leads backing for statue to our "favourite clown" (11 Nov 2010)

The East Kent Mercury report on the backing for plans to erect a statue of Norman Wisdom in Deal, the town in which he grew up. Charlie states that Norman meant a lot to Deal, and can be an inspiration to others brought up in difficult circumstances.

Download (jpg, 720kb)

Hands off port (04 Nov 2010)

The front page of the Dover Mercury report that Charlie, backed by Dame Vera Lynn, have launched a community bid to buy the port of Dover.

Download (jpg, 847kb)

MP gets his skates on to welcome new roller disco (04 Nov 2010)

In the East Kent Mercury, Charlie has praised the new roller disco in Dover Leisure Centre, saying it was great news for young people.

Download (jpg, 188kb)

Save Dover from the French, says Dame Vera Lynn (31 Oct 2010)

The Sunday Express front page reports that Dame Vera Lynn has lent her support to the People's Port plan, in order that the gateway to England is not privatised into foreign hands and instead belongs to the community.

Download (jpg, 1009kb)

Battle is D-over (31 Oct 2010)

The News of the World reports on the People's Port plan, masterminded by Charlie.

Download (jpg, 316kb)

Dame Vera joins fight for Dover (28 Oct 2010)

The Sunday Express reports on Vera Lynn's support for the People's Port, which would see money ploughed back into the community from the Port.

Download (jpg, 263kb)

Reprieve of the Gurkhas 'great news' for area (28 Oct 2010)

The Dover Express report on the Government's decision to retain the Gurkha regiment in Kent. Charlie welcomed this news as many Gurkha families live in Dover.

Download (jpg, 372kb)

Vera Lynn launches People's Port bid (28 Oct 2010)

The Dover Express reports on singing legend Vera Lynn lending her support to Charlie's People's Port inititive, which would transfer greater control of the port to Dover's people.

Download (jpg, 715kb)

Financial Times rubbishes DHB sell off plan (18 Oct 2010)

The Financial Times reviews DHBs sell off plans for the port and reports they are opposed by nearly everyone.

Download (jpg, 3kb)

MP's shock at asylum backlog fiasco (14 Oct 2010)

The Dover Express report that over 135,000 failed asylum seekers have been granted residence in the UK to clear the massive backlog. Charlie says he is "shocked, but not surprised" at the news.

Download (jpg, 269kb)

Dover privatisation plan hits choppy water (11 Oct 2010)

The Financial Times reports that Dover Harbour Board's privatisation plans are fighting objections from Charlie, local residents, and its customers.

Download (jpg, 256kb)

MP's visit to cafe (07 Oct 2010)

The Dover Express report on Charlie's visit to the Christian cafe and bookshop, the Weigh Inn on Worthington Street in Dover. Charlie recieved a bible from the owner, Ann Walton.

Download (jpg, 117kb)

Daily Mail on the People's Port of Dover (07 Oct 2010)

The Daily Mail reports that if Dover became a People's Port it would add some real spice and momentum to the Big Society.

Download (jpg, 219kb)

Support for Landmark Centre and the Job Club (30 Sep 2010)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Charlie's support for the Landmark's excellent Job Club and hopes that we can get JobCentre service provision back in Deal.

Download (jpg, 203kb)

Reassurance on Gurkha future (30 Sep 2010)

The Dover Express reports on reassurances made by the Defence Secretary about the future of the Gurkhas.

Download (jpg, 65kb)

Illegal immigration falls (30 Sep 2010)

Illegal immigration has fallen 80% since the Calais Jungle was broken up reports the Dover Express. Charlie welcomes this, but cautions against complacency.

Download (jpg, 209kb)

Local Enterprise partnerships should be local (30 Sep 2010)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie's concerns that a Kent and Essex local enterprise partnership would be too big and not focus on the coastal town regeneration we need.

Download (jpg, 567kb)

People's port working group set up (30 Sep 2010)

The Dover Express reports on the establishment of the community working group set up to take forward the People's Port proposal

Download (jpg, 104kb)

Children spearhead olympic torch campaign (30 Sep 2010)

Report in the Dover Express on the rally of over 700 school children to press for the Olympic Torch to come to the UK by Dover.

Download (jpg, 855kb)

Call for MP help in Gurkha fight (23 Sep 2010)

Charlie and other Conservative MPs pledge their support for Gurkhas to remain in the British Army

Download (jpg, 413kb)

Relations between P&O and Dover Harbour Board reach new low (23 Sep 2010)

The Dover Express reports on tensions between the Dover Harbour Board and port operator, P&O. Charlie calls for the port and ferry operators to be able to work together in partnership.

Download (, 0kb)

5bn spent on migrants in Britain (19 Sep 2010)

Charlie's uncovers figures on the cost of migrants to the UK, reported here in the News of the World

Download (jpg, 194kb)

Equitable life victims supported (16 Sep 2010)

Charlie and Thanet South MP Laura Sandys hold a joint public meeting to hear of equitable life concerns.

Download (jpg, 125kb)

High Speed Negotiations (16 Sep 2010)

Charlie "cautiously optimistic" for high speed rail service for Deal, following meeting with rail chiefs

Download (jpg, 213kb)

No guarantee for Gurkhas (16 Sep 2010)

Charlie and fellow Conservative MPs call on Government to clarify the position for Gurkhas and their families

Download (jpg, 493kb)

Helping hand for MP's chair (16 Sep 2010)

Charlie and Dover's Mayor, Cllr Sue Jones open the annual hog roast at Dover charity St Martin Emmaus, which helps local homeless people

Download (jpg, 165kb)

Ceremony celebrates "Dukies" march into the 21st century (16 Sep 2010)

Charlie congratulates the Duke of York's Royal Military School on becoming the UK's only full boarding state academy

Download (jpg, 266kb)

Dover is the gateway to England - no other nation can own that (01 Sep 2010)

Charlie's "people's port" plan receives the backing of World War II forces' sweetheart, Dame Vera Lynn

Download (jpg, 584kb)

Locals set to buy Dover for 400m (29 Aug 2010)

The Sunday Times reports on Charlie's plan to create a "people's port"

Download (jpg, 295kb)

MP's vision for port power to be handed to people of Dover (26 Aug 2010)

The East Kent Mercury outlines Charlie's "Dovorian Bond" scheme, which would keep ownership of the Port in local hands.

Download (jpg, 408kb)

Sholden homes protest (26 Aug 2010)

Charlie expresses concerns of local residents against planned development in Sholden

Download (jpg, 654kb)

Backing for MP in row over fence (26 Aug 2010)

Charlie continues to battle for justice for Deal resident, Mrs Kathleen Thompson

Download (jpg, 134kb)

P&O to back "people's port" (26 Aug 2010)

The "people's port" receives the backing of ferry operator, P&O

Download (jpg, 588kb)

MP sets up trust in port takeover bid (26 Aug 2010)

Charlie has set up a trust, regulated by the Financial Services Authority which could administer the new "people's port"

Download (jpg, 423kb)

MP pledges action to help residents hit by downpours (26 Aug 2010)

Charlie meets with key officials from the Environment Agency to secure help for local people

Download (jpg, 312kb)

MP will give his views to authority on port sale (19 Aug 2010)

Charlie will share his vision for a "people's port" at an extraordinary meeting of Dover Town Council tonight, as he prepares for a visit from Shipping Minister, Mike Penning MP.

Download (jpg, 248kb)

MP floats his idea for a "people's port" (19 Aug 2010)

Charlie highlights the key differences between his plans for the "people's port" and the proposals from the Dover Harbour Board.

Download (, 0kb)

Charlie keeps expenses pledge (12 Aug 2010)

Charlie honours election pledge by publishing expenses in full online.

Download (jpg, 224kb)

MP sees Port for himself from sea (12 Aug 2010)

Charlie visits the Port of Dover Police to better understand their unique role in keeping the Port safe

Download (jpg, 363kb)

Inspecting the border controls (05 Aug 2010)

Charlie and Keith Vaz MP, Labour Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, inspect border controls on both sides of the channel and congratulate Mr Spain of DFDS Norfolkline who was key to saving the lives of trafficked people recently.

Download (jpg, 270kb)

Joining the fight (05 Aug 2010)

Front page coverage in the East Kent Mercury as Charlie, Cllr Julie Rook and local campaigners step up the battle to keep open Sampson Court nursing home in Deal

Download (jpg, 675kb)

Charlie welcomes his first school visit to Westminster (29 Jul 2010)

Gifted and talented pupils from Archer's Court School, Whitfield, storm Westminster!

Download (jpg, 108kb)

Hold the front page! Charlie celebrates as Castle Community College wins Academy status (29 Jul 2010)

Parents, teachers and Charlie celebrate their hard work in winning Academy status for outstanding Deal School, Castle Community College

Download (jpg, 665kb)

Charity duo enjoy meeting MP at the House of Lords (22 Jul 2010)

The East Kent Mercury report on the visit by two charity fundraisers from Deal who attended a House of Lords reception for Breast Cancer Campaign and met Charlie there.

Download (jpg, 409kb)

Charlie campaigns for Olympic Torch (22 Jul 2010)

Charlie is campaigning for the Olympic Torch to enter the UK at Dover.

Download (jpg, 788kb)

Pupils chew the fat with local businesses (22 Jul 2010)

Charlie and local business people hear business ideas from the budding entrepreneurs of Dover Youth Project

Download (jpg, 290kb)

Torch is passed for the Olympic legacy (22 Jul 2010)

Charlie presents the award to St Edmund's Catholic School, and congratulates them for "getting set" for the 2012 Olympics

Download (jpg, 312kb)

Young sailors in "unique" crossing (22 Jul 2010)

Charlie congratulates eight young sailors, following their Channel Crossing to raise funds for charity

Download (jpg, 401kb)

MP welcomes release of former army man (15 Jul 2010)

Charlie welcomes news that former British Army Officer Bill Shaw has been released from prison in Afghanistan. 

Download (jpg, 156kb)

MP calls for museum trustees to resign (15 Jul 2010)

Charlie has called for the trustees of Deal's maritime museum to resign in the wake of the boundary dispute with 82 year old Kathleen Thomson.

"Their behaviour doesn't just jeopardise the good name of our town, it puts in jeopardy the work of so many hundreds of people who have volunteered there."

Download (jpg, 796kb)

MP backs school's academy bid (08 Jul 2010)

The East Kent Mercury reports on Castle Community College's bid to become an academy. Charlie has written to Education Secretary Micheal Gove pressing for the school to be fast tracked as an academy.

Download (jpg, 271kb)

Major Shaw acquitted (08 Jul 2010)

Following a campaign by Charlie and Bill's family, the former UK Army Major has been acquitted in an appeal court in Kabul 

Download (jpg, 649kb)

Vale view school fete (08 Jul 2010)

Report in the Dover Express on Charlie opening the Vale View School fete

Download (jpg, 182kb)

Dover Express: Fight to free Bill Shaw reaches Downing Street (01 Jul 2010)

Charlie and Major Bill Shaw's family petition the Prime Minster to secure Bill's release from an Afghan jail

Download (jpg, 163kb)

MP asks NHS to pick Whitfield (24 Jun 2010)

Charlie makes the case for Whitfield to be the site of the new local hospital

Download (jpg, 295kb)

Dover Express front page: Charlie calls for a 'people's port' (17 Jun 2010)

Front page coverage of Charlie's campaign for a People's Port.

Download (jpg, 639kb)

Jailed Major's family in "heart-wrenching" visit (10 Jun 2010)

Charlie calls on the Government to help his campaign to free Bill Shaw

Download (jpg, 262kb)

Guston Primary School crash on A20 (10 Jun 2010)

Charlie wishes speedy recovery to injured pupils

Download (jpg, 121kb)

Deal Labour Exchange launched (04 Mar 2010)

Deal Labour Exchange has been launched. Charlie and Cllrs Wayne Elliot and Keith Turner worked to make this happen - and it's already a success with job adverts up at the Landmark Centre. Go for a coffee . . . get a job!

Download (JPG, 226kb)

Unemployment up (26 Feb 2010)

The Dover Express reports on local unemployment being up. Charlie comments on the action we need to get more jobs and money locally.

Download (JPG, 188kb)

Pressure for a proper hospital (25 Feb 2010)

The Dover Express reports on Charlie pressing for a proper hospital in Dover. The Government's health chiefs now say they will include "urgent care". It's not very clear what that means . . .

Download (JPG, 187kb)

Labour port privatisation to be reviewed by Conservatives (18 Feb 2010)

Charlie Elphicke's strong opposition to Gordon Brown's sale of our port gains momentum. Shadow Transport Secretary Theresa Villiers MP says the Conservatives would review Labour's port sell off plan if elected to Government.

Download (JPG, 391kb)

YourDover on Gordon Brown's plan to sell our port (10 Feb 2010)

YourDover report on revelations that Gordon Brown is planning to sell our port to the French.

Download (JPG, 216kb)

Daily Mail on Brown's plan to sell our port (08 Feb 2010)

The Daily Mail reports that Gordon Brown plans to sell the port of Dover to the French.

Download (JPG, 470kb)

Is Dover about to be sold to the French? (07 Feb 2010)

So asks the News of the World . . . who report on a leak from the Government bankers who are working on the sale of our port. Charlie speaks out against the sale of our port.

Download (JPG, 0kb)

Port privatisation (16 Jan 2010)

All Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems candidates for Dover & Deal oppose privatisation of the port. Sadly, Gordon Brown is pressing ahead regardless of what anyone else has to say.

Download (JPG, 267kb)

Election predictions (12 Jan 2010)

Further election predictions in the local papers. The current polls point to a blue sweep across Kent. We'll see . . . !

Download (JPG, 164kb)

Spotlight on violent crime in coastal towns (06 Jan 2010)

Your Dover reports on the recent visit by Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling MP. Chris Grayling expressed concern about figures showing violent crime is rising fast in coastal towns. Charlie took Chris to see the port and they discussed border security matters. Charlie is concerned Labour's plans to sell off the port could harm our border security.

Download (JPG, 204kb)

Will Kent turn blue at the election? (12 Nov 2009)

The Dover Express think so . . . but there's no complacency here!

Download (pdf, 0kb)

Conservatives' bold new vision for Deal (04 Nov 2009)

In Your Deal, Charlie sets out the vision the Conservatives have for Deal to enjoy a new renaisaance.

Download (pdf, 849kb)

Health facility under threat (23 Oct 2009)

The predictions Charlie made have turned out to be true. The health facility is under threat. Interestingly, the current MP who claimed Charlie was "scaremongering" about it now says he always knew the money wouldn't be there for ever. Charlie thinks we need to get on with it, build the polyclinic Labour planned and elect a Conservative Government so we can have a proper hospital locally with bed and doctor led emergency services.

Download (JPG, 319kb)

Action on poverty (22 Oct 2009)

A report in the Dover Express on how Charlie joined the current MP and the possible Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate John Brigden to make the case against poverty. Charlie spoke of how he supported emission free power generation alongside fuel cell or battery powered cars for the nation, so that we can all breathe easier.

Download (JPG, 160kb)

Charlie praises South Kent College (15 Oct 2009)

In this Dover Express article, Charlie discusses what we can do to get more jobs and money locally. He also praises the contribution made by South Kent College.

Download (pdf, 889kb)

Annabel Shaw makes a brilliant speech (14 Oct 2009)

Annabel, the 15 year old daughter for former Dover MP David Shaw, gave a brilliant speech to Conservative Party Conference. The remarks of the current Labour MP are somewhat ungracious . . . ! Not really a way to speak of a minor.

Download (JPG, 270kb)

French say we should open our doors (09 Oct 2009)

Non! There is a reason we want to see border security . . . we don't want drugs, guns or anything else coming through our colander borders that doesn't have permission to be here! We do need to target human traffickers and bring them to book.

Download (JPG, 301kb)

What do you do when you've failed to deliver? (08 Oct 2009)

Rant at your opponent it seems! Following Charlie's warning that we need to get on with the health facility or risk losing the money, the Labour MP thought it best to put in one of the deeply personal attacks he is so well known for. Charlie was happy to point out the basic facts of the matter . . . which the MP then admitted a week or two later (see later cuttings).

Download (JPG, 0kb)

Charlie sticks up for local healthcare (01 Oct 2009)

In this article, Charlie expresses concern that Dover should have a health facility, which the Conservatives can upgrade in Government to be a proper hospital.

Download (JPG, 384kb)

Call for action on Human Trafficking (15 Sep 2009)

In this article in the News of the World, Charlie calls for action on Human Trafficking. He describes it as modern day slavery, one of the biggests scandals in Britain today.

Download (PDF, 159kb)

Human traffickers walk free (20 Aug 2009)

The Dover Express reports on how the incompetence of the Crown Prosecution Service allowed an alleged human trafficker to walk free. Charlie calls for stronger action to tackle this menance.

Download (JPG, 193kb)

Charlie's expenses pledge (20 Aug 2009)

Report in the Dover Express on Charlie's pledge not to abuse expenses if he were to be the Member of Parliament for Dover & Deal.

Download (pdf, 521kb)

Call for better local attractions (13 Aug 2009)

In this Dover Express article, Charlie Elphicke sets out his ideas on how we can have more great family days out and get the best from our local attractions.

Download (pdf, 781kb)

Even more election predictions (25 Jun 2009)

But the election is in fact a long way off and it ain't over until the fat lady sings . . . !

Download (pdf, 789kb)

Dover Express critical of MP expenses (25 Jun 2009)

In this front page, the Dover Express is critical of the Labour MP and his expense claims.

Download (PDF, 413kb)

Election predictions (28 May 2009)

More election predictions saying the Conservatives will do well in East Kent . . .

Download (pdf, 818kb)

Our economic future (09 Mar 2009)

A report of Charlie's talk to the Deal and Walmer Chamber of Commerce about how we can get more jobs and money into our area. Charlie spoke about the need to get a fair share of infrastructure investment for us.

Download (pdf, 782kb)

Supporting our local economy (12 Feb 2009)

The East Kent Mercury reports on how Charlie's backing for our local economy. Charlie is teaming up with local businesses to conduct a survey of what will encourage more people to use our high streets and support our local economy.

Download (pdf, 1220kb)

System unfair to children in care (04 Feb 2009)

Your Dover report on Charlie's campaign to give our vulnerable kids love and stability - and putting a stop to the business of children in care being shipped around the country.

Download (pdf, 1278kb)

Care kids dumped in Kent, miles from home (01 Feb 2009)

News of the World report on 1 February 2009 on Charlie's campaign to stamp out child dumping in Kent. Children in care around the country, having been taken away from their parents are ripped out of their home communities and placed in Kent. Charlie thinks it's unfair on the kids. He thinks the care system needs wide ranging reform that will give children the stability and love they need to do well at school and succeed in life.

Download (pdf, 651kb)

MPs' expenses should be published (23 Jan 2009)

Here Charlie challenges Gwynfor Prosser MP to publish full details of his expenses saying "To serve should be an honour and a vocation, not a living and a trough"

Download (pdf, 646kb)

Call to solve port strike (20 Nov 2008)

Charlie Elphicke opposes privatisation of the Port of Dover and is against port workers being outsourced on National Security grounds. Charlie is concerned the Government now intends to sell off the port.

Download (pdf, 794kb)

A polyclinic is not good enough! (25 Sep 2008)

Charlie Elphicke explains why Dover needs a proper hospital.

Download (pdf, 872kb)

Fetes and pundits! (24 Jul 2008)

Coverage of Charlie enjoying Eastry fete, while the local press reports Dover and Deal is likely to be lost by Labour at the next General Election.

Download (pdf, 656kb)

"you lot are all the same!" (10 Jul 2008)

Oh really? Here the local press report the Labour MP voting for even more expenses, while Charlie Elphicke fights for Dover to have a proper hospital.

Download (pdf, 751kb)

Black Christmas to come? (10 Jul 2008)

Charlie Elphicke warns that Christmas 2008 looks set to be tough, with the cost of living rising sharply. He says we need to free up the mortgage market and cut taxes.

Download (pdf, 0kb)

Backing business (19 Jun 2008)

With Shadow Chancellor George Osborne MP, Charlie visited Pfizer. Philip Hammond MP visited Dover to meet hauliers and hear their concerns.

Download (pdf, 635kb)

Schools, hospital and our local economy (18 Jun 2008)

Cuttings where Charlie slates the Government plans to close local secondary schools, the Government's making such a mess of local healthcare and meeting hauliers with Philip Hammond MP.

Download (pdf, 965kb)

A second hospital for Ashford! (18 Jun 2008)

Dover needs a proper hospital. So what do they do . . . build a second hospital in Ashford. You couldn't make it up!

Download (pdf, 1285kb)

Help for the low paid (12 Jun 2008)

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne MP explains why taxes need to be kept down - especially for the low paid.

Download (pdf, 526kb)

Conservatives pledge a proper hospital for Dover (06 Jun 2008)

A report of Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley MP's meeting with Dover hospital campaigners organised by Charlie Elphicke.

Download (pdf, 881kb)

More on the Conservatives support for a Dover proper hospital (05 Jun 2008)

Further reports in the Dover Express on Mr Lansley's visit and reactions.

Download (pdf, 867kb)

Marching for a hospital (29 May 2008)

Report in the Mercury about the march for a Dover hospital. Charlie Elphicke strongly supports Reg Hansell and the Health campaigners.

Download (pdf, 1352kb)

Transport concern (01 May 2008)

Report in the Dover Express on the visit by Theresa Villiers MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.

Download (pdf, 556kb)

Concern about mortgage repossessions (24 Apr 2008)

Your Dover reported Charlie Elphicke's concerns that many houses could be repossessed if the economy took a turn for the worse. Charlie also attacked the Government's decision to abolish the 10p rate of tax.

Download (pdf, 880kb)

Concern about housing in Whitfield (23 Apr 2008)

Whitfield is threatened with being turned into a NewTown. Charlie Elphicke is opposed to so many houses locally.

Download (pdf, 839kb)

News of the World - Wages are falling (20 Apr 2008)

The News of the World reported Charlie Elphicke's study of hw wages have not been going up for years across the country. Of course, real wages in Dover & Deal have fallen over 1,000 in the last five years. This is why it's so important we get our fair share!

Download (pdf, 0kb)

Families struggle with cost of living (07 Feb 2008)

Report on Charlie's concerns for local families struggling with the rising cost of living.

Download (pdf, 728kb)

News of the World - Broke Britain (03 Feb 2008)

A report on Charlie Elphicke's study showing how families are worse off since Labour came to power. Taxes have risen 8,000 and household bills have all gone through the roof, leaving people feeling the pinch.

Download (pdf, 0kb)

We need proper transport investment! (24 Jan 2008)

Charlie Elphicke calls for Dover to have a fair share of transport investment.

Download (pdf, 536kb)

Immigration is not properly controlled (06 Jan 2008)

Concern is expressed by Shadow Home Secretary and Charlie Elphicke about how the Government has allowed the immigration system to descend into chaos.

Download (pdf, 828kb)

The need for proper road investment (20 Dec 2007)

Charlie Elphicke organised for Shadow Transport Ministers and the Kent County Council leadership to come and see the investment that is needed in local transport infrastructure. Better infrastructure means more jobs and local economic growth.

Download (pdf, 631kb)

Tackling the broken society will mean less homes needed (29 Nov 2007)

An article in the Dover Express explaining that if we get the workless back into work and keeping families together would mean less new homes would be needed and we could keep more of our green open spaces.

Download (pdf, 111kb)

Interview in Your Dover (26 Nov 2007)

Charlie Elphicke interviewed in Your Dover about being the Prospective Conservative MP for Dover & Deal.

Download (pdf, 749kb)

Caring about young people (21 Nov 2007)

A letter from a young person who feels Charlie Elphicke cares about and understands the concerns of teenagers.

Download (pdf, 131kb)

Concern about unemployment (15 Nov 2007)

Article in the Mercury on Charlie Elphicke's concern about unemployment locally.

Download (pdf, 377kb)

A night out with the Police (14 Nov 2007)

Charlie Elphicke reports in Your Dover on his night out with the Police in Dover.

Download (pdf, 1281kb)

Throwing down the gauntlet (10 Oct 2007)

After Gordon Brown bottled the election, Dover's Labour MP went on and on about how he would have won. So Charlie Elphicke challenged him to put his job where his mouth was. Once again, he didn't deliver . . .

Download (pdf, 526kb)

Broken society concerns (13 Aug 2007)

Iain Duncan Smith MP visited Dover to hear about the concerns that society is "broken". Former Labour Mayor Ken Tranter joined the Conservative Party.

Download (pdf, 695kb)

Making Dover greater! (09 Aug 2007)

An article in the Dover Express where Charlie Elphicke explains his positive vision for the regeneration and future prosperity of Dover.

Download (pdf, 180kb)

We're no better off than in 2001 (15 Mar 2007)

Daily Mail look at Charlie Elphicke's Centre for Policy Studies report in Spring 2007 showing that we're no better off than we were four or five years before.

Download (pdf, 429kb)

We're no better off than in 2001 (14 Jan 2007)

Daily Telegraph front page report on Charlie Elphicke's Centre for Policy Studies article in Spring 2007 showing that we're no better off than we were four or five years before.

Download (pdf, 429kb)

Charlie's Christmas Message (21 Dec 2006)

In the Dover Express Charlie wishes his constituents a happy Christmas and promises to strive to get the best for the community in the new year.

Download (jpg, 69kb)

Charlie demands action on lorry driver saftey (30 Nov -0001)

Charlie has written for The Mail on Sunday on how France must do more to lorry drivers being attached by migrants at their ports. 

Download (jpg, 1399kb)

Charlie calls on the Prime Minister to resist pressure from France on child migrants (30 Nov -0001)

Charlie has called on Theresa May in the Daily Express to not bow to pressure from the French government over calls to taken in 1,500 child migrants from the Calais Jungle, some of whom could be as old as 22.

Download (jpg, 1269kb)

(30 Nov -0001)

Download (jpg, 1252kb)

(30 Nov -0001)

Download (jpg, 1252kb)

Charlie Elphicke

Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy. They keep everyone involved in public life on their toes. This is a selection of press cuttings on some hot topics in Dover & Deal. Please have a look - I would really appreciate your comments and feedback.